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    Shifter Abilities and limitations:

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    Shifter Abilities and limitations: Empty Shifter Abilities and limitations:

    Post by Silvy Dean on Thu Sep 04, 2014 6:05 am

    (All shifters are intolerant to silver. All, but the Garou, feel the pull to the full moon. That is when the great hunt happens. Garou are driven to follow their pack/clan in the hunt and often guide them away from danger if possible, as they are more clear in their minds of what is going on. Not driven by the blood lust that Lycan and werebeasts fall victim to.)

    Abilities and limitations:

    Spirit Walkers- (Only the Garou race can be spirit walkers. It can come on as a skill suddenly or something they learn through meditation.)
    -Have the ability to see and speak to the spirits.
    -Have the ability through meditation and ritual to pierce and enter the Umbra. (must gain through practice.)
    -Have the ability to do a Rally Cry to encourage trapped spirits.
    -Have the ability to seek out dark spirits.
    -Northern Clans-Being that Garou do not know that they are Garou (they are to rare and rarely do they meet others of their kind.) They are assumed to be lycans given the gift to speak to the dead by the Gods to help usher the spirits to the underworld.
    -Spirit walkers are highly regarded and respected. Desired members of any clan as they are the last communication with passed love ones.
    -Considered Lore, a Spirit walker is even more rare to come across than it is to come across a Garou. This is a skill that must be obtained through character progression. Often Garou hear voices or see things in burial grounds and are frightened because it is unknown what or who is doing it.
    Shifter Abilities and limitations: Whitewolfthumb

    Druid- All shifters can become a Druid if they choose a ritualistic path. HOWEVER, a dark Druid is more likely to push the lines of being a necromancer and are unable to hold power over any other element than shadow and death after a certain amount of time.
    -Druids can speak clearly in any form.
    -NO Druid is as capable of hand to hand combat in any form they take and are not nearly as strong as a warrior in hand to hand combat.
    -Druid physical (non-magic) weapons include sling shot types, blow darts and staffs.
    -Most Earth based Druid (Good aligned Druid) tend to hold the celebration rituals including the funeral rituals for dead clan mates and the rituals for worship and praise to the gods. Rituals that celebrate life and the Great hunt are capable of any Druid, though most Dark aligned characters do not care.
    -Talismans are often used as a symbol of protection, imprisonment, and or destruction. Made up of bones, feathers, hair and skulls, roots, leaves and other forms of earth or sacred pieces.
    -Druid is capable of great healing or great destruction. Though harder to do in their War Forms they still have the ability.
    Shifter Abilities and limitations: 1ec1a-383_gibbous_moon

    Warrior-Be it by brute strength hand to hand with or without weapons, in any form this class is a scary opponent.
    -Warriors CAN NOT learn magic.
    -CAN NOT use weapons (ie. Swords axes shields bows bolts so on) in war form.
    -CAN NOT speak in war form.
    -CAN use and master any weapon they choose to fight with in human form. (Northern Clans please stick to Norse weapons. AKA no machetes, canons, katanas or other eastern inspired weapons.)
    Shifter Abilities and limitations: Lycan-army

    Archery/Sentry- Rogues. Slightly stronger than magic users, still not as strong as warriors and tend to stick to the shadows.
    -Cannot use daggers or arrows or darts in full form but tend to poison their claws in case of hand to hand combat.
    -In human form stealth and assassination is easier.
    Shifter Abilities and limitations: Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTV5tQ2DCGdisPf6jn-fyngL02Uerw8OsGIeAuetFDzQde96dUsKg

    All Shifters can CLAIM to be a Seer on the right drug. However, very few will actually be true Seers. Usually to drugged to do much other than recount their hallucinations in riddles and babbling, they are not good fighters and are often open to be attacked. When not shifted into their true forms they can wield daggers, but their greatest power is that of confusing their enemies and talking their way out of bad situations. Seers usually are protected and given riches for their predictions. Of which they can in turn, even hire mercenaries to protect them.
    Shifter Abilities and limitations: Vampire_Lycan_Wars11

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