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    Asbjorn's advice: Obtaining the cure

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    Asbjorn's advice: Obtaining the cure

    Post by Silvy Dean on Fri Jul 03, 2015 5:42 pm

    Arianna stayed knelt for a long time. her hand placed over her left arm holding the bandage in place as if to make sure it would not start bleeding out down her arm again. She watched the side of her house waiting.. unable to really hear any of what was going on over there. She kept quiet so as not to stir up the pack brothers in the hut.

    Vida had stood in tense silence with her back to the hut since they'd gotten there... her gaze pointed in the same direction as Arianna's, remaining practically statue-still with her arms folded tightly across her chest. She likely said nothing for however long they waited.

    Sunthor stood silently as his mind was at odds to what to think about Nanna. He reached into his pouch and pulled out his pipe and then stuck it into his mouth. His eyes randomly focusing on the ground, to the hut, over to Arianna then Vida, and repeating back to the ground. All the while he had forgotten to light the pipe.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would approach the group, pip clenched in his mouth puffing gently upon it as he walked. When he arrived at the group, he would nod his head to them and move to stand behind Vida, his large hand gently coming to rest on her shoulder. "I have finished speaking with your captive...and we have come to an arrangement..."

    Arianna heard the footsteps and turned to see who or what was walking up from behind the hut. When she saw Asbjorn she stood still holding her arm and shifted from one foot to the next. "And that arrangement is?" she asked quietly, her eyes glancing to the hut before settling back on him once she was sure the brothers had not been woken yet.

    Vida slowly moved her focus toward Ásbjörn as he approached, making no movement to shy from his hand. Instead, she turned her head enough to look between the three of them. She had nothing to add; Arianna had asked the question that would have been on the tip of her tongue.

    Sunthor broke out of his state of mind as he heard something coming close. He looked over towards the direction and seen the male moving towards Vida. He reached and pulled the pipe out of his mouth as he spoke then over to Arianna then back towards the male. Waiting to hear the outcome of the meeting.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg nods as he took another pull from his pipe, then let the smoke slowly exit seep through his nostrils and lips. "She said she will help... but... only if she can heal Sunthor first... I told her that it could be arranged...under the stipulation that she prepares the cure with my observation, using my reagents...and that if I do not possess something she needs, she will tell me where and how to get it.. this way I can make sure the cure is indeed a cure, and that she's not planning anything else... I also told her that if indeed she tries anything...then I will leave her to this pack's judgement.." He'd take another pull and hold the breath, then slowly let it out. "I also said...that if the cure worked...she would be let go with no further harm..."

    Arianna turned her head to look at Sunthor for a moment then back to Asbjorn as he spoke. When he was finished.. or seemed to be she removed her hand from her arm and moved closer. "One.. Sunthor is not ill.. Two.. I will make sure it is the cure on my packs own behalf by taking it myself. Three.. Though I respect and thank you for what you've done and that you've talked to her.. You are in no position to decide weather or not she goes free. Weather she cures all or just kills me.. it is up to the pack weather or not she stands a greater threat to us caged or set free to collect her clan against us." She crossed her arms under her chest watching him carefully. Not speaking of 'judgment' just yet. "I accept the ideal of having her make the cure in front of you.. but being Sunthor is not actually sick.. I will be the one taking the 'cure' she provides to be absolutely sure my pack will be safe."

    Vida unfolded one of her arms to wordlessly place her hand atop his if she could - likely a silent 'thank you.' She didn't speak initially, but when she did, it was more than likely a reminder. "Then... while it was perhaps clever to convince her at the time that he was, we'll have to tell her the truth on that much. She shows a particular amount of care for Sunthor and I guess she simply does not want to see him suffer..." Her brow furrowed. Between what she had absorbed before coming to the village and what she was hearing now... she had to stop to think. Her own opinion, after that, was spoken quietly - almost as a murmur. "I for one am open to avoiding further harm to her, assuming she cooperates and does not bring further harm to this clan..."

    Sunthor thought for a moment as he looked down at the ground after the others had finished speaking. He thought for how different Nanna had seem to be than how she used to be when they were young. He felt a distance between them as she seemed unrecognizable to him now. Then he thought of his pack and the alpha bringing him. Giving him that feeling of respect and loyalty that he never had in the Blood clan. He thought to himself on the situation that was discussed before he would look up towards the others. "Make her seem like she is going to cure me first if she holds truth to her words and make it in front of me then someone take it when she has finished to give to Arianna." He looked over to Vida. "We know how deceitful the Blood clan can be."

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg listened and furrowed his brow as he puffed thoughtfully on his pipe. "I do not presume to run this pack or be a part of it, Arianna... that is your duty... however I find it disturbing that both sides seem to think deceit will benefit, when clearly it will not... what do you think will happen when she sees for herself that Sunthor is not sick? What assurance of safety does she have, when all she has been shown is lies? If it were I in her position... I would not help unless I had the utmost certainty in my own preservation... mayhaps... honesty and trust amongst kin can produce more than trying to outwit and deceive..." He'd take a few more puffs on his pipe then grunts. "If is a cure...I recommend Sunthor taking it... would it then not make him immune anyways? That way...she feels she has not been cheated.. then I can replicate the cure for the rest of the pack." He'd clear his nose and push his thumb into the bowl of his pipe to snuff it out, then turn it upside down to tap out the ashes. "But then again... I'm just an old hermit who's never had to lead before... the choice of action is yours, Alpha... all I can do is give my advice...whether or not it's heeded is another matter entirely."

    Arianna listened to Vida for a moment and before she herself could counter or speak, Sunthor spoke. Her eyes turned looking at him for a long moment. His words seemed more directed to Vida than to the rest of them and it caused her to reconsider her own thoughts for a moment. Even while Asbjorn spoke she seemed focused on Sunthor. At the end she turned to him. "And if it is not the cure.. what if she has decided Sunthor is better off dead? Who's head will that lay on late at night? What do we do then? Shrug our shoulders while a brother lays on the ground dead? Stare at her and ask her 'pretty please?' while two of our other brothers continue to suffer and rot before our eyes?" She shook her head. "At most.. deceive her till Sunthor has the cure within his hands.. then hold her back.. What can she do after that? Besides throw a tantrum?" She digs into her pouch and pulls out an iron key and holds it up. She looks at the key for a long time then turns to look at her hut. "I did not want anyone to die.. I still do not." she glances at Sunthor. "But whatever this .. girl chooses to do... that will decide her fate.. I will not risk my pack members life on the possibility of her playing a game." she turns and starts to walk for the cage. Then pauses and turns back to Asbjorn. "She trusts you... and.. I do not trust myself right now not to harm her... will you?" she asks holding up the key.

    Vida looked to Sunthor with a slow and thoughtful nod. Talk of deceit caused her to let out a hollow huff, almost as if she was amused. Almost. "Mm... which is why there was no remorse felt on my part when it was used against them..." Her voice trailed off with a hint of uncertainty. "... But her fear was genuine when it came down to it. She's ... pretty young, isn't she?" As the question came forth, she looked toward Sunthor, likely having directed it to him. Someone somewhere had gotten through to her enough to regain some semblance of sympathy or understanding - or at least the beginnings of it. As Asbjorn spoke, her attention turned toward him, then to Arianna apprehensively. She waited until she'd heard both of them before she said anything else. "Arianna has a point. We had to use dishonesty to bring them forth to begin with, else we may have never even seen them..." Her brow furrowed, and she looked toward him over her shoulder in silent question as the key was more or less offered to him.

    Sunthor shook his head at Vida. "No, she is but only a couple years young than I but I can still see that young girl she once was." His attention turned towards the male as he spoke and thought to himself for a moment if maybe it should be him instead to take the cure. He wasn't sure himself what that would happen. As he continued to listen to the male, he caught Arianna's stare and moved his gaze over to her. Looking at her eyes he gave a slight nod and the thought he had went away. He continued to look at her as she spoke towards the male. His attention adverted towards the male as Arianna offered Asbjorn the key.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would look at the key and then to Arianna. "That's why I suggest I watch her, using my own reagents... I know my herbs and stores and what they can do. She won't be able to make anything that will harm as long as I'm the one providing it..." He'd take the key in hand then look at it in his palm. "However...if by some chance she does indeed manage to harm... then at least I will know how to cure it myself... I keep nothing in my possession that I do not know how to remedy...and... if my thoughts on this are correct... then if she will not cure...than I can..." He'd close his hand around the key then look to the three. "But I wish to give her a chance first... all deserve a chance to redeem themselves... and all deserve justice... if Sunthor is correct and she can be as she once was, as he remembers her... then perhaps being away from her poisonous clan will help to remedy the poison in her soul... it worked for Vida...did it not?" He'd then bow his head to the group. "Alpha....." Turning he'd begin the slow trudge to his den to gather the travel satchel that kept his herbs and oils for healing...

    Arianna could not help but give a weak smile. She took a deep breath as he was speaking.. but when he mentioned Vida she nodded. "Thank you bear, for reminding me of my father's ways." She said looking at Vida. She gave a soft nod back to Asbjorn and turned to look at Sunthor a moment. "I leave your sister's judgment to you." she said softly. "I will do my best to quell the beast inside for a bit longer." She gave him a meaningful look then moved closer to the hut to peer in at the sleeping Vetis. She frowned slightly.. he was thinner, more gaunt looking than she remembered seeing him the night before.. 'Please shadow brother.. hang in there.' She thought.

    Vida raised her eyebrows, but she nodded at Sunthor's response. "I see..." One of her arms remained crossed, her other hand bending up to rub at the side of her face as she thought to herself and started to look toward Asbjorn before he mentioned her. At that, she abruptly looked away and down instead, frowning to herself both at mention of her own cleansed 'poison'... and as Arianna mentioned her father. While she noted both Asbjorn's brief departure to his den and Arianna's movement to the hut, she looked at no one by then and instead seemed to be 'content' to wait to see what happened next. She waited a moment before taking a few slow steps to one side near the porch of the hut. For the time being, she said nothing.

    Sunthor listened as the male spoke and would nod to him as the male bowed. He thought over Asbjorn's words as he reached up scratched at his beard. He thought to himself that maybe Nanna has a chance for her to change her ways. The thought was short has he noticed Arianna had turned towards him. He kept quiet after she had spoke and would look at her straight in the eyes and nod to her that he understood. He watched her as she went to the hut and he would suddenly tilt his head to the side as he would notice the blood seeping through her bandage as a bead of blood trickled down and around part way on her arm. He quietly moved closer to her. "We need to redress that again." he said softly. Not wanting to disturb her as she looked through the window of the hut.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg returns from his den, the pack slung over his lower back. He'd look to the three and clear his throat. "I was thinking on the way to my den..." He began. "That... perhaps Sunthor come with me to the cage... that way we can't give her reason to not get started..." Kneeling down he'd unsling his pack then reach into it and pull out two small leather bound poultices. "I made these for Vetis and Ludo... it's what I think will help them heal... way I see it..if it works..they're saved...if not... well then at least it will ease them..." He'd then toss them towards Arianna before picking the pack back up. "Well then....shall we?"

    Arianna looked down at her arm when Sunthor mentioned the wound. She had not noticed it then shook her head at his suggestion. "It can wait." she said softly. She then turned and listened as Asbjorn came back. She gave a soft nod then looked to Sunthor for a moment to see if he agreed with the bear's thought. When the poultices were tossed she moved to catch them to keep anything from touching the ground or even the deck. She looked through the window to see if anything caused Vetis to stir... and nothing.. her brows knitted together and she moved closer to the window, looking at Ludo's cot.. nothing. She waited a moment then tapped her finger upon the window, just loud enough to possibly be heard by either.

    Vida either pretended not to hear or truly didn't hear the two speak on the porch. She didn't look up again until she heard Asbjorn return, her brows knitting. Her attention shifted from Arianna, to Sunthor, and finally back to Asbjorn. She still didn't say much - just a simple "I hope it goes well..." But... something in Arianna's behavior caused her to look on closely. And as she watched the tapping of her finger, she turned to look on more intently, a look of worry suddenly painting her face. She waited to see if Sunthor moved to head off with Asbjorn before she moved any closer to the hut, not wanting to crowd them too terribly.

