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    Post by Lucy on Fri Apr 10, 2015 5:21 pm

    New to Lyrica, Ki'fel stumbles across an initially reluctant Usyraz, who leads him to the Aerie to show him the islands and sate his curiosity. Their mutual draw comes as a bit of a surprise to both.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey stood next to the fountain flicking a small coin in. Why not? He paused a moment looking off to his right as if he had heard something then focused his stormy eyes upon the water again. Perhaps he should not be so bold in form standing among the villagers, but he did not care. He had an air of calm about him as he leaned against the small fountain and counted all the fake coins within it. "Doubt anyone got a wish off of those." he chuckled in a deep voice.

    Usyraz was still on edge after her previous encounter with the power core. She hadn't seen her sister, and she felt bad - but she didn't want to disturb her. Besides, there was a lot that troubled her about it, and she was having trouble formulating words. So her arms were tightly crossed, her brow furrowing. She was supposed to do a lot of things with people. She was supposed to learn how to hunt shark alongside her sister, hunt for crystals with a mentor, learn how to craft potions... but always, something went wrong, or otherwise put a halt on it. So as her mind raced in a manner similar to her mother's, she didn't immediately see the male by the fountain, despite the sound of running water drawing her to it. For roughly a minute, she stood there staring down into the water as if he wasn't even there... and when she finally looked up and around, she nearly leaped out of her skin. "... Oh! I'm sorry, I um..." Her eyes were wide as she blinked several times and took a cautious step back as if offering to 'respect his space' or something like that.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey looked up from the water and gave her a soft smile. If he was surprised by her being there, it did not show. "You're fine." He paused and made his way around the side of the fountain. "Well, you're not disrupting me any. Seems a lot might be bothering you.." his eyes opened a bit more as he looked her over. "Well you're an interesting kin. I don't believe I have met one of your kind before. Ice?" he caught hint of what seemed to be crystals. "Interesting." he said softly. "Forgive me. I am Ki'fel. New to the territory. It is good to see another in their .. smaller form. Was starting to wonder if I had done a big no no." he chuckled attempting to get her to laugh as well. "And you are?"

    Usyraz eyed him warily. Her sister had etiquette and manners down to a science; she'd taken to trying to hold someone out at arm's length. That change didn't seem to take long to take effect. Her eyebrows lifted at his observation, but she said nothing of it. Something bothering her? Oh. Lots of somethings. Ah well. One corner of her lips twitched upward as if part of her wanted to smile. "Most refer to me as Ice Crystal... half ice, half gem." She shrugged as if it was nothing, and shook her head as she listened. "It's quite normal, from what I've seen. You'll see plenty of us like this - many up in the Aerie." The thawing of her caution was slow, but at least it was occurring as she continued. "Usyraz. It's nice to meet you, Ki'fel."

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey could not help but give her a winning smile just at the curl of her lips. "Ah.. That is better. Part gem you say. Your parents must have been beautiful." he said looking her over. For a moment his face went blank. Did he really just compliment a total stranger's parents? He shook it from him then tilted his head listening to her. "More in the Aerie... Is.. The Aerie floating islands? I think I have heard tales of such a place. It is why I've traveled here to be honest. Curiosity so to speak." He looked her over a moment. "It is my pleasure, Usyraz." he said in a soft gravely tone. "Do you think there is any chance that you can take me to this 'Aerie'?" He asked carefully.

    Usyraz eyed him the way someone might eye a resting predator in the wild - with cautious appreciation and a hint of apprehension. He didn't seem so bad - nice, even - but she'd seen plenty of 'nice' lately and had seen the outcome. At his question, she nodded. "Yes, the floating islands. My mother told my siblings and I that one existed in one of her previous homes as well." His question came before she could even offer; it caused her to have to stifle the hint of a laugh. "I'd be happy to. I don't see any problem with introducing other kin to the Aerie... Syndicate territory or not. Perhaps you could make your home there." She said it in passing; she likely has learned quickly not to count on much. Not that she counted on... oh jeeze. Her head shook for a moment, then tilted. "Are you ready to go now?"

