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    Dangerous path through History and Theory.

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    Dangerous path through History and Theory. Empty Dangerous path through History and Theory.

    Post by Bildo on Mon Feb 29, 2016 2:49 am

    The sound of an alarm gradually could be heard through Sonny’s ears and then a sudden yell. “Sonny!” Sonny’s eyes opened and he immediately shot straight up from his chair. “Damn man, you fell asleep at your desk again?” his roommate asked. Sonny looked over at him for a moment then back at his desk. Piles of books and papers surrounded his laptop that sat in the middle.  The screen displaying an encyclopedia page on ancient languages. Sonny quickly reached over and shut the lid on it and leaned back rubbing his eyes.

    “I guess I did.” he replied.

    “You have been doing that for a while now, man. You struggling with classes or something?” his roommate asked.

    “No. Just been busy working on a side project with Professor Vauhn is all.” Sonny slowly stood up from his chair and slowly tried to stretch his aching muscles.

    “Alright man. Well I got to get going. It’s Saturday and got to get me a new drinking shirt for tonight!” his roommate exclaimed excitedly.

    “Have fun.” Sonny watched his roommate leave the dorm room and sat back down in his chair. He picked up a notebook that sat on top the stack of books on his right on the desk. He skimmed to the last entry he had written in it and examined it for a moment. The page had written excerpts of symbols and letters that were wrote below them. The other page too had symbols that Sonny had written down but were different than what was on the other page.  There were no letters written below on these. Sonny stared at this page and aloud to himself. “What language are you? I know on this page is old Norse but I can’t find anything on you.” He questioned the page as if it was a being.

    Sonny was in his third year at the university and was studying archeology. He first was taking accounting but soon changed his path after taking a history class with Professor Vauhn. One day in class, Professor Vauhn told of old Norse tales about werewolves and fae creatures and dragons and so on and of a great war. Then saying that it may be true but all of the class, except for Sonny, laughed at the professor and didn’t believe him. They thought the guy was crazy anyways and were used to him speak of fairytales. Sonny gave a light snort to this and spoke under his breath, “Humans.” After class and everyone had left except for Sonny and the professor, Sonny walked up to the professor Vauhn as he was gathering his papers on the desk to be put in his briefcase. “What caused the war?” The professor stopped what he was doing and looked up at Sonny for a moment and his brow raised.

    “Of how many times I have told that story to my students, you are the first to ever ask. What makes you to be the first?”

    Sonny’s head tilted at the question and tripped on his words at first. “Well, I, um... It’s just kind of funny that you have told that story. My father used to tell me that story as a bedtime tale but never said what happened.”
    The professor stared at Sonny and his face went stern. “Funny? Well maybe you should go and ask your daddy to finish it for you at bedtime then!” He now started to shove the papers in the briefcase as if feeling he was being mocked.

    Sonny took a step back and had a confused look on his face. “What? Wait, no, I didn’t mean it like that. I’m serious. Also, I can’t ask him anyways because he’s dead. Him and my mother were murdered when I was young. Which left it up to my aunt to raise me.”

    The professor paused as he was about to shove another stack of papers in the case and looked up at Sonny. “Sorry to hear that.” He continued to put the papers in his case but gentler this time. “Are you serious? I mean serious to actually know?” He started to sense something about this student.

    “Yes.” Sonny replied simply with a straight face towards the professor.

    Professor Vauhn looked at his watch and then to Sonny. “Meet me at my lab tonight. I have something to show you.”

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