    Vetis Bruun could hear muffled voices but did not stir. The tapping on the window caused shooting pain through his head.. but again.. he did not move other than his eyes opening. From Ludo's perspective.. he might not be able to see much of Vetis' face or eyes.. the still possibly causing him to look dead. His breathing shallow.. as that was the only way he could breath now without coughing up blood.

    Sunthor nodded to Arianna as she refused his suggestion. He turned towards the male as he had returned and listened as he spoke. As the male mentioned that he go with him, he would look back to Arianna and nod in agreement to it. He would look back at the male and nod. "Lets get this done."

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg sniffs to clear his nose then nods with a gruff "hmm" before turning with Sunthor to go tend to the business at hand.
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    "I can not stand by anymore!": How far gone?

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    Ludo woke up hearing the tapping from the window. His head pounding as with each tap feeling like a punch to his skull. He stood up from his cot and held his hands up to his head, trying to make it stop. As the pain subsided some, he slowly lowered his hands till he was looking towards Vetis. He stood for a long moment staring at him. From across the room he could not tell if Vetis was alive or dead.

    Arianna saw no movement from Vetis. Her stomach felt as if it had physically tied itself in a knot. She looks over to Ludo's cot hearing him and seeing him sit up.. then back to Vetis. Her expression was pained and worried lines made her look much older than she was. She turned and moved for the door, tucking the bandages under her arm while she unlocked it. The silver burning her hands, yet she continued without care. She let it drop to the floor and stood a second listening before she would push it open. Without a word, nor a glance at Vida, she would step inside and close it behind her. "Ludo..." she said carefully looking at him then glancing to Vetis' cot as if she were ready to be attacked.. "Can you hold the door closed for me? Do not let anyone in." she said, her back still against the door as if to keep anyone from entering.

    Vida didn't notice Arianna moving into the hut until it was too late. Her eyes widened and she scrambled quietly up the steps, only to find the door close behind the alpha. With a quiet whimper in her throat, she sidestepped quickly toward the window to look in, doing her best to make as little noise as possible.

    Vetis Bruun still did not move, even with the loudness of the lock hitting the wood planks nor the door opening and slamming. No noise came from him at all, just his eyes staring into the darkness. He might have groaned.. but that would have made him cough.. and give him away.

    Ludo turned his attention towards the door as he heard the door unlock. As he seen Arianna come inside, he too would glance over to Vetis then back towards her. "Yes but what are you doing?" he would walk over to the door to hold it. Placing his foot up against the base and his hands pressed up against it. He would turn his head to the side to look at her, his head pressing hard against the door trying to dull the headache from pulsing. His eyes moves to Vetis then to her. " he dead? He's not moving..." his words trailing off to silence.

    Arianna gave a pained look at Ludo then reached to touch his arm softly before she moved to Vetis. She could not answer him, as she herself was sure he was in fact dead. As she stood over him she held her hand above him a moment, as if she was afraid to find out the answer.. then slowly she would reach down her right hand to touch his shoulder. "Vetis?" she whispered softly, almost afraid to wake him..

    Vida looked on nervously. It was bad enough that it was hard enough to tell whether or not one of them even still lived - which she assumed Arianna had gone in for anyway - but something about her being in there with them put her on edge. While she may have been able to hear voices, she likely couldn't tell what they were saying. As Arianna moved closer to Vetis, she held her breath... almost as if she feared the worst. So she continued to watch through the window, entirely still, her eyes wide.

    Vetis Bruun remained still a moment longer while the hand was upon him. it seared through his flesh as if it were a silver gauntlet. He quickly twisted his head, mouth open showing jagged teeth as he lunged for her wrist. His hands reaching out grabbing for her hips to drag her down. His eyes wide.. and colorless. Blindly attacking what was, at least in his mind, attacking him.

    Ludo watched as Arianna went over to Vetis. His strength not lasting much as it used to, started lose pressure up against the door. His body weakened as it just gave in till was resting up against the door. When Vetis stirred and lunged for Arianna, his shifted to as he tried to turn his body around on the door till his back was resting against it. He tried to move but couldn't as he could only watch Vetis struggling to grab onto Arianna.

    Arianna had a split moment of absolute sadness hit her when Vetis did not move.. she had not been ready for the sudden attack. His teeth latched onto her arm and she moved it further into his mouth in an attempt to push him back down to the bed. Her own teeth clenched tight as she spoke through them. "THAT IS RIGHT! YOU FIGHT!" She said allowing him to gnaw on her arm. "YOU KEEP FIGHTING!" She growled softly. Tears welling up in her eyes both from physical and emotional pain. She moved to grab at his wrist and attempt to force him to stay on the cot. The bandages falling from her arm down onto him. Looking down at his pure white eyes sent a fear down stabbing into her gut.. and for the first time since Ludo bit her, she felt the sickness within her. Grinding at her insides.. fear started to take hold for a moment as she thought of Ludo looking like this soon.. followed by her.. Vetis was strong..stronger than he ever admitted to himself or others and she knew this... but now he felt weak.. brittle even in her grasp, so she took care. She made no look toward the window nor to Ludo. But would speak to Ludo clearly enough for even Vida to hear if she did not hear her words to Vetis. "WE FIGHT.. EVEN WHEN WE ARE OUTNUMBERED OR ILL. WE DO NOT GIVE UP."

    Vida nearly flew out of her skin as Vetis moved all of a sudden, the action so abrupt that it caused a startled scream to fly from her mouth. At a loss, her body's first response was apparently to rush the door and try to push it open... only to be found with resistance, big or small - if Ludo was still leaning on it by then, that is. She heard Arianna's most recent sentence, yes - but it did not help her nerves as she called in to her. "ARIANNA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" She continued to try and struggle against the door if she needed to and could, whimpering and growling. "COME BACK! PLEASE!"

    Vetis Bruun bit down viscously.. the intake of breath from exerting what energy he had causing him to cough and spit foamy blood around her wrist. She indeed was stronger than him even without her alpha strength.. he would be pinned to the bed, but clawing for her throat with his free hand. A hissing sort of growl that would reminisce of when they faced Kurnin would escape his lips. His legs kicking out slightly, pathetically as he would attempt to gain some sort of ground against his would be attacker.. her words meant nothing.. it was just noise now.

    Ludo gasped as his eyes watched Arianna trying to hold Vetis down as he gnawed on her arm. His body slightly slumped down against the door. He wanted to rush to help but stayed and obeyed the alpha's order. His back felt a jolt as someone on the other side tried to open the door. With the alpha's shout to keep fighting, he regained his footed and stood himself back up. Putting more pressure against the door. As he heard Vida's shout, he realized it must have been her that tried to opened the door. Tears fell from his cheek as he did what he could to keep the door closed.

    Arianna heard Vida's cry through the door and paused a moment turning her head away from Vetis' clawing and looking down at his bandage. "I am already infected." she said, though weather Vida heard or not was unknown. Moving her hand from his arm and allowing him to claw and grasp at her neck while she attempted to move the bandages around to his wounds. She would wince in pain, perhaps even gasp as his hands made it to her neck, but continue to try and care for Vetis while he lay pinned with her wrist and his bite. She had never known any of her kind, other than Vida, who could shift parts of their features without fully shifting.. part of her worried Vetis was attempting to do just that, yet none of the rest of his body seemed to be shifting past his teeth and nails.

    Vida grew more frantic when she found no end to the resistance. Her palm came down hard against the door several times, beating on it as if it would make a difference. As one hand continued to do so, she stretched to one side to try to look through the window. The more urgent she became, the more out of control her abilities became. There might have been an unnatural, sudden drop in temperature just on the other side of the door as an eerie glow came over her form that was steadily growing larger, more muscular, and a bit hairier. Unearthly howls sounded within earshot as her spirit wolves responded to her behavior... and with an abrupt rush of energy, she pushed on the door as hard as she could, trying to jar her way in.

    Vetis Bruun attempted to shake his head and tear through the cloth and flesh that blocked his mouth. His hands reaching her neck he would turn the tips of his fingers inward, attempting to dig his claws into her neck. All the while coughing gasping and struggling against her efforts, without knowing or understanding that she was attempting to help him. His growling continuing in hoarse gurgling noises when he managed to cough enough to clear his throat.

    Ludo watched for a moment as Vetis continued to bite and claw at Arianna. He tried to hold the door back all he could but his strength weakening. He felt the pounding from the door then a cold chill upon his back. He felt the door moving, shoving him forward, face planting across the room.

    Arianna felt the fingers around her neck and gulped.. it was the claws she felt next. She suddenly thought of the constant bleeding from her arm.. and how it barely took much to cause one to bleed out with a throat wound. Her hand moved away from the bandages and reached up to grab at his hands to attempt to keep him from slicing her open. Letting up with her other hand and possibly losing flesh and part of her glove in the process.. but she would still attempt to grasp both of his hands and pull them carefully away from her neck. She had little attention to spare to Ludo's sudden flight or the swing of the door as Vida entered, though given the chance she might have turned to tell Vida to leave before things got worse.

    Vida didn't seem to have heard Arianna's response to her before. Just as suddenly as her form had shifted into something more spectral in appearance, she was forced back 'out,' leaving her wide-eyed and momentarily disoriented. But assuming she had a few seconds enough to adjust, she turned her attention toward the two as they struggled. Simply put, she would have refused Arianna's command to leave either way. Coming in, she might have had just enough time to murmur an "I'm so sorry" to Ludo once she saw him face planted, pushing the door shut if she could and rushing toward both Vetis and Arianna in an attempt to reach out and try to help her pry the claws from her neck. She might have been a liiiittle more useless in her human form, but hopefully... a hybrid form was more helpful, small a change though it was. Did she take the presence of teeth into consideration? Nope. Of course not. She wasn't thinking entirely clearly.

    Vetis Bruun struggled and was losing with the alpha. his fingers prying away from their goal easily enough. His mouth free and his body free from being pinned however, he would attempt to bite anything that he could possibly reach. Blindly gnashing his teeth as he felt his arms slowly being pressed down while his torso attempted to rise up. His growling would sub-come to wailing of pain as he tried with all his might to force his attacker back.. not knowing another was there, or that she had put herself in danger of his random biting.

    Ludo felt the rush of pain overcome his body as he laid for a moment on the floor. He gritted his teeth and slowly lifted his body up onto his knees. His head dizzy and confused as what had happened and a rush of anger filled his body. His fingers scraped against the wood of the floor, imprinting deep scratches, propping himself up into a crouch position. He slowly turned in his stance towards Vida. His mouth was agape, his canines baring as the foam formed and dripped from his mouth, letting out a growl. Shifting his foot back as if he was preparing to lunge forward.

    Arianna felt someone at her side helping her to remove Vetis' hands from her neck. She felt a close call from her stomach as Vetis gnashed his teeth while he sat up. "VID." she started to say till she heard a growl behind her. Her eyes wide as she turned her head around to see Ludo crouched and looking as if he were about to pounce. With nary a moment's thought she lifted her foot up and attempted to kick Vida out of Ludo's path. "GET OUT OF HERE!" She screamed at her..

    Vida suffered momentarily from tunnel vision - so if Vetis' biting came close enough to land with her, it likely succeeded. It would have caused her to snarl out of a pain reflex, momentarily wrenching away the part of her that might have been bitten as soon as she could. But she hadn't expected Arianna's kicking either. So, she was launched backward, stumbling from the force and (most likely?) pushed out of the way. She went to open the door and began to wildly backpedal out, but as she did so, she screamed back at her. "COME WITH ME! PLEASE!" Her own eyes were frantic with well... no idea of what else she could do. She would hold the door open just enough to call in after her, but stood ready to pull it closed if she felt she absolutely had to.

    Vetis Bruun had managed to bite Vida's side only enough to leave teeth marks. Once she was gone out of his way he returned to biting air and attempting to move forward and free his hands... till something caused him to jolt. There would be a split second of his body lurching forward on its own.. then vomit rising from his gut as he spewed out more blood upon the floor and his attacker. Pieces of flesh and cloth that he had only recently ingested by accident spit upon the floor..before he became limp in his attacker's grip.

    Ludo rocked backed on his heels and then leaned forward attempted to lunge at Vida. But all of a sudden his mark was gone from him and instead collided with Arianna's right shoulder, spinning her out of the way. His body twisted around and his head smacking against wall. Causing him to knock himself out as he falls upon Vetis.

