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    [Dom'Ro] Prologue of Dom'Ro

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    [Dom'Ro] Prologue of Dom'Ro Empty [Dom'Ro] Prologue of Dom'Ro

    Post by Bildo on Mon Mar 23, 2015 2:31 am

    -=Work in Progress=-

    It was another new day. The sound of the waves meeting the beach in a rhythm woosh and echoing on into the cave causing Dom’Ro to awake from his slumber. He laid awhile listening to the chatter of his kin that were outside busy about their day. He just wanted to lay on his rug all day and enjoy the peacefulness of the cave as his family was out doing their daily tasks.  He was almost back to sleep when his father, Dexxrom, came roaring in. “Dom’Ro! Get up! You got chores to do and they aren’t getting done with you slacking off again! Move!” He resented at first but he respected his father. That and his father had recently began his hand to hand training so he didn’t want to give his father a reason to put a halt on that. Dom’Ro rolled up off his rug and stood in front of his father. “Sorry, father” he said quietly and walked past him making his way towards the cave entrance. He stepped outside and looked up at the sky. The warm sun beating down on his face and the cool breeze from the ocean lightly whipping against his body. He loved it here on the coastal plain with the temperate climate, the soft sand between his toes, and the palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze.  He could not think of any other place to be but here. He walked over to the bench that was to his side and grabbed the wood axe that was laying on top of it and would head to the forest to gather wood to stock in his family’s cave for the night. His mother, Kylius, was hanging clothes on the rope line that she had just washed. “Heading out to gather wood young one?” she asked her son as he walked by her. “Yes, mother.” Dom’Ro replied. “Ok, dear. Don’t dally too long. Dinner will be ready in a few hours” she say to him in that motherly tone. “Yes, mother” he answer back. He was a little annoyed to the fact that his mother treated him like a child sometimes. He was past that age unlike his younger sister, Kay’Ta. Who of which had no chores and can play with her friends on the beach all day. He missed those days when he was able to do the same with his friends. Though now he doesn’t see them as often as they are of the age of helping their families with tasks all the time. He couldn’t wait till he was older like his brother Drax’Us. He was in his second year as a recruit for the Emerald King’s army. Dom’Ro would at times practice his sneaking and go to the training grounds to watch the soldiers practice their hand to hand and some of their magic abilities. He would sit and wonder if he had any such abilities. He wouldn’t learn such things until he was in his advanced training classes. He brushed the thoughts away and continued his way on the sand until he reach the forest’s edge. He let out a heavy sigh and took a step inside and began searching for fallen trees to chop up for firewood.
    Dom’Ro took a break from cutting a few logs that he had found. He figured he deserved one since he had a good bundle right now. He took his axe and began swinging it in the air. Chopping down, to the side and thrusting it forward pretending it was a sword hitting some imaginary beast like a child would pretend to do.

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