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    The Visitor and Attack Upon Frost Fang Clan Village

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    The Visitor and Attack Upon Frost Fang Clan Village Empty The Visitor and Attack Upon Frost Fang Clan Village

    Post by Bildo on Sun May 24, 2015 1:54 am

    ((Sunthor awaits as Arianna and Eindride return from the docks))

    Sunthor sat at the campfire puffing on his pipe as he waited for Arianna and Eindride to return back from merchant docks. He stared at the cold burnt ash in the fire pit trying not to think of anything that might trigger his blood lust any more than what it was at. Taking in the tobacco as it filled his lungs to help what it could to sooth his calmness. He looked up as he heard the boat hit against the dock. He stood up and walked over to the dock to greet Arianna and Eindride. "Welcome back. How was the trip?"

    Arianna tried to guide the boat in carefully but felt the hull of it hit the bank roughly jolting her and the continence of the boat slightly forward. She shifted, feeling it knock slightly against the dock, and reached out to catch the wood post to try and tie the boat off. She heard Sunthor's voice before she looked up to actually see him. "Aye.. somewhat. We've gotten everything I am sure." She looked back at Eindride. "Do you want to tell me about your wound?" she asked, a thin light eyebrow raised. She turned to Sunthor and gestured to the goods. "Some of it can go to the war hut, some to the smith. There are a few barrels for the long hall and some sacks that I can take in before i head to spirit rise with the rest."

    Eindride Chernobog (magicgriffin) grunt and growl look to Sunthor . he rise an eye brow first here Arianna speak form the take off he would would help in the tie off the boat . the dark color down his eye fade abit for getting some sleep . he still had the wound form the knife . he looked around and smell the air and was a bit clamer to be home . he would start lifing the ore and thing he had gotin for the blacksmith . he would look to sunthor and nods befor looking to Arianna " fight broke out i won . " he try to smile but a blood thristy grin showed . " the Moon play a dirty trick on me that is all will not happen again . "

    Sunthor nodded to Arianna and then look towards the goods. "Ok, I will start unloading them off the boat for now." He paused for a moment as familiar scent filled his nostrils. He noticed that it was stronger than what he usually has. His eyes wondering around on the boat trying to locate it. "You wouldn't by chance gotten some tobacco?" he said as if he really had to ask. He heard Eindride speak and turned his attention towards him and remembered Arianna mention a wound as his mind was occupied by the scent. He looked down at Eindrides wound and nodded. "Looks like got you good there, brother." He then went and started to unload the goods off the boat onto the dock.

    Arianna watched Eindride for a moment as he spoke and leaned down hefting a large crate up and handing it off to Sunthor to help him. "Perhaps you could elaborate on why you got into a fight in the first place." she said, attempting to choose her words carefully. "And you are right, it will -not- happen again. You are otherwise confined to the territory until I am sure i can trust you outside of it." She made herself clear, or so she thought, with that choice of words. If Sunthor did not take the crate from her she would simply toss it slightly with a heavy thunk to the dock and move for the next crate. Part of her wondered where the Omegas were at this moment, considering this was grunt work, they should be there being put to use.

    Eindride Chernobog (magicgriffin) look to each of them " it only a wound they heal quicker ." he lie the wound was still active on the sliver burn on his wist. he looked to each of them taking a Box and holding it , he would look for the ore and start set in pill for Sunthor of all the ore a metal box her grab the handle and pulled on it he " Trust me it will not happen again The Lost Of an Hunt is What to Blame Not my Action . the Moon Made me see my Kin been attack my inner rage found my weakest point and turn in to a killing monster . " he look to them and growled " Not All can Become one with your Beast Mine is a Bit more Feral . That way i train to controll it . " he sat the metal box down and the small long Box . " Trust me or trust me not ." he stop him his flashing yellow as the Blood rage was Rising . he close his and start to sing sing a low tone try to relax the rage .

    Sunthor looked over the goods as he knelt down on the dock by the edge. As Arianna spoke, he kept quiet as his ears perked a little. Sensing the Alpha's tone towards Eindride. His eyes caught her handling a crate as she held it over the boat. He shifted over closer to her and grabbed the crate from her and setting it off behind him on the other side of the dock. He turned around and caught Eindride dragging a chest. He raised his brow as he was curious as what was inside.