    Arianna stumbles letting go of Vetis weather she wanted to or not. Vetis more than likely vomited upon Ludo before passing out. She presses her bloodied hand against the wall to steady her self, hearing Vida call for her and turning to be sure neither of them were going after her... was only then she realized they were both out. She moves over and lifts Ludo off of Vetis and pulls him back to his own cot. Laying him down carefully and pulling back his eyelid to be sure he is still alive and ok. She then turns and looks back at the awkwardly slumped Vetis... She takes a moment to take in a deep breath of putrid air before looking at the door and holding up her hand before returning to Vetis' side. She starts to lift him up and place him back on the cot.. taking a moment to dig into her pouches to find rope to tie him up with. Once he is secure.. she takes the time to place the bandages properly before checking his pulse.. weak.. but there. Dizzily she makes her way to the door before dropping to a knee before it and grasping hold of the edge with one hand. "Leave me in here." She says softly not looking Vida in the eye.

    Vida held still, wide-eyed, as both males seemed to knock out. Hearing Arianna's words caused her expression to fall... but with her making use of her rope, she responded with reluctance. Her gaze fell to the floor, she looked away... and pulled the door closed behind her in defeat, her hands lingering on the handle in hesitation. The pain in her side registered, but only barely at the moment. Once adrenaline wore off... she'd likely be far more aware of it. But for now... she only tried to catch her breath, her back to the same door she'd fought to push open initially.
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    Blood Clan Ritual: The blood of Nanna

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    Nanna had curled up with the blanket. She was using the salve that the bear had used rubbing it against her lip and moving it carefully to the bridge of her nose. She indeed looked much younger.. especially with how she was snuggling up with the blanket. The moment she heard footsteps heading her way she paused.. tossing down the bloodied cloth and shoving the blanket away.. Though the cup of water was empty and the meat was gone.. she would still attempt to appear as if she had still refused the help.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg came back to the cage with Sunthor in tow. He would make sure Nanna had clear view of both him and Sunthor before kneeling down in front of her cell to unroll his pack. Piece by piece he would pull out a mortal and pestle, multiple dried and wet herbs, as well as various small clay pots of oils. "I have presented your terms to the pack... they seem to have agreed... child.." He'd softly rumble before noticing the cup and lack of food. Offering a warm smile he'd put his hand towards the bars. "If.. you would be so kind to slide the cup... I will refill it for you...and...we can get to work?"

    Sunthor moved back behind the Asbjorn and stood by the wall. As Asbjorn knelt down in front of the cage, he would look upon Nanna as the male spoke to her. Looking at her he wondered how little her looks has changed. He wouldn't say anything but let the male speak, unless had to, while he continued his gaze upon Nanna.

    Nanna blinked.. her eyes focused on Asbjorn until Sunthor was within View. Her eyes instantly gave her away.. sadness, fear, love all flashed within them. She looked at Asbjorn and gave a soft scowl as he called her 'child' but said nothing. She looked down at the empty cup and gave it a soft kick with her foot to push it out the bars. Suddenly there was the lack there of any emotion on her face.. she would not look at Sunthor at all. As she inspected the herbs and oils before her she shook her head. "You are missing two things that I need." she finally spoke.. she moved closer to the bars on her knees looking at the impressive collection. "You need a piece of the third root from Yggdrasil. Frayed by the dragon Nidhug. And the leaf.." she paused and reached through the bars to try and touch what he sat before her. "No, you have the leaf.. just the root." she said looking up at him as she retracted her hand as if afraid he would rip her arm off through the bars. Her doe like eyes seeming wider as she looked up.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg listened and returned with the cup and set it back inside the bars. "Third root...hmm? Interesting that you would have me go find root from the World Tree itself... frayed by Níðhöggr himself..." He'd settle back in place then reach into the pack and pull out a small yet thick root. "However as legend states...Yggsdrasil was an ash, and from it, all other ash sprouted... it is a sacred tree and used in many rituals and rites within these lands and my homelands.." Gently he would push the root towards Nanna, then resume his position in front of her. "I believe it will suffice... if it need be blessed, I can do this as well..." He'd offer a gentle smile, then reach into the pack once more, this time to produce his pipe and some of his smoking herb which he began to pack into the bowl.

    Sunthor continued his stare onto Nanna as the two talked. His brow would slightly thin as he wondered why she wouldnt look up at him. After a moment he relaxed and broke the stare and looked down at the herbs and things he had not seen before.

    Nanna smiled as he produced the root and shook her head to his suggestion of blessing it. "No, the frayed root should never be blessed. It is what will remove the blood sickness along with.. some other things." she paused glancing at Sunthor's feet before reaching through taking the root and if not stopped, shoved it into her mouth to start chewing upon it. She moved her hands over to the cup and spilled out the water before taking up a dried yellow leaf and stuffing it into the bottom. She reached taking a few more herbs here and there to add to the cup before she paused looking around then up at Asbjorn. Stuffing the root in her cheek. "I need a blade." she said, parts of the ash root stuck in her teeth. "And a grinding stone." she said after clearing her throat as she attempted to avoid swallowing the root. She would wait, watching Asbjorn waiting to see if he would agree to give her a blade at all. "I could chew all of the ingredients but the leaf would need to be turned to powder to complete.."she stopped adjusted the root in her mouth again. "the paste correctly."

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would finish packing his pipe, then pull out a small metal knife and flint. Sparking his pipe, he'd quickly begin to puff upon it, sending the rich smoke into the air around him. He'd push the mortal and pestle to her. He would return the small metal blade to his pack, and pull out a small sharpened bone knife and look at her hesitantly before sliding it into the cage. "Bone works better than metal... more pure... more at one with the earth, and herbs..." He'd watch her as she worked, making mental note of everything she used. "You obviously have skill with herbalism...meaning you started at a young age..or are not as youthful as you appear..." He'd puff and nod his head to her. "I mean that with respect of course... you seem very young.. almost a child... where clearly you seem to have skills that closer to a one who's done this for some time."

    Sunthor looked at Nanna as she took the herbs and watched as she chewed on the root. His brow slightly raised as she asked the male for a knife but shrugged it off as he didn't know how this preparation of the ingredients worked. As the male mentioned how young she appeared to be, he let out a low chuckle. "Say you had a birthday not long ago. Seems ages ago since we chased that rabbit when was kids."

    Nanna tilted her head as he seemed to hesitate and offered her the bone knife instead. She gave a soft shrug and took it up looking it over. "Long as it is sharp." as he spoke about her appearance she simply looked up at him from the corner of her eyes then moved to grab the rest of what she needed to start work. Sunthor's words made her pause.. "Yeah... Rabbits." She said softly then continued grinding the herbs as she chewed the root. Her jaw clicking every now and again as she strained to move the root around in her mouth. Once the rest of the herbs were in a powder she put them back into the cup, taking great care to make sure all was in there.. then held her hand under her chin while she spit out the now frayed wet root into her hand. She moved her tongue around in her mouth roughly a few times and shook her head waggling her tongue at the taste. "bleh..." she scrunched her face and used the back of her hand to brush her lips clean. She looked into the cup then set the frayed chewed root atop her thigh and looked up closing her eyes and opening her mouth.. only to open her eyes wide and look at the cage around her.. she closed her mouth and looked around. "I.. I wont be choked again will i?" she asked looking up at him again after speaking in that pathetic tone.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would puff on his pipe and watch, continuing to take note of each step. When she presented her question, he looked to Sunthor. "I did not make this cage... I do not know how it works from the inside.. I would say we would need to let her out..however.." He'd pull out the pipe and point the stem at him. "That will be your decision... not mine..." He'd then put the stem back into his mouth and take a slow pull upon it. "Or..." He began, looking at Nanna. "You tell me what needs be done to it...and I will do it out here, then hand it back to you.. either way, I leave this in the hands of a member of the pack, and not their mediator."

    Sunthor continued watching Nanna with the preparations. His brow raised as she asked the male about being choked. He looked at the male as he spoke to him. "You have the key. You seem to trust her but I would advise against it."

    Nanna blinked at Asbjorn then finally turned her eyes to Sunthor as he spoke. There was a moment of a hurt expression then she turned to look at Asbjorn. "I don't think you could stomach this next part and only true Blood Clan can do it. You would not work." she said plainly. She then lowered her hands to her lap. "So that leaves us at an blocked road.. because at the moment I do not wish to have my throat choked over this chant." She had caught that blunt hint of Sunthor's. He didn't trust her.. what did she do to him? She attempted to keep her expression solid.. but there was a gleam in her eyes of threatening tears.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would puff on his pipe and stroke his scruffy face. "Hmm... well seems we have no choice in the matter...." He'd pull out the key and push it into the lock, then turn to look at Sunthor. "I want to make this very...very clear... she doesn't do this don't have a cure... we're at an impass..." He then looks to Nanna and for the first time since his meeting with her, he gave her a stern, rather serious expression. "I want this to be clear as well... if you run.. I can run faster... if you deceive us and betray my faith and trust I've put into you.. I will no longer try to keep them from you.. and I will bring you before their alpha...and you will deal with the consequence of your actions.. I can only try to help you so much..." He'd then turn the key to open the cage, then take a few steps back, giving her some room to exit. "Bearing these truths in mind... make your decision carefully..."

    Sunthor stepped back a couple of paces. He leaned up against the wall with his arms folded. Looking back and forth between Nanna and Asbjorn. Staying quiet as if more curious as of how well the male's trust will impede on Nanna.

    Nanna watched as the door swung open and looked up at Asbjorn as he spoke. She simply blinked at him and looked out at what little she could see of a path to run.. Then slowly she gathered her legs up from under her and moved forward out of the cage a few feet before she would sit down and look up between the two of them. It was only then that she turned to look at Sunthor and inspect him closer. Her eyes slightly narrowed at him as she was attempting to see where he was wounded.. but that could have been anywhere and hidden well. Though her nose felt better, she wasn't about to attempt another sniff test. So she turned back to her cup and the chewed root returning to her thigh before she closed her eyes and tilted her head back. She held up the bone knife in one hand and her palm upturned in the other. She spoke in the tongue of Fenris.. words that Sunthor would understand from his own teachings. ~Sister of the Blood moon. Mother of the red rivers. I willingly offer my blood to my soon to be brothers and sisters of the clan. So that my blood will be their blood.. so that my blood will protect them.. keep them safe from snakes and illness. So that we can be as one.~ With that her eyes opened, showing a hint of brownish orange as she raised her hands pulled them together and if not stopped, would slice open her arm and hold the streaming blood over the cup. If not stopped.. she would let her blood pour into the cup for several moments before she would turn and look for something to bandage her arm and stop the stream.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg watched her ritual with curious and calm eyes. He himself did not understand her words, but he did understand the base concept of what she was doing. "Bare those words to heart, Sunthor... they will be needed later on..." He'd remark as he puffed away on his pipe while pulling his pack towards himself. Reaching inside he'd pull out some cloth gause and a large piece of the salted pork and the heel of some bread. "Here... I'm afraid I didn't have more bread than that.. .I haven't had need to make any as of late..." He'd then reach for the cup she made the mixture in if allowed, and examine it's contents.

    Sunthor watched as Nanna did the ritual. He would look over to Asbjorn as he spoke to him and nodded. He would turn back to Nanna as she slit her arm and watched as the blood drained into the cup. He a felt slight remorse that she would go through this to save him. But he reserved his feeling for later, wondering if this is actually the cure.

    Nanna looked up at Asbjorn as he gave her a bandage and offered food. She took the bandage as he spoke to Sunthor and felt a sudden regret hit her. She wrapped the bandage around her arm to stop the bleeding and looked down at the cup as Asbjorn made to take it. "It needs to be stirred till all is mixed into a thick paste.. then every bit of it put upon the root.. the root acts as the bandage.. It must stay on for a full moon and only be placed upon the first inflicted bite.." she turned and looked at Sunthor.. she attempted to give him a sly grin. "So lose the armor and expose your wound." she added.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg examined the mixture with some reserve. "Blood stop a blood sickness... hmm.. interesting enough.." He'd then look to Nanna and Sunthor. "If the bandage needs to stay for a full moon, putting it on now would make no sense.. there is no moon out right now. However there is a full moon tonight.. we could come and finish this then."

