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    Rules [Last Updated: February 26, 2016]


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    Rules [Last Updated: February 26, 2016]

    Post by Admin on Mon Sep 01, 2014 10:39 pm

    1. No God Modding
      - ALWAYS attempt and give your opponent(s) a chance to react/dodge.

    2. No Metagaming
      - If you learn something OOC, don't be that guy and have your character magically know it IC with them no having no way of doing so.

    3. This is an adult sim with adult content. NO CHILD AVATARS or PROPS.
      - Pregnancy happens. However, under NO circumstances are there to be child avatars or prim babies. The child avatars are a big no-no in adult sims; the prim babies are just... no.

    4. Please use Common Sense and Courtesy when dealing with other players.
      - Basically, don't be a jerk.

    5. Attempt to deal with minor OOC disagreements yourself. Only contact an admin if it is unresolvable.
      - Not everyone is going to get along all the time, but we're not here to babysit you OOC.

    6. PLEASE READ THE LORE! Yes we are a Nordic based sim.(Vikings so on) But even RL vikings traveled and met other cultures and races. However, the lore that we have written up thus far pretty much explains what we are doing here.

    7. Keep OOC Drama to yourselves. No one wants to know who hates who or why. If someone has a problem with someone they can bring it up with that person. OOC Drama has no place in IC relations or stories and we would love to keep it that way.

    8. Keep IC Drama IC. Just because that character is mean and hurtful does not mean that the writer behind that character dislikes you. and even if they did, so what? You are an adult. you do not need their approval.

    9. No Griefing the sim or players. Yes we will eject and ban you.

    10. Keep IC on the sim and OOC in the landing point. That way people can go on with their stories without interruptions.

    11. Do not enter a person's house without their permission!
      - Apartments are currently the main place of "residence" for people after going modern. The Amethyst Court and the Brass Hound's back entrances lead to these apartments; please do not walk in uninvited. Or, if you're RPing a break-in for whatever reason, please let one of us know before you do it. The same also goes for the two-floor apartment building close to the park; both of those rooms are occupied and require the same courtesy. Various rooms of the funeral home are also iffy, but we'll let our mortician handle that.

    12. DO NOT tell other people how to play their character.
      - Admins and mentors are more than happy to assist others in balancing or developing a character. In most cases, we will only tell someone how to play their character when it seems overpowered or if it clashes somehow with the lore of The Northern Free Lands/Frittland City.

    13. Please don't get significantly involved in a major story/event if you aren't sure you can stick to it.
      - You'll know if it's an event, because someone will most likely let you know or invite you to join. See this link for more information regarding event activity (or lack thereof).

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