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    Fevered Warnings-The Spiral Elder speaks.

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    Fevered Warnings-The Spiral Elder speaks. Empty Fevered Warnings-The Spiral Elder speaks.

    Post by Silvy Dean on Thu May 28, 2015 5:42 pm

    ---At Spirit Rise---
    Vida returned to the Spirit Rise with a troubled expression, making the trip up to the top with minimal effort and more speed than she usually did. A few herbs from the pouch at her thigh were tossed into a recently started fire, the flames turning blue. An airy sigh sailed through the air as the color drained from her body, her runed scars forming along her bleach white body, her fur turning a cold cobalt blue as she stepped into the Umbra, her eyes closing as her body made the transitiion.

    Spiral Elder stood not but a few feet from the flames. She would not have seen him until she entered the spirit realm but once she did, she would notice him instantly as he moved his hands about. The fire would spark and spit teal and blue flames into spirals as he was chanting something in a language she would not understand. Before her was a cloaked figure, bare chest and a belt of furs that blended down to a smooth nothingness where his legs should be. His eyes bandaged, and though in spirit form his scars showed brightly almost like her own. Through the bandages she would see two glowing spots where his eyes should be. They lowered to her as he spoke the last few enchantment type words and the fire would spark out black and purple spirals before turning blue once again. "Daughter.. of the Umbra. Blood upon thy brow." His voice was gravely, haunting and seemed to echo around her even in this realm. His fingers were extended outwards, the tips curled with long claws. "Much to speak of, yet no where to start. The thunder has come." He spoke in riddles.. possibly giving a clue as to what elder he might have been. "They have changed the fate of the Iron Jaw son."

    Vida didn't seem particularly alarmed by the sight of the Elder - and many of the signs of his origin made it apparent: he was of the Spiral Clan. His riddles made it even more apparent. Her spirit was pacified while she was in the Umbra, unable to react too strongly to much of anything... though that likely would change as soon as she left again. "Changed? Did Gareth manage to bring himself to rest? I have not seen him, but I had hoped that somehow..."

    Spiral Elder growled softly, but with no ill intent. "The Iron son speaks no more." he lowered his head and moved his hands over the fire splitting the flames in two and bringing them up like spikes. "Thunder has split him in two nothingness. He will not reunite with his love." His voice was low, face calm and unreadable. "All heads severed ties."

    Vida felt her eyes widen, her body unable to truly react. "He-...?" A pained expression crossed her face. She felt nothing, though she knew her mind was trying. She couldn't tell this to Arianna... or Eindride. "So they're... gone... forever?"

    Spiral Elder gave a nod of his head in her direction before he released his hold upon the flame and tilted his head back to the skies. "The child of the moon will break the ice free. Avenge the lost souls." He continued. "More moons lost, but great strength gained for the Fangs of Frost."

    Vida felt her body try to growl, though there was little that came from her in that moment. Her physical form was feeling mounting frustration from the Spiral Elder's riddles and roundabout speaking, her form pacing restlessly. "I don't... understand... what are you talking about?"

    Spiral Elder tilted his head back down to watch upon her. "Thunder changed the course. Gareth the elder, not the alpha." He said simply and slowly sank to the ground as if he were sitting. His features would change to that of a full war form, gnarled expression upon his face. He started to speak in another language to her as if she would understand him better. Waving his hand over the ashes, and if she looked closely enough she might see the cracks and glow from what was his mortal death wound upon his neck. Giving her wonder as to how he would be able to speak only to remember he was now a spirit. He would continue to talk to her in this language until she either stopped him or understood him.

    Vida felt her frustration continue to mount The words he spoke in a language she couldn't understand made it worse. She came closer to the fire with a deepening frown, lifting her hands and displaying her palms in a 'slow down' motion. "Wait... wait... Wait! I can't understand you!"

    Spiral Elder tilted his head up to her, the bandages still wrapped around his eyes but the glow was yellow now instead of a light blue. "Guide the moon child North. Thunder is coming." It was obvious he was used to speaking in a different language as when he spoke in one she understood it was halted and fragmented. "The Iron Jaw son is no longer Iron. He is Ice by birth. He will need to free the ice. Only can he do this, if the child of the moon is with him." He grasped at the ashes and lifted them up. For a moment he watched as it faded to a sparkling dust as it fell from his clawed hand. "Blood is upon the wind...." he paused for a moment and she would hear a familiar howl in the distance. Fozz sending out the warning of something coming. "Blood first.. then ice." he said before suddenly plunging his hands into the ash and spreading them around. In the mortal realm the image would be more clear, but here it just wavered and split. "Danger comes!" He seemed feverish in his motions, perhaps even frightening to watch. "DANGER COMES!" He snarled. "BLOOD ON THE WIND!" Vida would feel a sharp pain and be sent flying from the umbra.. the image of the fevered Elder suddenly disappearing. An Echoing howl from Fozz before a sudden stop and silence. The air would push the leaves slightly around in the trees, but even the birds would be silent.

    Vida felt her body jolt from the sudden shock of being pushed out of the Umbra, rather than leaving gently. Her eyes went wide; her heart raced... and her entire body tightened into a rage that would have been more balanced, had she felt everything in a steady stream, rather than all at once thanks to the pacification of her spirit while Spirit Walking. As she looked around frantically and angrily, she turned and immediately slid off the top of the cave, a low growl in her throat as she went into the cave long enough to create something foul... something she'd likely regret later. She had purpose, even if she didn't know or understand what the Elder had tried to tell her.

    Spiral Elder had left a runic scrawling upon the ground. If she had stopped to look at it she might have recognized protection spells encircling something that resembled the blood clan's emblem. However she might miss this now.. as the wind slowly seemed to brush and push the ashes away. The protection runes had not finished in time.

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