    Sunthor would look at Nanna then to Asbjorn. He would look down to Asbjorns hands and make sure he had possession of the mixture before looking back up to him and not. He looked down to Nanna and let out heavy sigh. "I am sorry but I'm not infected. We had to be sure. I hope you understand my reasoning but this 'my' clan now."

    Nanna shook her head as Asbjorn spoke of a full moon needing to be present. "No no. A full cycle. It starts to work instantly but the root needs time to pull all of the bad blood from the victim." she smiles softly offering the almost now dry chewed and frayed root to Asbjorn.. though the moment Sunthor speaks her smile fades and she blinks looking at him as if he is joking. It slowly starts to settle in.. She gulps and pushes to stand up looking directly at Sunthor.. her eyes still that orange brown color instead of the sapphire color. "You... lied to me?" she questioned him. Before he would answer there was the sound of a joint popping and she let out a soft pained grunt. Her arm spasmed out to the side as her form started to grow.. her teeth bared as she had every intention of shifting right then and there while she had the chance to possibly overpower them. What there was of her face would look disappointingly at Asbjorn.. as she felt he too had lied to her. Red hairs starting to appear along her features as her eyes turned from brown to a dark hued warm yellow. A low growl in her throat.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg let out a low, throaty grunt and would rise up. He stood at his full height, and suddenly rushed her and planted his large palm on her head. His hand began to glow that soft, radiant green it had glowed when he extinguished the rune. His good eye too would lightly glow, like his hand. With his grip he would begin to focus on the rage within her...and begin to draw it out of her into himself. "Calm little now... know peace..." He would fight the rage he felt building in her, attempting to suppress it with his own primal, domineering presence, wanting to prevent any possible blood shed or hostility. Hopefully if this worked, they could figure out what steps to further take.

    Nanna attempted to move from him but had no where to really go. She snarled at him just as her bulk lifted... then suddenly she fell to one knee.. the beast inside glaring at his one good eye intently as a hand raised.. then slowly fell to her side. Those intense eyes slowly faded and closed before she slumped over a rather bulky hulk of a wolf slowly changing back into the small female form once again.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would stoop down and pick her up. Wordlessly he'd put her back in the cage, making sure the meat he placed there earlier was still inside, along with the bread. Once he was certain she was out, he went to refill the cup of water, then blanket he left her over her unconscious body. "This is the result of deceit...." HE remarked to Sunthor. "Her trust is broken...and likely will not be remade..." Shaking his head he'd then leave, taking the mixture with him... he had some work to do before administering the salve.
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    Vida had only seconds ago been forcefully pushed back toward the door to the hut after trying to break Arianna free from Vetis' grip. A fresh bite wound existed on her right side - though she seemed to be paying it no mind, save the pain that began to show as a dull, increasing ache as her adrenaline began to wear off. She had her back to the rest of the village. Her hands burned as she tried to quickly lock the door once more, the shaking of her hands making the effort more difficult. If she noticed the two males returning whenever they did, she showed no sign of it, instead staring intently at the door to the hut in tense silence. She said nothing; made no sounds. Just waited with her back turned.

    Arianna eventually moved from the door once she was sure it had been locked. There would be the short sound of movement inside as she went about making sure the two males were secured and tied to their cots. She would then become extremely quiet while she dressed her new wound the best she could with limited resources in the small hut. From the outside.. it would be calm and quiet as Vida was. No movement to be detected.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would leave the now unconscious Nanna with a furrowed brow. He had all he needed to get started on this illness' cure. "Come Sunthor... we've work to do.." He'd rumble as he began to pack his pipe and head to the quarantine hut with his pack of herbs in tow. He had watched how Nanna had performed the salve, and Sunthor would of listened to her words in the tongue he himself did not know, but apparently Sunthor did. All that was now missing would be the blood...and he knew where to get it. Arriving at the hut he'd take a few quick breaths to catch the scents in the air before he'd approach the hut then wait...undoubtedly his size and scent would of been heard or caught by Vida and Arianna.

    Sunthor stared at Nanna for a moment as he heard Asbjorn called his name. He thought of their past and of her for a time before he would shake his head and follow behind Asbjorn back to the hut. He stayed a few paces behind the male and as he made it up with everyone. He quietly stood and looked over at Vida and then over to the window before looking back towards the two.

    Vida didn't immediately turn to face them so much as turn her head to speak over her shoulder toward them. Indeed, as it turned out, she -had- noticed them. "I hope you were successful. She has quarantined herself with them. She would not come back out with me..." Her tone was heavy and unnaturally calm for someone in their position - perhaps a minor shut-down as a means of dealing with the situation. She turned carefully on her heel, becoming increasingly aware of the bite on her side. Her jaw clenched to keep from making a sound about it. Instead, she looked between them and folded her arms across her middle, waiting to see what they had to say.

    Arianna had heard heavy footsteps approach and shortly after muffled voices. She turned and looked at the window, her fingers pulling the knot tight on the bandage, a few drops of blood hitting the floor from the wound on her wrist. For a moment she sat there breathing and listening carefully trying to make out if she heard any other voices.. perhaps hoping that indeed it would soon be over and before they would know it.. drinks in the long hall, stories of the two shadow brother's travels and finding out what they needed to know to keep the blood clan at bay from every attempting this again.. she closed her eyes.. yes.. keep hope.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg approached the hut with his herbs in tow. He'd unroll them upon the porch and kneel down, sorting the reagents on the unrolled skin as he prepared the salve as Nanna had shown him. He'd begin to chew the root then look to Vida. "I need you... I can make the base...but the salve requires her clan's blood..and their words...which Sunthor heard and will need to recite... apparently their own clan is immune to the you should be immune to it as well, Vida."

    Sunthor took a step closer as he watched the male unroll the skin on the porch. He listened to the male as he spoke to Vida and would turn to look at her as the male mentioned that he knew the words. He would nod to her to confirm. "I will recite the words for you when you are ready." He would glance over to the window and let out a small sigh. He thought to himself in praying that this will work. He then look back to the couple and waited for things to begin.

    Vida was in the process of removing one of her sleeves to dab away any escaping blood when Asbjorn's words sank in. Pausing her movements, she raised an eyebrow and looked down at herself with a grumble. "Uh... Then yes, you're in luck..." Talk of a ritual didn't spark any memories - yet, anyway. She only glanced from him to Sunthor curiously. "I'm ready as well..." She stepped carefully around Asbjorn if she needed to, intending to go for the knife on the nearby table - likely unless someone spoke up with a better idea.

    Arianna felt slightly woozy.. she was listening to the weezing breath of Vetis as he breathed and eventually moved to adjust him to his side. Perhaps that would make it easier for him to breath. She could still not fully understand the words muffled through the door and looked at it for a moment. She would have to replay the sounds she heard in her mind to make out the few words that were loud enough to hear.. and rested her arm across Vetis' skeletal chest as if trying to comfort him. "Soon brother." she said quietly. "just hang in there. it'll be over soon."

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg looks over the mixture of herbs he was preparing then would nod to Vida. "I only need a little..." He'd remark, pushing the near full mortar towards her. "About 10 drops of blood should work..." He'd look to Sunthor and nod. "You remember the words...? Soon as she bleeds into the salve, you'll need to speak them.."

    Sunthor took a few more steps closer and to the side to better Vida and the contents on the porch. He looked over to Asbjorn as he spoke to him and nodded. He would then turn his attention towards Vida. "When you are ready, repeat this chant: Sister of the Blood moon....Mother of the red rivers....I willingly offer my blood to my soon to be brothers and sisters of the clan....So that my blood will be their that my blood will procect them....keep them safe from snakes and illness....So that we can be as one."

    Vida passed a glance over her shoulder toward the door to the hut with an uneasy frown. Afterward, she brought the blade to her palm and almost cut it across already... but her brow furrowed as she listened to Sunthor. The words seemed... vaguely familiar, but in an odd way. "Just like that? Is there anything else I need to know to do?" Better safe than sorry, she guessed. She kept the blade merely held to her palm, ready to swipe it once she'd heard confirmation.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg nods. "Yes...that is all..." He'd remark as he puffed furiously on his pipe. HE'd take the muddled mixture and continue to mask it with the pestle till it resembled the salve Nanna had created. "This will do..." He nodded. "Sunthor... I need you to retrieve the salve Nanna made..bring it here... I need to make sure it's identical before we apply his to anyone.."

    Sunthor nodded to Vida as she spoke. "Now it must applied on the first inflicted infected wound in order for the cure to take effect." His eyes shifted over to the male as he spoke. "I think you might have taken it when we departed from the cell."

    Vida shifted her gaze down toward Asbjorn as he spoke, then toward Sunthor as if to double- or triple-check. After a moment and as soon as she was presented with the opportunity, she nodded, clenched her teeth... and swiped the blade across her palm with a sudden and quick growl. Her palm was held sideways over the mortar and she counted quietly in her head, reciting the words as Sunthor had offered them - slowly and deliberately, most likely to make sure she repeated them as she was told. One, two... "Sister of the Blood Moon, Mother of the Red Rivers..." Three... "I willingly offer my blood to my soon-to-be brothers and sisters of the clan..." Four, five, six... "So that my blood will be their blood; so that my blood will protect them; keep them safe from snakes and illness. So that we can be as one..." Seven, eight, nine, ten. She allowed them to speak amongst themselves if needed as she counted and recalled, her brow furrowed in concentration. But as soon as the tenth drop came down into the mortar, her palm turned upward and moved away from it, no longer drowning out Asbjorn and Sunthor. She glanced between them uneasily.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg took the twin bowls and examined both. They were identical... and this would have to suffice. "Alright... I'm going into the hut..and going to apply this...whatever not come in...alright?" HE'd look to them both sternly, brow knitted. "I don't want this contagion to spread.."

    Sunthor slightly nodded to Vida in assurance after she had completed the chant. He looked over to Asbjorn as he spoke and nodded silently. He would moved closer to the steps and would attempt to help with the door if need be.

    Vida set the blade aside and resumed removing one of her sleeves, only to wrap it around her cut open palm. As Asbjorn spoke, she frowned... but she moved out of the way of the door. "Please be careful. We will be here..." Another uneasy glance formed, this time as she looked toward Sunthor. Still, she said nothing else and moved toward the far edge of the window, likely to look in on them and watch as best as she could once he went in. Her arm extended toward either of them with the key in hand - whichever decided to handle unlocking the door once more. Apparently, she was very insistent on not touching the lock with her own hands again so soon.

    Ludo slowly opened his eyes. His vision blurred at first as his sight was a haze of white from what daylight remained that filled the room. He would notice the outline of a figure kneeling by Vetis's bed but would know it to be Arianna as his vision would see a bright haze from her white hair. He leaned forward on his side and a painful cough would be heard. "Ve....Ari..." he would try to speak their names but would abruptly be interrupted by the coughing. He would try to roll more over to get up but would be restricted by the bounds of rope that held him to his bed.

    Arianna heard and then saw movement as Vida moved to stand in front of the window. Her hand held out gave her a moment of peace even with Vetis' death rattle filling her ears with dread. Vida's image was a good sign.. they had something.. otherwise she would not be offering them the key.. When Ludo stirred she pulled her attention away to look at him struggling slightly against the ropes.. when he started to cough she frowned. "Stay still Ludo." she said in a calm tone. She had torn her gloves apart and used them to bandage herself.. though it had only bled through by now with a slow drip to the floor. "It will be over soon." She said, though gave no hint as to -how- it would be over. "Just rest..." Her eyes would turn to the door expectantly, relief filling her heart for only a moment until she realized.. this was the time she puts her own life on the line.. To be sure that the two shadow brothers were not poisoned further. The thought crossed her mind on giving it to Vetis first.. as he was the worst off.. and at this point.. perhaps death would be kinder than what he was suffering now..

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would enter the hut, ducking his head to get inside. He'd look to Arianna, silently puffing on his pipe as he did so. Wordlessly he'd move to Vetis, the more dire looking of the two. Kneeling down he'd puff again on his pipe, sending the calming blend of herbs wafting in a smoky wreath around them. He'd dip his thumb into the mixture, then run it along Veti's forehead..down his cheeks...then begin to dip his thumb again before dabbing it onto the bites, all while he softly muttered his calming chants and prayers. "Be at peace little brothers..." He'd remark, painting all of Vetis' exposed flesh with the salve. "You will soon be well..."