    Arianna huffed slightly watching him then moved to step up out of the boat past Sunthor. "You will stay in the territory till after the next hunting moon. I'll decide after that." She glanced over her shoulder and moved up to the firepit. In her hands holding a small sack that she set down next to it as if to separate those goods from the others still upon the docks.

    Eindride Chernobog (magicgriffin) looking to each he would open his eye to see sunthor looking at the chest and nods " Toy for Training " he would lift the chest with a grunt and smile the smell of flesh blood would full the air . he quickly walk to his house and sat the chest down return to them he would look to grab more boxes and start the quicky walk back and forth setting the ore in places . he look to sunthor and waves to him " No more to the smith the last to the war room there a box of Copper it go to the war room a gift for a black smith want me to make some armor .

    Sunthor continued grabbing the contents from the boat and setting them back behind him. He paused for a moment and watched as Arianna stepped off the boat and walked by him. The strong scent of the tobacco hit his nose again and helped pull his attention back towards it as he continued grabbing another crate. He looked towards Eindride as he spoke. "Aye, looks like it was a good haul then." He turned back towards the boat and finished unloading it.

    Arianna paused and rubbed her forhead for a moment. She looked off toward the well in the middle of the village and noted that again.. no one was to be seen. She squinted her eyes slightly then started to move off.. something was not sitting right. Her body tensed.. it could very well be the blood lust pushing her to find something to fight, but she would do her best to ignore it and try to focus on finding the Omegas to see what if anything they were up to. Leaving Eindride and Sunthor to continue to unload the boat for now. Though she had intention to send any stray Omegas back their way to help, if she came across any.

    Eindride Chernobog (magicgriffin) grunting he would help sunthor fill the warroom up with the boxes . he would look to sunthor and Speak " We the hunt is over i will need you help to train this pups . and i will need to train you too " he spoke in a low growl life the lighter box leave the heavy one for sunthor to pick up . " Life this brother Mind Making a Smoke i need one and i Got Some of the Ale For Dwarves ... or some thing like that would you like to try some ?" he look to arianna and feel her want to fight grabing him to want to fight but the wounds on him told him he would lose " i Think we need a real Maedic . " he blink look down at his clothes as it become blood stain and when to change in to heavy furrs .

    Sunthor grabbed the last crate off the boat and held it for a moment. The tobacco was really strong now. He knew this had to be the crate that had the tobacco in it. He brought his nose closer to it and gave a short sniff. It was the tobacco. He lifted the crate even more closer to his face, the tip of his nose barely touching the wood. He took in a big whiff and held it for a moment as the strong smell was soothing to his senses. He looked over towards Eindride with a satisfying look on his face and could only nod to him. He caught Arianna off to the side as she was looking towards the village. Something didn't feel right as he noticed her body language didn't seem quite right. He set the box down and stood up and made his way towards her till he got closer to her and waited.

    ((Arianna wanders off to check out her suspicion. Eindride and Sunthor go to Sunthor's porch to relax and have a smoke.))

    Eindride Chernobog (magicgriffin) nods looking to sunthor handing him an bottle " This is the Ale i was Speaking of . " he look to and smiled " Give my the normal cig . " he lean the bottle.

    Sunthor sat forward and looked at the bottle and nodded. He looked down at the table and began preparing the tobacco and stuffing into Eindride's pipe and handing it off to him.

    Eindride Chernobog (magicgriffin) takes the piple and bring the macthes and smile light taking a few huge lunge fulls " The Moon Made me see my kid beening rap by two men . and the wolf stole my mind and body as it attack them one of the stab me and i rip one of the men arms off . the wolf want to eat them i want to eat human flesh .... i think we need a hunt more than ever now . i feel the beast inside command me to do thing i dont want to do , "

    Sunthor took a pinch of tobacco and stuffed into his pipe and lighting it. He sat back on his stool and puffed as he listened to Eindride. "Aye, I feel the beast is getting stronger. It's becoming harder to control than ever before." He took another puff and blew the smoke up in the air. "Hopefully this new tobacco will help till then but I'm not really sure. The Blood Moon needs to come soon."

