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    Just an average life...

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    Just an average life... Empty Just an average life...

    Post by Vetis Bruun on Thu Mar 03, 2016 3:33 pm

    When Victor's grandmother passed away, she had left him her apartment and news stand. Though he mourned her death still now and again, he found himself otherwise in a rut. He had ended up selling most of her furniture and nicer items just to keep the apartment. The news stand was hardly making enough money to keep such a place, but he made due with that and odd jobs around the city.

    Though he owned a TV he hardly watched it all that much. Spending most of his nights laying on a set of pillows in the middle of the apartment and staring at the ceiling while he contemplated the meaning of life. Of course this really only lasted a few minutes before he would fall deep asleep till his alarm woke him for the morning rush.

    Days started to bleed together now and again. Very few events stood out to break up the monotony. Such as the first hot day of summer or first cold day of winter. Maybe even a bit of risk crossing the street and nearly getting hit by a taxi cab. He spent most of his days and nights simply walking from place to place. There was no way he could actually afford a car and the apartment, though at times he felt the desire to have a vehicle, usually on the full moons. The trek to the woods was a long one after all.

    Loneliness was a problem. He was friendly enough, just most people seemed a bit into themselves for his tastes. Whenever in the company of the opposite sex he found himself constantly wanting to roll his eyes. Opening up his old flip phone and pretending he got a important message. Sad to say, his grandmother's death was usually a good excuse to escape the princesses of the city.

    For extra money he managed to get hold of the deed to the apartment building. Charm had a lot to do with that. His intention was to rent out the apartment above him for extra cash. Granted he hiked up the price a bit, but when someone took onto the add, he ate well.

    Hygiene was never an issue. Clean and well groomed. Wearing old clothes his grandfather had left behind seemed to fit his style. He particularly loved the old fedora and wore it nearly every day. Tonight he sat in his apartment sprawled out on that pile of pillows in front of a static channel of an old box TV.

    His mind started to wander as he looked at the water stain on the ceiling. Since he was really little when his parents left him with his grandmother, he didn't recall to much about them. Just them at the door as they left, while he cried holding onto his grandmother's shawl for support. He never saw them again. Never even once heard from them. To this day, he wasn't sure why he was so sad being abandoned by them.

    Grandmother never spoke of them. In fact there was no time to speak of them. She was too busy teaching him the ways of her life and his race. What she could teach him that was. He wasn't coddled or over protected. She knew that the beast needed to hunt once a month at the least. They would take a taxi to the edge of town and trek far out into the woods for the change. When done they would always meet back at the old well.

    He remembered how she used to take him to the woods more often than that at one point. Till her bones and joints couldn't handle the long trek any longer. When she died.. well, that was hard for him to handle. It was during one of their changes before the full moon.

    They had decided to go hunting as it seemed to help sedate her beast enough if she could not make it out on the full moon. He helped her trek along and even stayed near by in human form while she chased rabbits or squirrels. Whatever she could manage to catch at this age was impressive enough.

    Thunder shook through the woods. All had grown quiet as he spun around and looked behind him as the old grey wolf wobbled then fell to the forest floor. He heard a man's voice call out but it didn't register what had happened.

    "She almost got ya lad! You're lucky we had come along." Victor just stood there as the hunters had come up. Clapping him on the shoulder and assuming that the young hipster had just aimlessly been wandering the woods like an idiot. Victor couldn't speak, even the memory caused him to pause in thought and try to force back tears and heart ache of the sight of the lifeless wolf that was his grandmother.

    He didn't speak until they walked over with intent to take their trophy from the kill.

    "NO!" he screamed seeing the knife the hunter presented. Both of them look startled and backed away from the wolf. "She.. it was my pet." Apologies came.. and awkwardness had followed. Eventually they left unaware of what had really happened. He stayed out in those woods for nearly two days just holding her till he knew he had no choice but to bring her back to the City. Most of the month that followed was just a blur. He had remembered a dark brooding man at the funeral home and the dirty looks he kept getting from him.

    How that man angered him. And.. a red head. Her bright smile seemed to help his aching heart but ended quickly when the man at the funeral home told her to leave the room. He had not seen that red head again...

    The sound of a car in dire need of some work hovered outside his window bringing him out of his thoughts and memories. Then slowly the sound of choking and dying engine followed. For a moment his eyes shifted to the window, glinting with tears. When he heard the car door open and shut, he sat up and brushed the tears from his eyes and face. The sound of cursing, foot shuffling and a dog whimper bark made him raise an eyebrow.

    Pushing himself up to his feet; he made his way to the apartment building door. When he opened the door he was not expecting what he found.

    A medium sized black dog, wagging it's strange patterned tail and looking directly at him with aqua like eyes. The man behind him wearing a interesting hat and dark shades even at night. Before the building was parked an old El Camino.

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