    Vetis Bruun continued to let out a rattling of his lungs, foam dripping from the side of his mouth and his eyes pure white. His hair painted to his forhead along with splotches of dirt and blood. He indeed was filthy aside from the parts Arianna had manage to clean for the wounds. The wounds bled freely in a oozing fashion... any normal being would have bled out by now.. but it seemed to just continue as if from no where. If Asbjorn in deed did touch him a soft cry and whimpering of pain would come from him with a gnashing of teeth. The salve would do nothing being painted onto his skin. The wounds would still bleed and he would still give a deathly rattle of his fluid filled lungs each time he attempted to take in a breath or let one pass.

    Sunthor would look at Vida to meet her look towards him for a moment and would step up onto the porch and walk towards the door. He reached down into his pouch and felt around for some material but could only feel the cloth piece that embossed the Frost Fang insignia. He pulled the cloth piece out and covered his hand with it and placed the silver lock upon it. He would look towards Vida and would attempt reach out with his other hand, signaling for the key. If accepted, he would continue to unlock the padlock and open the door for Asbjorn to enter. Once the male was inside, he would place the padlock back onto the door and lock it.

    Vida didn't show any real indication that she heard voices within the hut, if she even could. For a little while longer, she didn't actually look inside. Instead, she waited until Asbjorn stepped in (once Sunthor helped with the door) before she looked in.... wincing and forcing herself to look on, whatever happened.

    Arianna gave a sigh of relief seeing Asbjorn enter. As he came over to kneel down she half expected him to look over Vetis and speak to her first.. however when he reached out to touch Vetis and heard the first whimper something kicked in. She moved shoving Asbjorn's hand away roughly and placed her body protectively between the male and Vetis with a low growl. "What are you doing?!" she asked her eyes blazing with anger. "If that is what I think it is, you may have just killed him." If he continued in any fashion she would aggressively attempt to push him back and away from her pack brother.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would rise up and look down at her..he was very tall after all. "This is the healing salve I had her make...using my own reagents, with Sunthor watching...nothing I provided her is harmful... everything she used, was from my stores... I took your pack member with me to make sure she didn't do anything questionable..." He'd hold up the salve to her then nod to Vetis. "He is dying... if this is a poison as you suspect...then it wouldn't matter would it? He would be dead either way..." He'd keep his eye on her, his breathing steady. "Arianna... this is your best bet right now... and if this does not work... then I have another won't be pleasant...but it is possible... now...either move aside so I can continue my work...or find another healer..."

    Ludo would let out a low growl as he tried to move within the bounds. The words from Arianna being heard faintly in his ears. The confusion of his movement starting anger him some but would pause for a moment as a series of coughs would abrupt his actions. After the coughing had settled, he laid for a moment panting. He would turn his head to the side facing towards the other side of the room as he then heard the whimpers coming from his pack brother.

    Vetis Bruun could do nothing.. bound to his cot. the pain that shout through him when Asbjorn touched him only made him clench his teeth and cry out. Once the touch was gone it started to sooth and fade away, but the anger was still there. His hands twisted in their binds.. he could feel someone inches away from him.. Arianna's long hair possibly brushing against his face as she placed herself between the -healer- and himself. The noise of their words and voices causing his own ears to ring with pain. He would attempt to growl at the tone of their words, followed by a weak rattling cough that would create more foam in his mouth.

    Sunthor would look over to Vida and watched her for a moment. He could barely hear the coughing noises from with inside. He looked towards the door and shifted his feet slightly. His clothed hand up by the lock ready to open if and when the time came that it needed to be removed from the latch.

    Vida grew tense as she watched them through the window. Her jaw set, her teeth having to bite down on themselves as if to remind herself not to intervene. All she could do was look on as best as she could, passing a glance in return toward Sunthor... and making silent note of the presence of the lock as well, before returning her attention to the window.

    Ludo would hear Vetis's growl and would again frantically twist within his binds. The rope grinding against his body leaving marks hidden and some showing against the visible skin. The pain causing him to growl and slobber would start to run down the corner of his mouth. The force of his body movement causing the cot to lift, making the support chains snap tight and clank again.

    Arianna kept herself between Asbjorn and Vetis. Her eyes flashing a pale yellow as her anger grew at his words. "You have no right to decide that for him. You have -no- idea of what these two brothers have been through. He deserves a good death.. Not this!" She turns and moves to carefully wipe the salve from Vetis' forehead. Ignoring his growling and hear eyes watering at the sound of his pained whimpers and gasping for air. "If you are to do this.. you do it to -me- first.. I will not watch him die over your or any other's ignorant choices. I am the alpha of this pack." she turns slowly standing. She is not diminished by his height. "If you wish to heal at all." she says. Her eyes still blazing with that hint of yellow. She could hear and even partly see Ludo struggling against his cot, not knowing just how long the rope or the bed would hold out against his efforts, but unwilling to budge from her protective stance over Vetis. "Your choice Asbjorn. Either you agree to my terms... or you leave us to die and we'll find another way."

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would look to her, then slowly point to Vetis. "Arianna... he is dying... think logically... not with emotion right now... if this is what I believe it will heal him and the rest of the infected... if it is not... then at least I can help him pass in peace..and the sickness will not become more virile... I can only do so much...and if this sickness becomes more than I can handle..." He'd look at her solemly. " me on this... I have been doing this most of my life...if I am wrong then I will take whatever punishment you give me..without conflict or hesitation... this is an issue of curing the sickest to make sure the cure opposed to weakening the least sick to the point of the's already a danger if I have to resort to heal him with my method... I cannot heal two in the same state... not safely..please little sister..." He'd remark, offering her his hand. "Show faith in in me..."

    Vetis Bruun hissed and attempted to tilt his head to bite the hand that touched him. missing he would go back to hacking and coughing weakly. Unaware of who was there or what they were arguing about. He had not the same strength of Ludo, who rattled the chains that held his cot.. but he continued to weakly twist his hands and feet back and forth causing the bones to grind together.

    Sunthor continued to look at the door. Trying to listen of what was happening inside. He looked over at Vida again for a moment and sighed. He would reach over to her and hand her the key. He then thought of Nanna and his brow would go flat. His mind had questions and he felt useless standing and waiting. He turned and stepped off the porch, making his way towards the Alpha's hut to Nanna's cell. He needed to get answers from her.

    Vida made out whatever was said as best as she could. Her attention turned toward Sunthor long enough to see him walk off... and her brow furrowed. She didn't follow him, instead returning her attention to the inside of the hut - straining to hear what was said if she needed to and could.

    Ludo heard the argument between the alpha and the male and the sound of the yelling making him more angry. He jolted and twisted within his bounds more. The painful sounds coming from Vetis fueling his enrage as he flopped his body again against the cot. As his body slammed down he managed to free his hand just enough but still slightly bounded out towards the figures. His mind making him believe the figures were the angels of death that had come to hurt his brother. "Stop hurting my pack brother or I will fucking kill you all!" He would go back again struggling to get free.

    Arianna did not turn to look at Vetis when he was pointed to. Instead she kept her eyes upon Asbjorn. "It.. is not.. -your- decision to make." She said in a very deep stern tone. "He is the weakest of us, and if it is poison I am the healthiest choice to take it on. Not him. We have no idea of how this -cure- will harm or help him, if it will at all. He is -my- brother. Not yours." She focused those pale yellow eyes deeper into his own. "Who are you to my clan? An outside healer that my sister has taken a liking to... that is as far as my -trust- goes. That you will not harm my sister in any way. To give you any -right- to make decisions in -my- clan." her voice became darker. "Would make me a far worse alpha than the one who decimated the shadow clan and the lands our kin lived upon." She held out her right arm, though it was not the first inflicted wound, it was the worst of the two and she did not know where the salve needed to be placed. "Your choice.. leave us to die.. or follow my decisions to protect and watch over my pack.. I will willingly give my life for these two.. yes he may be the sickest. he may be at death's door for all i know. But that gives us no right to push him through if there is even the -smallest- chance that he can be brought back from that threshold." As if the drive things home.. Ludo's voice rang out. Her eyes only shifted slightly at his words, but instantly went back to Asbjorn as if to be sure he understood her unmoving position.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg would watch her and let out a deep throated ursine growl. "Your kind has always been stubborn... this is not just about your pack, Arianna...this is about this land's health... if this doesn't work...and it spreads? I will have to stop it... the only way I know how... if this doesn't work and weakens you to the point Vetis is now... then I cannot save you both..." He'd set down the bowl and then glare at her with his good eye. "You are taking a grand risk.. Garou... one that will have a very...very bad outcome should it go wrong..." He'd point to the salve once more, his eye never leaving her. "Take the roots... saturate them... and place them ONLY on the original bite... those were the instructions..." He'd then turn and move to the door, stopping to turn and look back at her. "I hope...for your sake.. this decision works well...because if it doesn't... I will have to stop you the only way I know how...and I would rather not..." He'd remain silent for a time, making sure the gravity of his words sank in. "My duty is to Gaia...and to this land..not you..." He'd then leave the hut, puffing angrily on his pipe.

    Vetis Bruun had grown more angry at the tones being used. He would attempt to thrash in his bed, looking like a skeletal sick man probably made for a rather disturbing.. or humorous image as he did so.. the red and pink foam from his mouth spitting everywhere.

    Vida felt her eyes widen as her attention turned toward Ludo at his sudden outburst. The key in her hand - given to her by Sunthor before he walked away - was turned between her fingers, her body braced as if tempted to unlock the door and step inside. She tried her best to resist, a whimper in her throat - reluctantly obedient. She was told twice over to stay outside... and so she forced herself to stay, her good hand planted against the wall. Ludo and Vetis' behavior, as well as Arianna's stance, made her nervous - whether or not she could make out what was being said. As Asbjorn went for the door, she quickly sidestepped long enough to place the key into the lock and unlock it to make it possible for him to exit, looking up at him with uncertainty. "Asbjorn?..."

    Ludo continued to twist and turn in the bounds. He twisted so hard to his that he managed to slightly twist his body within the bounds. His arm becoming a bit more free, he managed to reach enough to touch the floor. His growls and body flailing causing him to dig his nails into the wood floor, scrape after scrape trying to get free but not being able to manage for the moment.

    Arianna kept her eyes upon him and listened to his words. "If it must be so.. then i welcome it, bear." she said calmly and looked to both Ludo and Vetis as they thrashed against their bindings. She knew speaking to Vetis was a lost cause for now.. but she needed Ludo.. when he informed her of the first infected wound needing to be where the salve was to be placed.. she knew only Ludo could help her with that. Vetis was covered in wounds, all of them looked to be made about the same time and there was no way she would be able to tell.. She moved to Ludo and knelt down. "Ludo.. be calm." she said in a mother type voice. "I will not harm your brother.. our brother any further. I promise I am here to protect you both. I am here now.. Arianna.. your alpha.. I will guide you both through this." she waited.. a moment.. then looked to the roots and the salve.. with a soft sigh she would continue a few more moments. If Ludo settled enough she would then move over collecting that which Asbjorn had left them. She had no idea what he had called her.. she did not understand the repeating of his words Gaia or Garou.. but then she did not know him or where he was from. She looked to her left arm and unbound it carefully pulling the soaked bandage from the wound with a hiss then applied the root with the salve upon it.. she then used the same bandage to help tie it to the wound. She then sank to the floor.. and waited a moment.. her eyes drifting to the window where Vida had been perhaps moments before.. but now she was gone. A rose tint started to bloom in her vision and she opened her eyes wider looking around. If any looked in, and could see a clear view of Aria, her eyes had turned nearly completely red. Her mouth dropped open as she started to pant heavily and fell over backwards laying upon the floor convulsing. This.. would be a morbid reminder to Vida of something that happened in her past no doubt. After a few moments she lay still on the floor, eyes open and staring at the ceiling with a soft heaving breath every now and again causing her chest to rise and fall. Her fingers curled into jagged pained forms for a moment before she closed her eyes and relaxed against the floor as if she had fallen asleep.

    Ásbjörn Ahlberg puffed harder on his pipe, growling deep in his throat and chest. "Your alpha...she is stubborn..." He'd grunt and puff more on his pipe, sending plume after plume of smoke around his head. Looking to Vida he'd growl. "I pray to the Earth Mother... that she is right...because she is taking a great....great risk...not only for your pack... but for this land.." He'd shake his head and trudge off the hut's porch. "I'm going back to my den..."