    ((Arianna, Annoth, Runa))

    Arianna made her way along the path looking to each one of the old huts till she spotted Annoth. She growled softly looking at the old druid and looked around for Raine or perhaps one of the other omegas. Not seeing them she moved forward to speak with him. However just as she opened her mouth a scent caught her attention.. her body tensed as she did not recognize it and she looked around a moment then tried to shake it off.. not seeing anything just yet. "The boat is at the docks with supplies. If you and any other Omegas are not to busy, it needs to be unloaded." Though the hurt was still in her voice, perhaps a tone of anger as well, her eyes still met with his.

    Annoth Rugani turned his head to look on Arianna, a slight frown touching his lips. The last words they had shared were sour. He did not respond for a moment, hi attention catching the scent as well. "I can unload it by myself, but could that not wait for a moment?" after all, eve if he saw nothing, that did not mean there was nothing there. He wanted to wait, and see what happened, if anything happened before moving on to his lowly duties as omega.

    Runa Chernobog (meeka.bikcin) hears the voices in the distance and freezes, crouched down behind the tree. Peering through the gloom, she delicately sniffs the air, trying to determine if they were friend or foe. Glancing behind her, she judged she had made just enough headway from the giants that had been chasing her the entire journey that she could rest, catch her breath and determine her next course of action. Getting a faint whiff of something foreign, but familiar, Runa closed her eyes, her brain desperately trying to place the unknown, but somehow familiar scent scent

    Arianna blinked at him for a moment and gritted her teeth. She was on edge, damned the blood lust that ran through her veins at that moment. That scent came across again and she turned her head looking off to the small bridge that lead just out of their territory. Slowly she moved to glance around.. it was strong enough that she could tell something was there.. but not seeing it. She glanced back at Annoth and then off to the rest of the village. "Go, get Eindride and Sunthor. Something or someone is here.. we should greet them as a clan." She said in a hushed tone.

    Annoth Rugani frowned slightly at her body language, was she still that angry? And why could he not greet whoever it was with her? He felt annoyed and brushed it off as his own ego being bruised from the other week. With a simple nod he would stalk off and obey his alpha's orders and go to retrieve the two other clan members. He spoke no other word having no need to do so.

    Runa Chernobog (meeka.bikcin) slowly backs her way towards the waters edge, cursing softly to herself as she realized she was further from the bridge than she thought. Straining her ears, she still heard no hint of the giants, but considering she knew what was behind her, and that her quest wasn't complete, she swallowed the urge to run and waited instead, figuring her chances were better with the village in the distance than the destruction behind her

    Arianna watched as Annoth left then turned back to the bridge catching sight of something but not wanting to approach just yet. "You're either here to start some trouble or you're afraid.. either way you have entered our territory. You can either come out and reveal yourself or you can wait for the rest of my clan to come here and drag you out to be visible." she said sternly and crossed her arms. "Which one will it be?"

    Annoth Rugani came jogging along, his form stopping at the side of the banister, his eyes gazing up at the two males sitting down. "We have company, Arianna wants us to appear and greet them as a clan." his hand gesturing for them to follow him. He would rather not leave the alpha alone for long if he could help it.

    Eindride Chernobog (magicgriffin) nods getting up and walking to his House and grab his axe walking back out and looking to the man and nods " Show me the way . " he grunt out his eye change form blue to yellow and a hint of green showing as the rage and smoke was battle to keep him Calm .

    Sunthor took another puff as he looked up towards the roof and blew the smoke upward at it. A scent came across his nostrils and his nose twitched. He looked towards the male over the railing. As the male spoke of the situation, he didn't say a word and stood up to follow.

    Runa Chernobog (meeka.bikcin) swallows hard, hearing that stern voice and pondering if she should approach now.. or wait. Throwing caution to the wind, she decided her chances against one might be better than when an unknown number of clansmen" arrived, she slowly crept forwards, her natural grace masking any sound as she got a better view of the woman. Rising slowly, she freezes as she sees a group returning, suddenly uncertain of what to do

    Arianna took a moment to look the woman over then caught her stance and the tense expression that came over her. She looked behind her and when the others came into view she would hold up her hand to try and guide them into a slow approach. She turned back to the female and crossed her arms once again. "Who are you? What are you doing here?"

    Runa Chernobog (meeka.bikcin) takes a deep breath, her voice low and slightly husky. "I.. i am called... Runa. I am not sure exactly where is... only that.. i have traveled several weeks and not entirely sure if i have strayed my course or if am in the right place...."