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey watched her for a moment listening. As she made mention of him living there and making a home he blinked. "We'll have to see. I am a wanderer.. might need something to tie me down first." He smiled that winning smile an awkward way. The wheels inside his head turning as if asking himself 'Why do you sound like an idiot today?'. He had not put two and two together.. meeting her.. he was more shocked at her beauty than he let on. "Oh, yes. Lets go. I shall follow and make sure you get.. home? safely." It was his round about way of seeing if she herself called the Aerie home.

    Usyraz didn't seem terribly surprised by the response - perhaps why she'd tried to say it in passing as much as she could manage. Still, she smiled, the expression more reserved than it had been even days ago. "Very well. It could at least be someplace for you to visit on occasion." She was, of course, oblivious to whatever she'd been thinking. Just as her confidence had been boosted, it'd gone plummeting into the ground again compared to her other kin; selling herself short, even to herself, was normal. "Home... yes. All of my family and friends are up there." She offered him a small smile - buffeted her wings a couple of times, then lifted off into the air.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey watched her take to the air. A moment of stun on his face as he watched the light shatter within her wings and come out in an array of colors that had been tinted a slight pinkish purple. For a moment he stood there just watching it.. only to realize he was standing there like an idiot and opened his wings. A shuttering chime like effect as he took to the sky to follow her.

    Usyraz waited patiently for him to take off. For a second, amusement crossed her face. And as soon as he lifted off of the ground, she led him upward and toward the Aerie.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey had followed her, hardly taking his eyes off of the colorful and shininess of her being. It wasn't until he realized that they had flown to the floating islands that his eyes finally turned away and looked down upon the strange formations. As she landed he tore himself away from looking at what seemed to be a lava island to the sand island and flew to land close by her. "This is amazing. The stories I've heard were true. For some reason I had thought it was just some sort of floating wizard tower.. This. This is far more grand." he said looking around. "How many live here?" He asked.. Though his voice would fade as he turned to look at her again.. She was an interesting one.

    Usyraz smiled faintly at his reaction. She didn't fear the heat so much as dislike it - and something told her not to be over there. Something had told her to stay away, and so she had. "Far more than a floating toward. Our forge is settled by the lava pools over there, open space near there for training grounds - complete with little training dummies! I've been tempted to take another look, but..." She trailed off and shrugged, glancing around. "The throne room... thing... and... stuff... are just beneath us, and I guess this is a gathering spot. Then the falls and the watery cave to the east, where most of my family calls 'home,' in a sense." She shrugged, looking inquisitively toward him. She was guarded... not about to be so quick to trust someone else, or so she told herself with that naive sort of conviction. "Is there anything you'd like to see first?"

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey made an effort to look the directions she was speaking, but his eyes would instantly focus on her again. He paused a moment as she said throne room. "There are royals here?" he said, his voice taking on a warning tone that she more than likely would have heard. His eyes narrowed some. He would wait for her to explain the throne room before he would step any further. "I don't mean to startle you, Usyraz. Please forgive my tone. I am uneasy around those who consider themselves to be in power." He attempted to explain.

    Usyraz blinked a few times. As timid as she was, she inched back a small pace or so as she observed him... and answered. "Technically, I guess. They're more 'leaders' than anything... apparently my mother and father have been friends with them since... before my siblings and I were born. I thought I had to curtsy or something when I met them, but... they seem very nice..." She hoped that what she said made sense, and tried to gauge that based on whatever reactions followed that. "It's alright, I've seen much worse reactions for much more trivial things."

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey took a moment looking around. There was a calm vibe floating upon these islands from what he could see. But something else was calling.. hunger for something. He looked back at her. "Do you take orders from them? Do they force you to do things that make no sense?" He seemed intent upon hearing her answers then suddenly his features softened. "I'm sorry.." he paused. "I don't know what came over me. Don't worry about it.. I am sure they are very kind." just like that the storm within his eyes seemed to fade. "I.. wouldn't mind just.. sitting here and talking with you.. maybe you could tell me more about the islands? how they came to be?" His tone had completely changed.