    Vetis Bruun continued to thrash, but if and when the room got quiet, he would too as if the quiet seemed to be the only thing to calm is anger and pain. For a moment he blinked his blind eyes around...then slowly he attempted to push himself back to his side so that he might rest.. though the binds angered him.. he was to tired to care as long as nothing was there to actually harm him any further.. he would take this moments rest and continue his struggles later. Slowly he would start to fall into a whimpering death rattled sleep.

    Vida kept her ear trained on Asbjorn, as it was easier to hear him as it was. "There is a need for her to be strong-willed. A lot has happened-..." ...But she returned to the window, possibly even in time to see enough of Arianna for that reminder to kick in. Her eyes widened and she briefly froze in place as her mind scrambled to place the memory. And then... it hit her. "This is it..." The more assured she became, the more excited and hopeful she grew, despite the sick turn in her stomach from the memory. "This has to be it!" Of course... by then, Asbjorn had already departed... leaving her alone on the porch. But she began to pace nervously as she watched through the window - trying to decide whether or not to go in then.

    Ludo thrashed and scraped at the floor a moment longer before he finally tired. His fingers bloody as the intense scratching caused the blood the seep out around his fingertips. He looked down at the floor panting. He then would hear Arianna's calm voice, that was all he could hear now. He tried to lick at his lips to wipe away the dry spittle so he could try to speak. "Arianna.." he let out a sigh after he spoke her name. He closed his eyes and panted calmly as he felt his body lightly throbbing from the wenching within the binds.

    Arianna heard something at the window.. her ears seeming to have cleared up some.. her eyes opened.. and though they had been solid blood red only moments before, they were now a lighter color and almost normal again. She sat up quickly looking around and instantly became disoriented. She panted a moment and pushed herself up to her feet and stumbled back into the wall for a moment before she blinked her eyes looking at the two cots.. and then her sister's face through the window. She moved as if she were about to remove the root bandage then stopped.. no.. that would not be the wound to check would it? Something tell her otherwise. She then turned and looked at her other arm. It no longer hurt.. she reached down removing the makeshift bandage from her right arm.. revealing the nasty wound from Vetis' bite. However, it was no longer dripping or pouring blood. In fact it looked as if it was already starting to heal around the edges. A grand sigh came from Arianna's lips and she nearly sobbed then.. Turning to move to Ludo and carefully unbinding him. "Ludo?" she said as calmly as she could. "What is the first inflicted wound upon Vetis?" she said wavering where she knelt. The room was still spinning and seemed to still be a rose tint in her vision. "Where is the first wound upon you?" she asked him hoping to get both answers as soon as possible.

    Vetis Bruun had just started to drift off into his dull pained sleep.. then more noise. His lips curled and this time he went straight into thrashing around. No longer waiting. Not a moment's peace. He growled and sputtered and coughed up more blood. The ropes creating new jagged wounds along his wrists. No words understood.. just the noise and the pain caused by it.

    Vida decided finally to open the door, unlocking it once more if she needed to before she cautiously maneuvered her way in and closed the door behind her. If she came in while Arianna spoke, she made sure not to make a noise - but she nearly jumped out of her skin at the sudden thrashing from Vetis. A frown formed and she offered her good hand to try and help keep Arianna steady if she could - also silently offering to help however she could.

    Ludo slowly opened his eyes as he heard Arianna's voice again. He felt the bindings loosen but he would lay still for the moment. He would slowly reach his arm up towards Vetis. "The hand print on chest." he said softly. He gave a few deep breathes from the relief of his body before Arianna spoke again. "Shoulder." is all he could say. He opened his eyes and looked at Arianna for a moment and then noticed as Vida had entered. He tried to lift his head up and crack a smile at her but would soon fall back onto the cot and another deep sigh would escape his breath.

    Arianna looked over her shoulder when she heard the door open. She blinked at Vida for a moment.. but returned her attention to Ludo. She was not going to yell for Vida to leave now.. she was sure this was the cure now and she would need Vida's help. Once Ludo spoke she nodded and moved away from him to collect the root and the salve that Asbjorn had left. She turned to Vida and held it out for her to take.. "Place this on Ludo. I will help Vetis." when and if Vida took these things from her, she turned and stumbled back to collect the rest.. putting the salve upon the root and placing it upon Vetis' chest. Even with him thrashing, she held it pressed to the wound that Ludo had described. Waiting for him to go through whatever it was she had been through herself just moments before.

    Vetis Bruun felt a hand pressed down against his chest. Instantly he snapped and attempted to tilt his head down far enough to bite.. unable to however. The pain shot through his chest like the burn and wound had been created all over again. He yelped out in a coughing pain, struggling against the attacker. How dare they torture him this much? Time would pass.. and still no sign of any healing seemed to appear.

    Vida watched them for a moment... and with a renewed sense of hope came the ability to smile back at Ludo's attempt, even if for a moment. Nodding at Arianna's instruction (and silently relieved she didn't try to yell at her for coming in), she moved to kneel by the cot as she worked on Vetis. Trying her best to drown out any sounds coming from their pack brother, she drew in a deep breath as she looked Ludo over, the root and salve in her hand by then. Once she remembered (or noticed) where Ludo's wound was, she nodded toward him, reaching out a hand to try and start carefully moving any clothing out of the way of it if she needed to, intending to leave the wound on his right shoulder(?) exposed so she could place the cure on it. "I'm going to be as gentle as possible. Just... relax as best as you can. It's all going to be okay now..."

    Ludo would lift his head again as he noticed Vida coming over to him and would smile as he caught sight of her beautiful face. As she placed the cure onto his shoulder he would hiss for a moment due to the pain but would endure it for her. Resting his head back looking at her, his eyes would turn a dark red. Then his body would convulse for a few moments and would suddenly pass out, still breathing. She would notice any visible wounds on him were no longer bleeding.

    Arianna huffed slightly moving her other hand to help press his head back down to the cot and keep him still. She held her hand over his wound with the salve and turned to look at Vida and Ludo. She would see Ludo's eyes turn dark red and watched as he convulsed. She frowned and looked back down at Vetis.. his blank white eyes glaring up at her. She gulped slightly and continued to hold him regardless before she turned to look at Vida and watch to be sure Ludo was alright. "Is he?" she questioned seeing him go still. "Is he alright?" If Vida checked.. Ludo would have a strong heartbeat and seem to be resting if not out cold.

    Vetis Bruun thrashed as much as he could against the things that bound him. Unable to lift his head against the Alpha's hand. He coughed and choked upon the foam in his throat.. his eyes remaining a solid white, his wounds still oozing blood and his lungs still letting out that rattle of fluid held within them each time he took a breath.

    Vida blinked, startled, as the change started to take hold of Ludo. She withdrew her hands as he shook, but as he went still again, she drew in a deep breath. Arianna's question registered, and she placed a hand to his chest to feel his heartbeat. The breath she drew in came out heavily - a sigh of relief. "I think so. His heart's beating well and I think he's already starting to look better. What about him?" She looked upon Ludo for another little while with a thoughtful expression before rising to her feet... turning to take a few steps toward Arianna and Vetis to check on him.

    Arianna looked down at Vetis.. waiting to see if his eyes would turn the way Ludo's had. "I.." she paused for a long moment just trying to hold him down and still. "He's been sick a long while.. maybe it takes longer." she said in denial. "I will stay with him.." she said kneeling down as she did. "Go to your bear and thank him for what he has done. Let him know his gia is safe." she said it wrong.. but that was to be expected.. she had only heard the term twice now. "I will let you know if there is any change to Vetis." she said and gave a meek but meaningful grin to her sister. "I am sure he'll soon be well again." She assured her. "Perhaps send Sunthor in to help clean up and get some fresh linen and cloth in here to help clean them both up?" She offered. "Then go and rest.. I am sure you need it."

    Vetis Bruun grew weaker, more tired with his struggle.. till he simply stopped attempting to lift his head. after a moment he seemed to simply focus on shallow breathing as if that somehow would help himself. However, each breath out would be a pained whimpering. If he had tears at all.. They would not be seen.

    Vida felt an uncertain turn to her stomach when no change was noted. Her frown returned... but she nodded. Before she moved to leave, she looked over her shoulder once more at Ludo. One down... one to go. She was likely in just as much denial about it as Arianna was - determined that they both would make it. "Send a raven if you need me. I will not be far..."

    Arianna smiled and nodded at Vida.. again that meek smile. "I will be sure to do so." Her hands had loosened up their force, but not their position. she would stay there.. holding the salve to his chest while she waited for Sunthor to show up
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    Nanna's Cold Shoulder.

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    Nanna sat tight against the corner. her ears flat against the back of her head and her eyes narrowed at the door as she listened for footsteps coming closer. Her upper lip twitched and the fur along her back started to razor all the way down to her tail that fluffed slightly. A low growl would follow the moment she saw who was coming over.

    Sunthor made his away around the hut. Just as he was about to come around the corner of the cell he heard the low growl coming within the cage. He stepped out a ways a couple paces before standing straight ahead of Nanna's view. He would stare at her wolf form for a moment to see what she would do seeing him stand in front of her.

    Nanna lowered her head and watched him for a long moment. it was obvious that her face was saying all that needed to be said.. but she continued to let out small low growls while she stayed in the corner. Her body nearly shaking with rage.

    Sunthor looked back at her during that moment and would lean up against the wall. He reached down into his pouch and pulled out his pipe and looked at it for a moment before putting it back in as he let out a small sigh. "I am sorry, Nanna, that I betrayed you like this but I had my reasons." His face flat as he spoke.

    Nanna let out a low growl and slowly adjusted herself to the other corner so she could better glare at him. Her tail flicked.. and for a moment she stopped growling, though only to hear his 'explanation' if he had one.

    Sunthor took note of her going silent from her growl. He looked down at the ground for a moment. "This is my pack now. This is where I belong and I would do anything to protect that.." He paused as he looked back up to her. "..even against those who I loved." He watched her closely to inspect her reaction.

    Nanna let a look of shock cross her face.. her eyes widening and her ears perking slightly before they flattened against her head... She started to bare her teeth as he spoke ready to snarl and bark at him. how dare he replace -their pack- with ...with this one??? why? When he spoke those last words.. she felt conflicted. her expression would go from anger.. to sudden confusion then sadness.. as he had spoken of his love in the past tense. She then curled in on her self and rested her nose against the wall not wanting to look at him now. How pathetic she might have looked to anyone looking in.. but in her mind.. she just wanted to suddenly be small and unseen.
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    Sunthor's belated welcome to the pack: The Key and Message

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    Vida left Arianna with Vetis and Ludo with mixed feelings, but her steps were lighter, at least. Doing as she was asked, she spent time wandering the village just long enough to determine where Sunthor was - which she should have guessed he was at Nanna's cell to begin with. Once she reached the area, she hoisted herself over the wall, landing easily on the other side and letting out a quiet, but heavy breath. "The cure has been administered; Arianna and Ludo have already shown improvement..." Vida, straight to the point as she often was - though returning to her somewhat softspoken self. She didn't so much as look Nanna's way, almost as if avoiding something so simple before waiting to watch for Vetis' improvement as well.

    Sunthor gave a slight huff as he watched Nanna curled up in the corner looking away from him. He had mixed feelings about her. Part of him felt guilty for leaving her behind but yet angry at her for who she was and what had happened to his newfound brothers. He did miss seeing her but yet now he didn't know her. He was quit for a moment till he heard something behind him. He turned around and seen it was Vida. He gave her a slight nod as she spoke. "That is good news....and the other?"

    Vida didn't say anything else right away. Maybe she was carefully weighing her words, or maybe she was just thinking. Whatever the case, it took her a few beats. Her brow furrowed and she forced a small smile - worried at her core, but doing her best to be self-assured on her exterior. "Vetis has shown no change..." Another pause as she swallowed a lump in her throat. "But I mean... that could just be because the sickness is more developed than theirs was... right? That has to be it."

    Sunthor 's brow slightly lowered as Vida mentioned that there was no change to Vetis. After she finished speaking he thought for a moment before he breathed in and let out a low exasperating huff. "It could be..maybe. I really don't know. I have never seen this sickness before when growing up within the clan." He paused for a moment and glancing over his shoulder back at Nanna then looking back at Vida. "But I guess that would be something you would keep from someone who is to be sacrificed."