    Annoth Rugani arrived the two i tow, his form standing quietly as he listened to the two women speak. There did not seemt o be any hostility, though his concer went back to Arianna's body language from before, the anger in her voice.

    Sunthor followed behind the male and Eindride as he followed them through the trees. He caught Arianna up ahead in the clearing and saw her raise her hand. He slowed his pace down to a walk and stopped as he got close. He noticed a female up ahead and stood with his arms crossed wondering who this could be.

    Eindride Chernobog (magicgriffin) rise an ete hearing the words he would hold the axe in his the Great Axe . he would stand taller than the others. listen to what the women had to say heis seached her looking over her body . he would look to the other looking at sunthor and Blinking than to Annoth and blinked more and to the last look to the back of arianna head he would smile turning his in a slow ment to the women . he look like he going to speak and stop him self .

    Arianna weighed her words for a moment and shifted her weight from one foot to the other. Her light colored eyes watching her intently, like a predator watching prey. "Where here is, is probably not where Runa should be." she said. Assuming that the woman was human, she did not want to give her to many clues as to what she has walked into. If she is human.. there was a good chance Arianna might lose her initiative to her blood lust and chase the woman down.

    Sunthor kept his eye on the woman as Arianna questioned her. He did not recognize this female nor could he pick up her scent within his heightened sense. He kept quiet, standing still as he puffed on his pipe.

    Runa Chernobog (meeka.bikcin) stands silently, watching the males approach and then glancing back to the female. "well, here is where Runa is. I was sent by a man claiming to be my father to find my brother. I was leaving my village when we were attacked by a band of giants, and i fled... i have traveled these last two weeks.. and only wish a rest before i continue my quest."

    Annoth Rugani remained silent for a time, she wished to simply stay and rest here? A slight frown appeared on his lips, he did not see it exactly as the most wise thing. He looked to Arianna, an eyebrow rising. Perhaps they should make her leave the area? Especially with the riing bloodlust, ahuman would be at risk in this place.

    Eindride Chernobog (magicgriffin) nods he look to her and growl in a raging tone " and Your Father Name .." he rage got the better of him as he wait to hear what the women said , his grab on the axe getting tigher as he try to calm the rage . he look to sunthor " got more ?" he ask as nice as he could but sound more like a command than asking .

    Arianna turned slightly hearing EIndride's voice. She would then take a step forward. "Her father's name does not matter. He should not have let her travel alone.. and If she were following her brother here.." she paused and looked off behind Runa to be sure she was not with anyone. Taking in a sharp wiff of air as if to be sure. A soft hint of a curl at the corner of her mouth, her teeth showing slightly more as she continued to talk. "Her brother is probably dead if he came this way." There was the urge.. that desire to pounce forward.. she enjoyed the scent of fear.. she just wanted a taste. Her eyes flashing yellow within the silver blue. "Like herself soon will be." She had no intention of allowing a human to come into the territory and -leave-. She did not want the word of mouth to even have a chance to escape those pretty little lips.

    Runa Chernobog (meeka.bikcin) swallowed back her fear, her voice slightly shaky as she eyed the massive male. Something in him seemed familiar, but Runa was too unsettled by his anger to place it. "he is called Randall... a great hulk of a man such as yourself.." she almost stuttered..."Why would that matter?"

    Sunthor nodded towards Eindride and tossed him a spare cigar he had in his pouch. He snapped his head back towards Arianna and the female as the Alpha spoke. He unfolded his arms and rest his hands on front of his belt, slightly gripping at the leather. The tone coming from Arianna made him shift his feet side to side as he was standing ready if called upon.

    Eindride Chernobog (magicgriffin) walk to arianna and grabing her arm and lean down " she as the mark of my sister " he whismper this to her ear look to the women " hulk of a man , " he spoke loud looking down at arianna . letting go of her arm and wait befor he spoke again " it matter not girl i want to know the man of the male i get to hunt next . " he seem to wrost off than befor . he grab the cigar form the air and pull out a match and light it . take a few drags . he would grin at her and wait .

