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    Skarvald: A fevered dream followed by a message.

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    Skarvald: A fevered dream followed by a message.

    Post by Silvy Dean on Wed Jun 10, 2015 9:13 pm

    Arianna was rather elated at the reuniting with Leiv. The shock had yet to wear off that he simply sat down across from her at the table in the tavern. Though their conversation had turned dark and made her worry and want to return home as soon as possible, she was glad to have him join her.

    For a few moments she attempted to clear her head, fuzzy as it was from the mead she still had to much to think about. Eventually she would fall into a restless sleep.

    The Dream started as thus.

    She was in Gunnar's arms for just a moment watching as Annoth disappeared into the mists. She saw faces of each of her original Frost Fang pack as they smiled and faded away to bone and rot. All but one.. and only when she looked into Vida's glowing blue eyes did she realize Gunnar was no longer there.

    She spun around till she found Aric's face, hardened and angry. His heart broken by the loss of his own mate.. his distrust and guilt etched upon his body in scars of the fights he turned himself to.

    "Aric?" Arianna called out. His eyes shifted to her, yellow and orange as he bared his sharp teeth at her and started to walk backwards into a dark forest. "Aric please! Don't leave me!" She cried. "BROTHER!" and he was gone..

    For a moment she stood in silence before turning to see Vida.. her form had changed.. scars laid upon her body with a faint blue glow as she pointed in the direction of a mound of dead kin. Vida's face in a silent scream, eyes wide in horror. Arianna moved to be at her side only to see as she seemed to step away without actually moving her body.

    "Aria." A deep male voice called.. she turned seeing her father and she felt as if she were a child again. She paused for only a moment to look back at Vida.. who was now gone.

    "Father?" She called... he raised his large hand up and gestured to Annoth holding a small bundle in his arms.. Arianna turned.. only to see the bundle and his sorrowed expression before he turned and started to walk away.. her hands clasped to her chest.. "I..." She started to say, eyes welling up with tears. She turned back to her father.

    "Aria, trust in yourself." Her father's words would have struck her.. feeling as if she had failed all of her pack.. slowly her father's head fell from his body. She screamed and lunged out to catch it and keep it from hitting the ground.. --

    Only to wake up as she collided with the wooden floor of her rented room.. She panted softly and clenched her fist slamming it to the floor twice before she huffed against her arm. To pull her from her sorrow and heart ache was the wild flapping and clacking against the room's only window. As she looked up a raven tapped its beak against the side of the frame.

    Without hesitation she shoved herself from the floor and nearly broke the shutter as she opened it to allow the bird in. Once upon her arm she took from it the message it carried.

    A -

    Vetis and Ludo captured by Blood Clan. Hunted. Heading "home."

    Fozz pulled back into Umbra.

    Meeting with Ásbjörn about spiritual matters.

    We need to find Vetis and Ludo.


    - V

    Arianna's hand started to tremble as she read these words. So Vetis and Ludo had not willingly left the clan.. they were taken. She cursed slightly under her breath for not going in search of them.. she had just assumed that with Annoth leaving, that they had simply left too.

    She moved quickly. Taking little time for penmanship as she scrawled her response and quickly moved to the Raven. The raven flapping wildly as she was moving a bit to fevered in her actions.

    "Hold still you damned bird!" It gave out an indignant squawk at her then as she finished attaching the parchment she took a breath and seemingly apologized being more gentile to set the raven down in the window. "Return to Vida." The raven fluffed its feathers and shook as if to rid itself of her rough approach then took to the winds. For a split second she stayed watching it disappear into the darkness before dawn before she moved to start gathering her things.

    By the time light hit Skarvald, she was packed and carrying her things along with some supplies down to the docks where she would wait for Leiv to catch up.

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