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    The Northern Free Lands: Zones [ROUGH DRAFT]


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    The Northern Free Lands: Zones [ROUGH DRAFT] Empty The Northern Free Lands: Zones [ROUGH DRAFT]

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    Merchant Docks and Floating Tavern
    The docks are the main trade hub of the Northern Free Lands, connecting them to other lands reachable by sea. From here, weary travelers can find respite in the Floating Tavern, or they can hock their wares in the stalls upon the docks.

    The Campsite
    Travelers can also rest at the campsite just off the edge of the docks. Maintained only by the passing travelers who harbor respect for their fellow nomad, this site features a tent to sleep in, a fire pit for discussions and gatherings, and a seemingly unclaimed gypsy cart for more private conversations. However, no "simple" traveler seems to spend too long at the Campsite, given the unsettling proximity of the Hollow...

    The Hollow
    Imbued heavily with a motley collection of magical forces, the Hollow can be overwhelming for those not attuned to its natural power. While its area is small, its beauty has beckoned to many an unwary wanderer. Some have been met with mysterious, unexplained forces that spooked them away from this place. Others refuse entirely to speak of their own experiences in the Hollow.

    The Foaming Waters
    The Foaming Waters have also been unkind to those who've chosen to swim too far into the waters of the Northern Free Lands. Some have spoken of the eerie calls of mysterious sirens, often only active at night. Some heed the call at their own peril, often to their own demise. Others are wise enough to avoid the rocks capable of sinking a simple merchant ship with ease...

    Mitne vur Sjach
    In the skies above is an enormous floating land mass. Inside is a series of caves, shared tentatively between dragons of every alignment. At the center of the caves is a symbol of this tension: two sculpted dragons made of crystal, one dark and one light, locked in an eternal standoff.

    Frost Fang Territory
    The most expansive of all the areas, Frost Fang Territory is protected by the Frost Fang Clan of the North. The woods within their borders are their hunting grounds, the huts their homes. The falls are where they bathe and relax. While traders are welcomed at the Frost Fang dock near the central village, no good can come of ill-intentioned trespassers who decide to infringe on the clan's land...

    Spirit Rise
    The Spirit Rise is a "nexus" of sorts, reached only by climbing each ledge to make it to the top of the bluff. It's at the very top of this Rise that more spiritual beings find refuge on occasion, occasionally seeking guidance in times of need, or cleansing their own souls. The rise is protected by a spectral wolf who guards the landing itself, and is often tended to by the Frost Fang Spirit Walker.

    The Hidden Cleft
    Those who approach the Hidden Cleft do so either foolishly or with a mission to be had. Inhabited by a force both primal and deadly, not many have emerged from the Cleft alive after being noticed.

    The Bear Cave
    At the very edge of the Northern Free Lands is a cave that, upon closer inspection, is well lived-in. This home is protected and claimed, and any who dare enter with ill intent are likely to be met with something they didn't quite bargain for...

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