    Arianna turned and looked down at Eindride's hand, a soft growl in her throat but as he spoke she stopped. A soft alerting caw in the background could be heard and soon as her arm was let go she would turn to look at the sky seeing a black raven flying their direction with intent. She took a few steps back from Eindride and held out her arm.. As it landed upon her arm it fluffed its feathers looked at each of the clan clicking and making noises then look to Runa.. a moment then to Arianna with a tilt of its head. Its beak then opened. ~Kin~ would be the only word it says before looking back at Runa.. then flapping slightly and going to Eindride's shoulder and repeating the word. ~Kin~ before fluffing up its feathers again and looking around as if something else was far more interesting all the sudden. Lowering her arm she squinted her eyes.. annoyed.. she was looking forward to chasing down a human.. she turned her attention back to Runa, waiting to see if she responded to Eindride.

    Annoth Rugani remained silent, his eyes gazing quietly and watching Arianna, more was spoken non-verbally than anything else. Walking forward he would lean forward and h whisper quietly so only she could hear. After he had spoken, he would step back back to where Sunthor stood and watch on quietly. It never hurt to be careful after all

    Runa Chernobog (meeka.bikcin) takes a step forwards, a puzzled look on her face. Looking back and forth between them the bird caught her attention, taking a startled step back when she realized she could understand its odd mutterings. "did.. did that bird... wait..." she she shakes her head again, sure that her fatigue was getting the best of her. "you, big one., yes, he was called Randall. He stayed behind to help my people.. we were attacked by a band of giants...." narrowing her eyes, she looked harder at him.."OF what interest is it to you sir?"

    Sunthor watched watched as Eindride moved up to Arianna and saying something to her. He looked over to Annoth and then over at the female.

    Eindride Chernobog (magicgriffin) walking up droping his axe to the ground . he would pull a small coin and shinny in the light " Tell me than Runa what is coin called ." he attempt to hand her the sliver coin . his glove hands . he look at her " Because if you hold this coin it will show the truth , " he Blinked and waited .

    Arianna felt Annoth step to her side and as he whispered to her she blushed slightly. The blood lust causing her to shift from one extreme desire to the next. As he spoke she turned to look at him then forced her attention back to Eindride as he moved forward. She tilted her head at the word 'Giants' and paused for a moment waiting to see what would happen in this situation he had brought about.

    Runa Chernobog (meeka.bikcin) reached for the coin, snatching her hand back just as her fingertips connected to it, a searing pain flashing up her arm. Quickly shoving her fingers in her mouth, she sucks them for a moment before pulling them out, a hint of fear in her odd eyes.."What kind of sorcery is this hulk? I know not what that coin is called... i have never seen one before..." Looking between the group, she ponders if taking her chances escaping the giants might not have been wiser

    Sunthor watched as Eindride pulled out a coin and extended his arm out towards Runa. He titled his head and puffed curiously as to what it was. The new tobacco was strong enough that it helped ease the blood lust in him some. He noticed Annoth walking up to Arianna and whispering something to her. His brow raised and waited for the Alpha to snap at the Omega. He suddenly turned his attention towards Runa and Eindride as he spoke and listened.

    Eindride Chernobog (magicgriffin) drops the coin in his pocket . " Greeting Runa you Found you Dead Brother , i am Enidride Son Of Randall Black smith by trade , Why Did father Send Because the Frost Giant ? " he look to arianna and look to the other and let out a growl " This is my Sister Runa i only . last time i seen her when i was a pup . "

    Arianna huffed slightly watching for a moment. When the Frost Giants were brought up however she froze again. She had only heard stories of the mountain beasts but never actually had seen them. "Welcome sister." she said.. her tone changed considerably as she watched the siblings and listened to Eindride speak. "I suggest we move further into the territory." she eyed the land just on the other side of the bridge. "You can tell us more about these Giants that are tracking you down." and like that.. even though the blood lust was still running high she was considerably more inviting than before. She would take note.. watching as Annoth turned and walked away from the group. Moving back toward the docks, no doubt wanting to finish his chores. Her eyes would fall to Sunthor and she stepped closer and leaned in whispering. "Go to Spirit Rise.. Inform Vida of what has happened here and inform her that we may need to have the spirits watch the edge of the territory more clearly... If the Giants do chase this woman..then they do it at the worst possible time for themselves.." she smiled at him then nodded as if to give him direction to leave.

