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    General spells and skills

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    General spells and skills Empty General spells and skills

    Post by Silvy Dean on Fri May 08, 2015 7:40 pm

    These are just examples and possible skills you can choose for your character to have. Each will be under a specific class so as to help you get a better idea of where to put those specific skills.

    Keep in mind that any magic or skill used takes its toll on either the body or the energy your character has. Once spent, even if failed, you have lesser energy than you did before casting/using these skills.

    ///////////////THESE ARE OPTIONS NOT REQUIREMENTS!///////////////

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    General spells and skills Empty Seers/Spirit walkers/Psychonic magic users.

    Post by Silvy Dean on Fri May 08, 2015 8:38 pm


    :Illusion Magics:

    1. Confusion- If successful, foe will be confused on what direction to aim their next attack. They could even be confused as to what target they are attacking and force an attack on even a alley to them.

    2. Phantom Pain- If successful and if an opponent is wounded, this can cause them to feel as if their wounds are worse than they are. The opponent will feel a greater pain from those wounds. Or, if they are not wounded, made to believe that they are.

    3. Ancestor's Visage- If successful, opponent will have a vision of a lost loved one. Depending on type of caster, the ancestor could speak to the opponent.

    4. Hallucination- If successful this could become very tricky. Seeing images and causing confusion as to where they might be or who they might be fighting. This could be used to lead an attacker away as they hallucinate the target as running away from where the target is actually. Hallucination is a very handy skill, as it could also include making it look as if the Foe is surrounded by your allies even if you are alone.

    5. Distortion- If successful, the foe might feel as if the world has drastically tilted and move to correct their stance for the fight. Images of the target can be tilted or made to look bigger than they actually are. Image of the target could also be blurred, slightly blinding the attacker.

    6. Conjure Phantasm- If successful, a foe might see dark and frightening images of ghosts and dead rising.

    7. Imagined Burden- If successful, armor/weapons, clothing, trinkets and other things upon the attacker's body suddenly feel heavier than they actually are. Slowing them down.

    8. Illusion of Haste- If successful, will make target appear to be moving at inhuman speeds.

    9. Dream walking- If successful, (and with the permission of the target character's writer.) One will be able to enter the sleeping mind and create or disrupt dreams. This could be helpful in getting information.

    10. Illusionary Weaponry- If successful, caster can conjure the image of a weapon striking at the target. When target goes to dodge/block the illusioned attack, caster can follow through with a second attack. ((Suggest two rolls. One for the spell, one for the followed through attack.))

    11. Images of Remorse- If successful, target could see images of things that would make them feel remorse. Such as, alleys in pain or suffering a slow death. This could backfire however, as some targets can enter a rage and fight harder to avenge.

    12. Ineptitude- If successful, target could end up feeling as if they are not strong or skilled enough to finish the fight. This could also make them feel insecure of their abilities.

    13. Migraine- If successful, target's head would suddenly feel clouded and pained. Ringing in ears and sensitivity to both sight and sound.

    14. Wandering eye- If successful, target could see images from the corner of their eyes causing them to want to glance around to see what is there.

    15. Sum of All Fears- If successful, images of the targets greatest fears will start to appear.

    16. Clumsy form- If successful, target could feel as if their limbs are too heavy to move or perhaps move on their own causing them to trip and stumble or miss their attack.

    17. Soothing Images- If successful, (Allowed by target characters writer.) Target will feel calm and at peace. Images of things they find to be most peaceful or enjoyable will fill their minds. Great to use after a battle for PTSD.

    18. Shrinking armor- If successful, Target will feel as if their armor is becoming crushingly small. This will help in having them remove otherwise protective gear.

    19. Drain Delusions- If successful and if target is under a harmful mind altering/illusion spell, any mind altering smells will be removed from target.

    20. Energy Tap- If successful, caster will gain energy leaving the target feeling weakened/unable to cast at their full strength.

    21. Reveal Enchantment- If successful, caster can reveal a enchantment upon a person or even an object. They can even catch what enchantment is being cast upon them, if they are quick enough, and possibly avoid the attack.

    22. Spirit Shackles- If successful, cold feeling restraints will appear and tie up/lock up or otherwise -restrain- the target.

    23. Spirit of Failure- If successful, target has a greater chance to fail their next attack (-5 on their roll.) due to doubt and possibly whispers of how they are 'doing it wrong.'

    24. Mistrust- If successful, target will suddenly start to distrust or question their allies.

    25. Panic- If successful, target will start to feel extremely overwhelmed and feel the physical stigma of panic.

    26. Persistence of Memory- If successful, target is more able to focus. One is able to regain their thoughts and memory of their next action they planned out.

    27. Psychic Instability- If successful, target goes crazy. Allies and Foes at risk of being attacked.
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    General spells and skills Empty Druids and Healer spells/skills

    Post by Silvy Dean on Sat May 09, 2015 2:09 am


    :Healing Magics:

    1. Resurrection Chant- If successful, A chant that resurrects the target. Takes at least five posts and can be interrupted. Uses half of your energy.

    2. Spotless Mind- If successful, clears ones mind of sorrows, fears, pains, and doubt. Can also remove other spells/illusions/enchantments that are causing target grief. Can only be cast once a day.