    Usyraz looked at him with a hint of a perplexed look on her face. "I... no? Not that I know of. I've actually... asked if they could teach me a few things. But they've never forced anything..." Then came that look of disbelief that only remained for a flash before she quickly tried to neutralize it into something else. "Where would you like to go and sit for this? There's a campfire right over there..." Which she figured she could adjust to if she could just... approach it slowly. -That- fear wasn't terribly different from Fo's, though not nearly as extreme. "And there are perches over by the falls - my personal favorite-..." Her voice trailed off as she looked in the direction of her perch, saw some sort of winged... demon horse thing... and frowned. "... I guess the campfire or the water caves below? I mean, the lava pools too, if you prefer heat..." She could deal with overheating, if she tried really hard... maybe.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey watched her a moment more and shook his head. He held out his hand and if she took it he would look at the ice crystals carefully. "I would rather go somewhere that is comfortable for both of us to sit and talk. The water falls?" he turned to look and raised an eyebrow. "Seems food has been delivered. Though I'm not much of a horse meat fan." He gave a soft shrug. "So the water fall caves maybe?" he suggested.

    Usyraz hesitated for a mere couple of seconds before accepting. Her own hand reached out to his, and she nodded. "I'm not sure I've much of an appetite for a winged horse either right now..." With a faint smile, she nodded, moving toward the caves, unless he showed signs of not being ready to move yet.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey had followed her over to the waterfalls and looked around a bit before he dipped down to scoop up a palm full of water. "Clear, very clear." He said then let it slowly drip from his hand back into the pool. "I can see why you prefer it over here. Nothing like being cleansed none stop to wash away all the nasty business." He smiled. "We could perch on the rocks here if you wish. I wouldn't mind." He offered.

    Usyraz nodded. Her chin lifted and she looked skyward for a moment, even as he spoke; her eyes shifted ot her right to look at him with the small hint of a smile. "The rocks, the sand bar - any of it will work. I just prefer this island in general. Provides a great view." A hesitant glance passed to him once more; she wasn't sure what to say. "You wanted to talk... but I have to admit, I'm not sure what to talk about..."

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey softened his eyes as he looked at her and gave her a soft chuckle ot her response. "You've grown up on stories about the island, have you not? Why not tell me those? At most the only stories I myself have heard is that they were floating islands not made by man. Hence why I traveled so far and wide looking for them to see for myself." He moved over to the sand bar then gestured for her to have a seat, though it was a wide gesture to allow her the opportunity to sit anywhere she pleased. Just in case he made her uncomfortable. He cleared his throat and within that gravely, "Why not start from where you are from.. The strange half and half that turns out to be more beautiful than most wholes." There.. perhaps he had complimented correctly this time.

    Usyraz shrugged. "I guess we could start there..." As she moved to sit next to him, she paused. The color rushed to her cheeks, deepening the blue and even thawing some of the frost. "Oh, um..." Clearing her throat, she offered him a smile that hopefully conveyed the 'thank you' she intended before closing the gap and settling down by him. "My mother and father apparently met around waterfalls that look quite a bit like these do - at least that's what my father tells me. She was feeling a lot of pain at the time - a lot of loss - and he saved her from herself. I guess that's how the story goes." She frowned thoughtfully as she tried to remember. "So, she brought him to the Aerie in a place called Amoras...? Introduced him to her friends, the people she referred to as family. I'm afraid I'm a bit blurry on the details there..."

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey sat back quietly listening. Her voice was rather pleasant to hear. "Amoras?" he questioned lightly. "Never heard of the place." As she continued a curl at his lips started. "Did you yourself come from the Amoras?" He asked. To look at him he seemed absolutely about to fall asleep, calm and cool, eyes half closed. However his voice remained the same alert and awake tone. He was listening carefully. "Why did they leave this.. Amoras?"