    Sunthor looked on to new found siblings and smiled at the greeting. He reached up to his pipe and dumped what little remained in the bowl and then placing it into his pouch. He noticed Arianna walking towards him. He listened as she leaned in beside him and spoke. He nodded to her. "Right away." He turned away and began heading towards Spirit Rise to deliver the message.

    Runa Chernobog (meeka.bikcin) looks between them, her frown more pronounced."Wait... what?" she asks, still not sure she has comprehended what just happened. Looking up at Eindride, she speaks low..."You say Randall is your father as well? I have,, found you?" she shudders, tears filling her eyes..."And what have i done.. the giants,, they are not more than a few days behind me...killing everything in their path, only my speed and the distractions they encountered upon the way slowed their pace..." she pauses, still confused..."I.. yes, lets move to someplace safer.. and.. i... I'm not sure that this makes sense to me.. Randall said the village i seek was no less than 3 weeks away.. and i have traveled but two."

    Eindride Chernobog (magicgriffin) pet the raven on the head and look down " Yes my Father is Randall name given to by a other i would call father , You was give by both Randall and Gareth . " he would look to Arianna and then back to Runa " There Coming this is Great ! " he smile and roar out ! smile with a pure happy grin " BATTLE !" he smile a look in his eye with change as if other person was controll his body . he smile with a wolfy grin and look around " Two days ? that not soon enough !"

    Arianna turned listening to them speak and moved away from Sunthor to be closer. "Runa." her voice was not threatening but it carried a important authority. "Frost Giants are coming here? You have nothing to fear. Our pack is ready." she smiled.. As Eindride spoke her father's name there was a tinge of excitement to her expression before she found herself reaching to try and take a hold of Runa's shoulder. "Is my fathe-" she paused. "Is Randall and Gareth coming here? Will they be far behind you?" She had assumed that her father was there with Randall to try and protect Runa's village and people..

    Runa Chernobog (meeka.bikcin) shied back from the hand that reached for her, suddenly more confused than ever. "Randall appeared in our village with a group. My family " she paused, screwing up her face a moment before she continued. "The people that raised me, that i thought were family.. brought Randall to me, and our time was short. The Giants were but a day behind them, and He was insistent that i flee in time to escape. Have you a place we can rest and talk? I am.. just... lost. "

    Eindride Chernobog (magicgriffin) blinks and Nods " Arianna want to speak with you More i Think she as a place for you to relax . " he look donw to arianna and touches her arm if she let him " Breath " he look down and nods and speak " i need that Annoth were did he run off to i need my wounds healed ... " he look to them and smile getting a new lvl of relax .

    Arianna nodded. "Of course.. I am sure you are hungry, Runa. Please follow me." she offered and looked up to Eindride a moment. "He is still at the docks if you wish to catch him." She assumed he would still be there as they had much to unload. She started to walk then paused looking back at Runa to be sure she was following and that she felt safe enough to do so. "You are not lost anymore. You are home." she would say before she continued forward heading along a well worn down path to yet another bridge.

    Arianna would lead Runa all the way to and in the longhouse. Kicking the door open a warm wave of air and the smell of cooked stews and food along with mead would mingle in the air. Arianna stopped at the table that had several places to sit at. "Please, take a seat, eat. I will try and contain my excitement while you rest a moment."

    Runa Chernobog (meeka.bikcin) sinks down on the bench, a weary sigh escaping her lips. reaching for a glass, she looked to the woman and gestured.."May i?" before pouring herself a glass and drinking it slowly. "Its been.. insane. All my life, i thought the Druids were my family, wondered why i was different.. and yet... they explained it all away. Then Randall showed up, and hell erupted.. and i am here.. and.. " she shakes her head.."Still not entirely sure what has happened."

    Arianna nodded at her request to take a drink. She listened for a moment and then leaned down placing her hands upon the table. "The Giants do not always come down and very rarely.. if ever.. attack us. They are usually against the chosen of Odin, so they must want something specific. Do not worry about them." A hint of a smirk curled at her lips again. "We will handle them and remind them why they do not hunt the chosen of Torr. As for Randell and Gareth, I suspect they will not be far behind you nor the Giants. It is good to know that the Iron Jaw survived. I look forward to seeing my father again." she said boasting slightly. A sense of pride and happiness seemed to cross her face. "You are safe here, sister of Eindride." she chuckled. "Eat.. drink.. rest."