    3. Infuse Health- If successful, Give half of your own life/health to heal/give health to target. Unable to heal self for the remainder of rp day. If spell is used again in that day, caster dies.

    4. Mend wounds- If successful, Keeps target from bleeding out. Touch based spell. Does not fully heal wounds, but keeps target from bleeding to death.

    5. Words of comfort- If successful, Chanting words that will heal minor wounds. Target might not always understand these chants.

    6. Primal Haste- If successful, rush to the aid of a target with double speed. (Aka get the hell out of my way, I got some healing to do!)

    7. Restful Breeze- If successful, Gust of fresh cool air will rush in blowing away clouds of gas or poison. Healing any light damage done to target area/people.

    8. Healing Light- If successful, caster will send a beam of healing light to target. Unless interrupted/broken, target can regain all health lost. Only one use per day.

    9. Mystic Regeneration- If successful, Caster can regrow/reattach an limb using earth to heal target.

    10. Mystic Healing- If successful, Caster can use water to clean and heal wounds.

    11. Mystic Branding- If successful, Caster can close and purify a wound using fire. Will leave a mark on target.

    12. Mystic Kiss- If successful, Caster uses a soft breath of air to heal the lungs of target. (obviously want permission for face to face contact from other player...)

    13. Cleansing fire- If successful, White flame will appear cleansing land/plant/animal/being of dark magic. (Takes five posts and half of energy.)

    14. Mystic Vigor- If successful, Caster can use all four elements to heal one's self. (One use per day.)

    15. Vital Boon- If successful, Caster is able to cast this spell just before a fight. After being hit, will heal from that attack. (However takes two posts before it is active, costs half energy and can only be used once a day. Can not use other self heal spells for rest of the day.)

    16. Return Strength- If successful, Caster can target a weakened alley and give them strength, using earth magic, to carry on with the fight. (One use per fight.)

    -Type of healing methods-

    1. Self Heal- Can only heal yourself.

    2. Touch Heal- You must touch the target to heal.

    3. Shout Heal- A word can heal target.

    4. Ray Heal- Stand back and send a beam of light to heal target.

    5. Nature heal- using the elements of nature to heal target. Can heal be plant, animal, being or the land itself.

    :Damage Magics:

    -Only physical damage-

    1. Banish- If successful, Target summoned creature is knocked down for two rounds.

    2. Primal strike- If successful, caster simply touches target and sends them flying back a few feet. 50% chance of knocking them down. ( 2 uses per fight. 2 rolls one for contact and one for knockdown.)

    3. Primal wrath- If successful, Caster sends out a wave of energy that could knock out aerea targets within 10 feet of the caster. ( Everyone including allies have to roll. Caster hast to be a 10 or higher for knock out of targets. One use per day. Uses 75% energy of caster.)

    4. Retribution- If successful, Caster that is injured has chance to return same injury to attacker.

    5. Reversal of Damage- If successful, Half damage that Caster would have received is done to attacker. (50% damaged received by attacker)

    6. Burning faithful Hand- If successful, Caster targets enemy's healer via their attempt to heal target.

    7. Smite- If successful, Destroys targeted summoned monster/undead. If target is NPC or PC but not a summoned one, can cause disorientation.

    8. Spear of Light- If successful, Caster throws a spear of pure light. Can destroy target summoned minion. Can pierce and harm PC and NPC. (two uses per fight.)

    9. Mark of Protection- Caster -MUST- cast this spell before a fight. Only one mark per person per day. If successful, Target has 50% chance to block attack. (Using dice? That means you have two rolls. If your first roll is low, you can roll one more time. That spends your mark of protection. Suggestion. Wait till you are nearly dead then use your second roll if needed.)

    10. Pacifism- If successful, Target is frozen for one post. (aka consider them stunned.)

    11. Reversal of Fortune- If successful, Target attacked will be healed rather than injured further. (One use a week.)

    12. Thorn Shield- If successful, thorns sprout from the ground to protect target from attack. Second roll= damages from thorns on attacker.

    13. Banishing Strike- If successful, dismisses summoned target/knocks down NPC/PC.

    14. Nature Summoning- If successful, Caster can summon one of the main four elements. (Earth, wind, fire, water.) as a small avatar to fight for them.

    15. Rock Shield- If successful, target is surrounded by heavy rocks to block attack. (lasts for one post round.)

    16. Stone Shield- If successful, Target is protected by sheet of stone from attack. (Lasts for two rounds.)

    17. Dust Cloak- If successful, Caster creates a blind spot by using wind to kick up the earth and block their next attack/escape. (Target is blind for one post.)

    18. Meditation- If successful, Helps the caster regain energy faster than sleeping.

    19. Stone Shards- If successful, Caster sends three stone shards at target.

    20. Shield of Force- If successful, Caster creates a shield of wind that shoves back attacker.

    21. Staggering Force- If successful, Caster causes the earth to move from under target's feet. (good for disrupting spell casters or breaking a warriors stance.)

    22. Winds of Disenchantment- If successful, Caster has a chance to remove enchantments/spells cast on target.

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