    Usyraz nodded. Given his disposition, part of her worried she was boring him to death. "According to what she told us, it... self-destructed, I think? By the time she and the rest of the Aerie had found their way out through a rift opened by a black dragoness, half of the land had been overtaken by some sort of noxious gas and was unlivable. They escaped shortly before its end." Her gaze remained locked on him, quietly trying to determine whether he was truly interested or just blowing smoke up her ass.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey leaned forward as she spoke of the island's destruction. "Self destructed. Magic?" he questioned. He still seemed lazy and calm, but if she looked into his stormy eyes she would see that sparked interest never left. "I am glad they made it out alive. That is a shame to lose their home. Where were you born? where did YOU.. come from?" He asked more pointedly. "Because I gather it was not here." He gestured to the other islands across the bridge.

    Usyraz shrugged her shoulders with a frown. "I don't remember if she ever actually explained that part. Though she said magic was 'suppressed' by the island, but that suppression grew weak as the island began to fall apart enough for them to escape." She shrugged, pausing to think. His question and his interest gave her pause; she wasn't expecting that. Not many people showed interest in things like that. "Yes... my mother and father escaped to a Nexus after that, then found another land once the Nexus seemed to reject the presence of other living creatures. My siblings and I were born in caves that had been vacated by their previous inhabitant; mere crystal caves at first, before my father froze them over for us to live in as well."

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey gave a soft nod. "So your father was the Ice dragon." He tilted his head. "And your mother the.." he paused for a moment taking note of the coloration of the gems that were frosted over. "Amethyst?" He guessed. "Sounds to me like you were brought up well. I don't know much about Amethyst dragons, but Ice dragons.. what a cool bunch." He gave her a corny smile.. hoping that the horrible pun would cause her to laugh.

    Usyraz nodded. "Oh! Sorry, yes. He was of ice. Blue in coloration with the element of ice." Impressed by his guess, she nodded. "Yes! Amethyst... and quite proud of her heritage." His pun caused her to stare at him in shock that anyone would whip that one out (phrasing) ... but after the initial shock wore off in a few seconds, sure enough, she let out a sudden laugh, dragging her hand down her face. "Oh, Ki'fel..."

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey smirked and gave a helpless sort of shrug. "Hey, well worth it. I got you to laugh and smile and that expression of.. surprise or shock.. not sure which. That was rather priceless." He said. It started to hit him then... he was flirting. His own cheeks seemed to gain some color. "So you and your siblings grew up in some ice caves and what made you come here?" He gave her a soft smirk and looked down at the water bashfully. In his mind asking why the hell he was such an idiot, but otherwise enjoying the company and the story.

    Usyraz gradually formed a smile - at least one that was warmer than the polite, reserved sort of expressions she'd offered him initially. "Well, I appreciate the laugh; thank you for that." Noting the look on his face, she relaxed a bit; maybe he was just as lost as she was, in a way. "Mm. My father left for quite a while when we were adolescents. When we were old enough to handle ourselves, my mother went out in search of someplace else for us to go - someplace for us to be able to meet people and start our own stories. When she came here... she came across an old friend. The Da'ar of this Aerie. So, she invited us here, and we traveled over, one by one." Sighing, she started to make herself comfortable, pushing up the sand bar and sitting on her legs, likely trying to make herself comfortable.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey simply leaned back on the sand, sliding some because of his weight. He laid back resting his head on his arm while looking up at her. He found her company and her voice to be very soothing. It was strange for him, and he liked it. "How many siblings did you say you had?" he asked. willing to ask anything to keep her talking.

    Usyraz turned her head to look thoughtfully at him. For a little while, she said nothing, as if trying to figure out why he was asking so many questions. People usually didn't have that kind of interest in her, at least enough to ask her questions. "Two - a sister and a brother, though hopefully he'll learn to not be so pretentious whenever he comes back to the Aerie..."