    Vida nodded slowly - maybe a little too confident. "It will just take longer for the ritual to take effect; that's all. I have not lost hope for him." ... Not entirely she hadn't, anyway. Her brow furrowed and she thought for a moment... but it made sense: he showed familiarity with Nanna... so he -had- come from the clan. "A sacrifice... I would believe it. And yes, I imagine they wouldn't bother to discuss such things with one they intended to sacrifice..." She paused a moment, wondering if perhaps she had said such while appearing too aloof or cold. Her tone changed to something more sincere. "Sunthor..." She furrowed her brow, glancing toward the hut. She'd get to that in a moment. "... When Arianna told me that we had new pack members, I was very reluctant to welcome any of you. But you... have been a valuable and trustworthy addition. I am glad you've joined us. It would have been a loss to us, had they succeeded in their sacrifice."

    Sunthor bobbed his head. "Perhaps so. Pray to Odin that hope is on our side." His face was still. "Mmhmm, that and be their pawn in a mercy killing." He paused and glanced back again towards Nanna's cell. He thought of that night when they sent him to kill Nanna's parents, his foster parents. He looked back to Vida as she spoke his name. Then his face softened. " glad to hear that. Arianna has told me that as well but she is the alpha. Coming from you and even the others means a great deal. I have always been lost in my life but I can now call this home. You all are my brothers and sisters and will do anything to protect that."

    Vida listened in silence, her head shaking with a sigh. "That clan thrives horribly on brutality. It is good you've rid yourself of them since then... before things grew worse for you..." She was tempted to ask, but the temptation to look toward Nanna in the process forced her to distract herself. She would not so much as look at the other female until both males had recovered, she decided. So, she drew in a breath and nodded, saving questions about what he referred to for another day. "You have done well. You've aided us in saving lives, and we'll not forget." Her attention drifted toward the quarantine hut, and she stepped forward to offer the key to the lock to Sunthor. "But... more to the point, I guess... Arianna has sent me to ask you to meet her within the hut."

    Sunthor smiled when he heard Vida's comment 'before things grew worse for you'. "Aye or I would not be standing here right now." He nodded but caught her looking over towards the hut. He started to look over himself but her movement towards him made him stop and look back. His eyes looked down as she held the key. After she spoke he reached out to accept it. "Then I shall be on my way then." He would then look back up to Vida. "Thank you, Vida, for accepting me as one of your brothers."

    Vida nodded with the faint hint of a smile. "And thank you... for everything you've already done for us - for those you've barely known yet, even." Her chin dipped, and as she started to hoist herself back over the wall, she gestured toward the dark-feathered birds at the center of the village. "As I told Arianna... these ravens know how to reach me if anything is needed. All you need to do is whistle to them to call them over... then speak my name. They will know what to do, and I will know where to go this time." She dusted herself off, intending to retreat to Asbjorn's den unless stopped. "Be well, Sunthor. Seems the worst will be over soon."

    Sunthor nodded and looked over at the ravens in the village as Vida spoke and then looked back at her. "That is good know. I might have to bring one of them with me to send a message back if that god forsaken blacksmith is still not done with our weapons order." He let out a chuckle. He nodded to her as she made it over the wall. "As well as to you, Vida. I hope those words to be true.

    Vida managed to hold her smile for another moment, glancing toward the ravens and nodding. "By all means. One of them very well could have come from Skarvald, come to think of it..." She took a few steps back before speaking one more time. "I hope so as well." With that, she headed off, likely to talk to Asbjorn about what had happened after he left.

    Sunthor nodded and smiled. "That is good to know." As she walked away, he turned his attention back towards Nanna's cell. He stood silent for a moment as his gaze was upon her. Thinking of the words the words to say after being separated from each other from so long.
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    Arianna and Vetis' first encounter: Encouragement to hold on.

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    Arianna watched as Vida left the hut and carefully turned her attention back to Vetis. As he lay there she frowned slightly. Her eyes giving a meaningful look down at the husk of a man. He looked nothing like the strong beast that faced off against her so many years ago. She remembered being slightly afraid she was going to die that day. Faced against him and several of his other pack members. Now, she could barely tell it was him anymore. Frail, skeletal, pale and even his eyes no longer showed the lively beast he once was. His black hair peppered with silver and white depicting his advanced age. The wounds all over his body continued to ooze blood in an unnatural way. The pink tinted foam around his mouth had dried in spots adding to the eerie effect of his current physical appearance.

    "Shadow wolf.. Do you remember when we first met?" She said in a deathly quiet voice. Her face moving closer to his ear, showing no fear of his vicious snarling or his threat to rip into her. "You and some of your pack came to end me..." her lips dangerously close to his earlobe. Her eyes closed as she listened to the soft hissing whimper from him. "The day I marked you for death." She said, tears slipping from her closed lids. One of her hands moved from his bandaged wound to hold his head still as she rested her cheek to his. Though he growled and attempted to move, she could hear the pained whimpering between.. and through that figured that her touch alone was causing him pain... but she would continue to hold him and attempt to comfort him. She still had hope that somewhere in there, he could hear her words. Somewhere in there, the cure was working the poison out of his system.

    She sniffled softly. Her voice but a whisper, not even if Ludo had waken and stood closer to them would he be able to hear. Slowly, she would recount the day they met in the finest detail. She did not know how long it would take for Sunthor to return, but for now she focused on trying to remind Vetis of who he really was.

    'There were about six of you. Two of you shifted into your wolf form. Four of you standing in human form. You caught myself and Vida in a corner of our land. A day where we were simply there to enjoy. The snow crackled under your feet as you stepped forward. The expression upon your face a dire seriousness. I attempted to talk you out of what you were about to do, shielding Vida behind me... And then I heard his call.'

    :: In a distance the warning call from Gunnar sounded out, ringing through the woods to Arianna's ears. Her eyes flashed yellow and she looked at the young girl that stood behind her. Vida was frightened, her red hair hung slightly over her face as she attempted to make herself look smaller and unimportant. Due to her being a runt, she looked younger than Arianna even though they were the same age.

    The two shadow clan wolves split in opposite directions attempting to go around to flank Arianna and Vida. The four men that stood in front of them spread out slightly. They could hear the call followed by the savage sounds of grunting and growling in the distance. Vetis stood nearly in the middle, a flicker of discomfort came across his face.

    "How many did you send after him? Cause if it was the same amount as this, you've severely underestimated us." She said through a growl. She backed up slightly, attempting to keep the wolves in front of her and Vida out of their reach. None of the shadow clan spoke. Her hands moved down to her double axes and she tensed slightly watching the group. "Hunt the runt later." she said and forced a half grin. "You'll have a better chance with me if you do." She offered them that bit of advice.

    Vetis glanced behind her to the small runt of a child, then back to Arianna and gave a soft nod. Arianna turned and looked directly at Vida. "Run little bird. Get to the others and continue to run.. do not stop for anything." she said quietly but sternly. Vida glanced up at Arianna, her eyes wide and her mouth opened as if she were about to say something. "Now!" Arianna growled. That was all it took to startle Vida into a break out run away from the group.

    One of the wolves perked its ears and watched the small red head running away. Arianna moved to block it's view, her eyes turning upon it and focused. Slowly she twirled her axes in her hands, though her eyes were upon the one wolf, the corner of her eyes were looking for any movement from the others.. waiting for them to attack first.

    "You have been found guilty of breaking the 9 clans rule. You have endangered all of the shadow clan by encouraging our alpha to abandon us. We sentence you to death. You will be torn apart by our jaws." Said one of the men that stood to Vetis' right. A hint of a growl at the end of his words as he started to shift into his war form. Arianna turned her eyes to him, moving her feet to a different position as she readied herself. She gave no indication that she was going to shift for this fight. Taking a true Iron Jaw stance to fight in human form.

    "You're foolish." Vetis said. "Just a child.. If you choose to fight us, you will die a very painful death. If you lay down your weapons, -I- will make it quick." There was no bravado to Vetis' words. A simple offer and gesture he was attempting to make for the young woman, who looked to be in over her head.

    "Odin and Fenrir would be disappointed if I went such a coward's way." She said through a broad grin, the adrenaline pumping through her body as she looked around at her opponents. As she sized them up she watched as the rest who stood in human form started to remove their clothing, shifting to their war forms. Vetis being the last to slowly remove his cloak and weapons as he readied himself. There was a hesitance about him as he did so. She could tell this was something he did not truly want to do.

    Once all were shifted, the smaller pale white haired woman took a step back. Her smile gone as she focused ready for the first attack. Brave or ignorant and full of ego, it was hard to tell with this one.

    The first to attack was a wolf form, attempting to go after her cloak and throw her off balance. It had managed to wrap it's jaws around the cloak, but Arianna wrapped her arm around the cloak and tugged the wolf forward. Before it could let go or react she brought her right axe down into its face, splitting its skull and sending it toppling to the ground. Snarls from its packmates, growls and angered snorts came with a lunging of one of the larger war forms. As she attempted to move she realized the wolf's jaws and teeth were tangled within her cloak still. This forced her to unclasp her cloak quickly and attempted to fling the cloak up and over the attacking war wolf's face.

    This hardly worked for a long term solution to the raging beast, but gave Arianna a chance to take a few steps away and regain her footing. The war beast flung out its dark claws nearly shredding the cloak in half the instant it covered it's face. It kept flailing and swinging its claws in an attempt to find flesh only to uncover its face and find Arianna a few steps away from it already. Vetis stood in the back, dropping a item of clothing to the ground as he watched. He was not joining in with his pack brother's frantic attempt to shred the small female, and this would not go unnoticed or unnoted by Arianna. She had her hands full with just one or two, let alone all six.. though thankfully one was down already. Four was an easier number by far.

    By now Arianna had lost sight of where the second wolf form had been. This concerned her greatly. Though they were not nearly as powerful as the war formed pack members, they were faster and far more dangerous than most gave them credit for. As she whirled around to try and locate it, another war form lunged. She had managed to turn back to face it in time to swipe its arm in half with one of her axes. It knocked her clear off her feet landing her near some trees. With a heavy thud she tucked and rolled to her feet, surprising the attackers and herself that she managed to hold onto her axes after such a strike.

    She took to one knee however after a moment. Watching the war form as it clasped at its arm to hold it in place. Perhaps she had managed to cut deep enough to sever the bone? It was then she heard the scratching of claw against ice. Dropping to her shoulder and rolling with a spin to face what was coming behind her. The wolf form's jaws open wide enough to take her entire head into its mouth. She brought up her left axe to slice its throat clear to the spine.. and lost her grip on the axe due to the blood that sprayed her hand.  Two down? No.. it was still struggling.. She stumbled to her feet, her winter dress covered in blood dirt and old decaying leaves from the ground. Huffing hot clouds of breath into the air as she looked at the war forms that were still left.

    "You intimidated yet?" she shouted. "I'm not even in my beast form.. and look.. you're down two!" Granted she spoke a large ego, inside she was sure she was going to die. But God's be damned she was going to shame and take as many with her as she could! This might have worked to her advantage, enraging the beasts and causing them to make mistakes. However two charged her at once.. she might have felt more confident if she had a shield or her other axe, but down to one.. she would have to attempt to maneuver and dodge as many strikes as possible. It was not.. She had managed to dodge one or two swings of the beast's claws, but as she jumped and fell back she felt the teeth dig into her dress just between her knees, shredding snagging and lifting her from the ground.

    It shook her till the dress tore and sent her sailing into a tree. Another loud thud and a gasping wheeze escaped her. She could hear them charging toward her again. She stood quickly and pulled herself around the tree in time to hear claws clash with wood. She felt the tree give way to the weight of one of the beasts as it pulled itself around to face her. Her back to the tree, her right axe in her hand, she brought it up under the war form's jaw and felt a crunch of it against bone. The hybrid human wolf face slackened slightly as its left claws reached for her chest then dragged down the front of her, pulling the axe from her hand. She felt teeth dig into her leg and pull her down, her face crunching against the sharp jagged snow as she was then dragged out from behind the tree back to the remaining pack.