    Runa Chernobog (meeka.bikcin) nods, still a little too weary to make much sense of all she had learned so quickly. Helping herself to more drink, she makes a plate and slowly eats, pausing to look at the woman.. "So Eindride.. that is what my brother is called.. and you.. what do they call you?"

    Arianna (silvy.dean) chuckled and tilted her head. "You should know your brother's name real well by now... well.. I guess. He is Eindride, Iron born guardian of frost fang. Beta. I am Arianna, Iron born, alpha of the frost fang clan. I will introduce you to more of the clan as they come about.. for now, if you wish you can stay in my room. It is the door behind you. Once you are rested enough we will introduce you to the rest of the pack and show you around the village and territory." she nodded softly. At this point it was clear she was on the conclusion that Runa knew what she was, what the clan was.. and who the people she was talking about where.

    Runa Chernobog (meeka.bikcin) nods as if she has a clue, her brain fuzzed by weeks of travel and everything that has transpired. looking up at the woman, her voice tired.."Arianna, until two weeks ago, i had no clue i even HAD a brother,. or a Father.. or.. anything other than what i have always known. I was the lone daughter to the Chieftain of the tribe, the youngest to a pack of 6 older brothers. I was taken unawares when Randall appeared, and was welcomed by my family... and only my fathe.... Kayne, convinced me that Randall was what he seemed, and bade me heed his orders. "

    Arianna paused listening to her for a long moment. She was not exactly sure as to why she had been moved to another place to be raised by these people nor why she was kept secreted from her real family. "Get some rest.. I am sure this is very new to you. We will talk more when you wake." she gestured to the room again. "The furs are fresh and the room is clean. There will be food and drink again when you wake. Gods guide your dreams." she said with a soft bow of her head and moved to leave the longhall. Unless she was stopped she would exit.. and make her way to places unknown for now.

    ((Sunthor heads off to Spirit Rise))

    Sunthor made his way to the top of Spirit Rise to look for Vida. He looked around calling for her. "Vida? Are you here?" He walked towards the cave entrance and called again. "Hello?" He stood for a moment waiting.

    Vida (anarisse) slowly shook her head as she snapped out of her attunement to her wolves. Blinking, the glow faded from her stare and she rose to her feet, stopping a few paces from the entrance with a curious tilt of her head. "Interesting, I wasn't expecting you... Sunthor, yes? What is it?" ... As if she didn't at least have a vague idea of what had happened... very, very vague.

    Sunthor nodded to her as she spoke. "Yes, Arianna has sent me to deliver news as to what has happened." He paused for a moment and reached into his pouch and grabbed his pipe. Then reaching back in for a pinch of tobacco and filling the pipe and then lighting it. He could feel the blood lust inside him start to grow again as he stood looking at her. He took a few puffs and felt the blood lust ease for the time. Once his mind was calm he continued. "Eindride's sister has shown up and has reunited with her lost brother. But during her quest she escaped from Frost Giants and might believe that they have followed her." He stopped to take another puff. "Arianna has requested if you could have the spirits watch the edge of the forest."

    Vida (anarisse) slowly lifted her eyebrows, waiting with quiet patience and, well... not wanting to do anything to agitate him, even if he seemed calm enough on the outside. "I see..." Her eyes narrowed as if she hadn't heard any of it... and she nodded, already glancing outward and scratching at her chin with one sharpened fingernail. "Then spirits she'll have. I'll ask that they watch the borders more closely - and should anything seem amiss, the clan will be alerted as soon as is possible." She eyed him for a moment, quiet and contemplative. "So a lost sister and frost giants... is there anything else I need to know?"

    Sunthor nodded to her as he took another puff of his pipe. "I will tell Arianna that you will fulfill her request." He paused for a moment and took the pipe out of his mouth and held it. "That is all I had to deliver." He looked around checking out the surrounding as he never been here before and then turned back towards her. "Thank you for your help and to the spirits!" He would turn and attempt to walk away to inform Arianna of the news unless he was stopped.

    Vida (anarisse) dipped her chin, managing to shake some of the usual hardness in her stare for something kinder. "Glad to be able to help! Spirits watch over you, Sunthor." She did nothing to stop him, a hint of amusement in a lopsided smirk as he headed off. Well - at least this one was respectful.

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