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey chuckled slightly. "Brothers are never easy to have. Especially if there are more females than males. Us guys have to feel strong and in charge." He said in that gruff voice before slapping his chest making a clank sound. "It is all orcshit and show. He's still your brother and still loves you. He'll straighten up his act I'm sure." he said with an air of confidence. Almost as if he knew her brother somehow. Really he was pulling on his own experiences. "Is there anything I should know.. I mean. If I am to make my home here in this.. Aerie. I should know everything there is to know so that I can make the right choice."

    Usyraz blinked as she looked at him, pretending to recoil for a moment. but she still started to grin. "I hope so. I can take care of myself now, don't need someone trying to control me..." Her head shook. She was perhaps a little too confident in that much for someone so timid, but no matter. As she opened her mouth to ask him something, she paused... and stopped to think. "The Aerie Syndicate controls the floating islands right here. They value freedom, and on occasion welcome non-kin into their fold - so try not to be surprised if you see an occasional elf here. We have a few... trade agreements, mostly that keep us protected from attacks from one of this land's more powerful groups. The fewer 'big' issues, the better, yeah?" Her head tilted as she stopped to think. "No one is better than anyone else here; it's my understanding that we're all equal, the Da'ar and Da'ariv included. They merely have the charisma and attitude required to 'lead' a group like this. Otherwise, they're out alongside us, looking out for the Syndicate." Sure, she was divulging a little bit nearly verbatim from what she'd been told about the Syndicate, but she was trying.

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey nodded. "That is good to hear. When you spoke of thrones and Da'ar.. I have to admit I was skeptical. No one wants to go from being the king of their own castle to taking orders from some blow hard, yeah?" he said with a smirk. "Perhaps I will make this my home.. Find things to tie me down." he smiled up at her. He wiggled his toes that hung just within the water. "I am sure that you can take care of yourself. Every dragon is capable. Doesn't hurt to know that others are looking out for you as well. As long as you trust them. Who can you trust more than family?" He added looking up at the sky.

    Usyraz normally would have taken to stargazing as she spoke to him by then - but instead, she found herself watching him as he spoke, smiling and shaking her head. "I was terrified to meet them... but they've both been very kind to me..." She trailed off as something caught her attention; did she misunderstand? "King of their own castle?" She asked him, likely trying to make more sense of it all. Something in his words, though, gave her pause after that... and she finally titled her head back to look skyward as well. "I... guess you have a point."

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey glanced his eyes over to her watching her look at the sky. He stayed like that, quite for a long moment just admiring her. "Are you hungry?" He asked. "Have you ever had pasta with goat mixed with tomato?" He followed up before she could answer. If she were asking him of his own story it would have been looked over or forgotten.

    Usyraz blinked at the sudden change, but she shook her head. "I... am, actually." She left it at that for the few seconds before he continued. And admittedly... her mouth watered at the idea of pasta; rarely did she eat it, but she loved it nonetheless. But the way he described it? It was different. "I can't say I've had that combination before, no - why?"

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey shoved himself up from the sand and brushed himself off. "Because I am going to make it for you." he said with that winning smile. He offered out a hand to help her up. "That is if you want?" His eyes were softer.. his body language and expression as calm as when she told her story. The spark of interest still within those stormy eyes. "It is the least I could do for the hospitality you've shown me."

    Usyraz looked up at him with a smile. It's too bad the rest of the Aerie wasn't quite as kind and thoughtful as him - though then she supposed that would take away from some of his uniqueness. Taking his hand, she stood up with his help and a nodded thank-you... having to remind herself to continue speaking instead of just staring at him like a derp. "I would love that. Thank you, Ki'fel..."

    Ki'fel Inloilfrey gave a soft nod of his head and gave a even softer squeeze of her hand before letting it go. He turned and started to walk off. "I'll get the goat and I believe i saw some ingredients in the market. You just wait and maybe wash up for a meal." He chuckled. "Tonight, the strong man is cooking!" He flexed and gave a laugh to show he was being a derp himself. Before much more he would step over the side and drop like a very heavy rock down to the world below.

    Usyraz smiled as she watched him leave. No one did such things for her - at least no one outside of her family. It was... different. So, she decided to do as he suggested, turning to wash up while she still could.

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