    Then in the distance she heard a new call.. One for help. Followed by a loud yelp and the scent of Gunnar's blood that she had only managed to smell over her own. Pure rage filled her heart. She had to get to Gunnar. The mouth had just let go of her leg when she pushed with her hands to shove herself over and away. Her clothes tearing away as her eyes flashed a dark yellow. White fur sprouting from her flesh that bulked and bulged with the change. There was a moment of shock, perhaps even admiration from the few wolves left at the sight of a white wolf, but this did not last long. Even Vetis knew this was the time to attack and kill her before her change finished. She had already proven a chore in her human form.

    As she pushed herself to all fours she looked up and bared her teeth at the three in front of her. Even with her wounds, she was intimidating. As the two ahead of Vetis lunged for her she swatted with her claws tearing into the flesh of one and shoving him into the next. She lunged forward, her body still shifting causing an awkward tumble as she struggled to rip the throat out of one while the other flailed with her and his packmate atop him. Her eyes wide with rage and vengeance as she opened and clamped her jaws against the muzzle of one, missing his neck. However her jaws crushed and crunched through bone, blocking his airway and causing him to whimper and yelp out in pain. Vetis dug his claws into her sides, lifting her from his pack brothers and attempting to contain her for a moment while his jaws opened going for the back of her neck.

    However, Arianna had locked her jaws with no intent of simply letting go. As Vetis's claws scraped along the sides of her and dug in, she would lift the male up by his broken muzzle while her claws dug into his throat to rip it out. He attempted to pry her jaws from his face, only to realize too late her claws were digging through his neck. His eyes opened wide in surprise, one last gulp before his throat was severed from him. Vetis' teeth managed to sink into her shoulder while his remaining pack member managed to struggle his way out from under the wolf pile. It's arm hanging limply from the earlier axe wound.

    Though Vetis was much larger than Arianna, he found himself being dragged along behind her as she finally let go of the gasping dying pack member and went after the injured one. The injured shadow clan member held up its one good arm, fear in its eyes, ears pinned back and attempting to plead through its expression for Arianna to spare him. There would be no mercy for this one. Even with Vetis attempting to wrap himself around her and bring her to a stop she managed to crawl atop him. Grasping hold of his face and pushing it back giving her jaws a clear shot at his throat. The limp arm flailing against her while the other grabbed at her arm and clawed through her shoulder just barely missing Vetis' face.

    Within moments she tore open the throat partly down the shadow clan's chest before she started to twist and attempt to turn to face Vetis. He struggled heavy against her for a moment, claws dug in and teeth simply to keep her from being able to to spin around on him. His heart pounding out of fear. She did not play, she went straight for the kill in each of his pack members. He slowly attempted to move his arm up to rip out her throat. Perhaps that was the only thing he could do, but she grasped hold of his arm and twisted it, nearly ripping him from her back the way she twisted violently within his grasp. He took a few chunks from her flesh as she did so, but found himself suddenly pinned with a large bloodied mouth inches from his face. He could see the tufts of black fur and even a piece of bone with flesh lodged between her teeth as she roared.

    Vetis' eyes watered, and slowly he started to shift into a human under her. He went still.. waiting.. Her angry wolf face glaring at him as he did so, teeth still bared, saliva dribbling down from her teeth to his now bare human chest.

    "I have a family.. Please.. I am not ready for Valhalla yet!" He pleaded in a hoarse voice.. a coward like pleading. A deep growl escaped Arianna's throat and she roared as she lunged down and wrapped her jaws from his shoulder half way down his chest and started to bite down. Vetis cried out in pain and fear. He felt his ribs start to crack under the pressure of her bite. Then, suddenly she let go.. and moved away from him leaving him gasping from a punctured lung. She started to pace around among the rest of the bodies.. pausing above the one that had an axe imbedded in its spine, hearing it whimper she reached down and ripped the axe from it. She then proceeded to rip its head off pulling out part of its spine and tossing it to the ground.

    As she continued she moved to each one pulling their head from their body and tossing them to Vetis' feet. Her golden eyes still flaring against the white fur. Slowly she moved in front of him, having retrieved her axes, and stood over him.

    "W-why spare me?" he asked gasping and holding his chest. Arianna simply watched him for a long moment then turned and raced off to find Gunnar. ::

    "You remained there upon the ground.. wondering all that time.. perhaps wondering even till you became ill. Why did I allow you to live and not your packmates?" Arianna said to Vetis' ear. "Because of your bravery. Because of your loyalty.. because you submitted to me.. Could be any one of those.. The truth is, I wanted to kill you then.. I wanted to rip your heart out, but Gunnar needed me.. Once I found Gunnar dead, I had promised myself..." she paused a moment her lip quivered slightly. "That I would kill you. That I had marked you for death, and that your life belonged to me." Arianna opened her eyes and looked up at the window of the hut. Tears fell from her eyes as she looked at the sun as it had half way disappeared behind the western peaks.

    "You are safe with me. You belong to me. I choose when you die, Vetis." She said nuzzling against his cheek slightly. "I choose you to live.. because regardless of what you think of yourself.. you are brave. That day you shifted to human form to plead with me.. that was bravery. That took guts, knowing full well I was ready to kill you. That you faced off against Kurnin.. that was brave.. that you fought.. that you loved.. that you gave our clan a chance to be a part of your family. That took far more bravery than you ever gave yourself credit of having. You are frost fang." her voice quivered slightly. "Fight for us.. be part of us.. come back to us brother.. You still have plenty of years left to live. Don't let me fail you.." she clenched her teeth and tilted her head against his listening to the wheezing whimper and growl from the husk of a man... Followed by the footsteps of Sunthor just outside the hut door.

    She took in a deep breath and moved away from his face, looking at his wounds. Still no change... but he had to have heard something she said.. as he was no longer struggling against her touch.
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    Nanna's sudden realization: The Unsaveable

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    Sunthor stood in silence for a moment longer looking at Nanna as she seemed to not have stirred after his and Vida's conversation. He let out a low sigh and shook his ahead and departed from the cell. Making his way around Arianna's hut and through the center of the village till he had arrived at the quarantine hut. He stepped up onto the porch till he was at the door. He tilted his head with his ear close by to listen if things sounded to be calm. He then lightly tapped on the door. "Arianna, it's Sunthor. Vida told me that wanted to speak with me?" He calmed his breathing so he could listen for a response from the inside.

    Arianna heard the tap at the door and quickly wiped away any signs of her previous crying. She cleared her throat then took a quick moment to center herself. "Yes, come in Sunthor. It is safe." She called out. She glanced over at Ludo, who did not seem to be stirring much from the noise.

    Sunthor reached up with his hand that held the key that Vida had given to him and reached with his other into his pouched and pulled out the piece of cloth that bared the clan insignia. He carefully placed the cloth behind the lock and held it and then proceeded to insert the key with his other. As the lock clicked opened he lifted it off the hook and flipped the clasp away before resting the lock back onto the hook. He placed the cloth and key back into his pouch and slowly opened the door. Once inside he would turn to shut it with ease. As he turned back around he noticed Ludo asleep on the cot and then his eyes would fall upon Arianna, then to Vetis for a short moment as he gazed over the bloody wounds over the male, and finally back to Arianna. "Vida has brought message that you wanted to speak with me?" His eyes lowered until he noticed the blood stained bandaged on her right wrist. "Are you alright? The cure healing?"

    Arianna looked up at Sunthor and nodded. When he asked about herself she paused and looked down at the bloody bandage on her right wrist then down at her bloody hands. She could understand why he would have concern in his voice. She started to speak but her voice gave way. Clearing her throat once again she shook her head. "It seems to be working for myself and Ludo. Vetis... there is no change. Is there anything we missed? Anything that Nanna said? Is it possible for you to bring her here?" She asked turning her eyes upon him once again.

    Sunthor listened as Arianna spoke. His eyes would raise up to her face as she looked at her hands. When she looked back up at him, he slowly shook his head. "I would not think so. It is obvious it has worked for you and Ludo. When I went to go speak to her she was in her wolf form." He then shifted his gaze to Vetis before continuing. "Vida and I discussed that perhaps it is just taking awhile for it to work for Vetis with how badly the sickness has affected him." His gaze would then shift back to Arianna. His brows slightly sunk and he let out a silent sigh as he thought about his attempt to talk to Nanna. "I will do what I can to get her to shift back so you can speak to her."

    Arianna gave a soft nod at his comments. "He.. is... a strong one. I am sure he will start to pull around any moment now. Yes.. do what you can to bring her here. She probably knows this sickness better than anyone here.. blood clan background or not." she ran her hand along side Vetis' face, fingers barely touching his skin as she attempted to move the hair away from his eyes. "Be quick though, if you can."

    Sunthor stood silent for a moment as he watched Arianna attended to Vetis. He then nodded his head. "I will return shortly." He turned and slowly opened the door and took a step to exit but stopped and looked back to Arianna and then to Vetis. He thought to himself, 'Pray to Odin that the cure will heal him.' and then looked back out of the hut and slowly exited, shutting the door behind him. He reached down into his pouch and pulled out the clothe and key and proceeded to lock the door. Once finished he would place the items back into his pouch and began making his way back to Nanna's cell.

    Nanna had stayed still even after Sunthor had left. Her mind whirling with what she had overheard between him and the other female. Was it true? Could she believe it? It was awfully convenient for him to be close enough for her to hear.. maybe another trick? She was unsure of how long he had been gone, and had no idea if he was coming back. She eventually shifted and was sifting through her clothing just as she heard footsteps.. She paused, confused conflicted and unsure of who it might be till he turned the corner.. of which she sat there, naked holding her clothes and staring at him.

    Sunthor made his way back over to Nanna's cell. As he came at around from the corner his sight caught that she had shifted back to her human form. As he made a few more steps till was in front of her cell he noticed her sitting on the floor naked looking at him. His eyes would go wide and would immediatly tilt his head down, looking at the ground. "So you have finally shifted back."

    Nanna sat quietly and glared at him a moment longer before she continued to adjust her clothing to put it back on. She wasn't sure what to say or ask.. wasn't sure she wanted to. She huffed slightly, tears in her eyes out of frustration and heart ache. She had never expected to see him alive again, let alone in this situation. She had made several decisions because of him since.. that would most likely lead to her death.. and what for? He abandoned her and here she was still attempting to show her love for him.. against everything she had been taught. As she slipped her shirt on she tugged and adjusted it around her breasts taking care that they were placed comfortably within the fabric. Why? Why not? Why be more uncomfortable in a uncomfortable situation?

    Sunthor continued to stare at the ground. His peripheral caught enough to see Nanna as she got dressed. When he had thought she had finished he would raise his head up and his eyes would look at her. He would sigh again as he stared at her and his head would slightly tilt. His thoughts wanted to ask her about the past but knew that Arianna was waiting on him to bring her back so tried to go straight to the point. "I..have to...Arianna wants to speak with you." His stare would turn into a gaze as he looked at her face. He thought of how even more beautiful she now looked than what he could remember her before.

    Nanna huffed slightly and rolled her eyes some before standing up. She brushes herself off and backs away from the door even though she knew it opened up away from her. "I don't see why you need to lie. If she is going to murder me you can go ahead and tell me she is going to do so. You've no use for me now." She crossed her arms and waited for the door to open.

    Sunthor snapped out of his daze when she spoke. He stared at her for a moment and then shook his head. "I am not lying to you, Nanna. Arianna needs to speak with you. The cure...doesn't seem to be taking quite the affect on one as it did on the others." He stepped closer to the cell and grabbed onto one of the bars and tugged the door towards him. "Besides, Little Rabbit, if she wanted to kill you I'm sure it would have been her standing here and not me." He stood off to the side beside the door waiting for her to step out of the cell.

    Nanna blinked looking at him. "If it did not work.. instantly.. then it wont." she said and seemed to hesitate before she stepped out of the cell. "Don't call me that." she frowned slightly. It hurt hearing that pet name. "You're not allowed to call me that anymore." She stood waiting for him to do whatever he was going to do. Be it tie her up or grab her by the arm and drag her off to wherever they were going. Her doe like eyes not wanting to look up at him.. his past tense of the word 'love' still hung in her mind. He wasn't allowed to call someone he no longer loved.. by a loving name.. not in her opinion anyway.

    Sunthor frowned at her words about the cure. He would look at her and cock his head to the side as she berated him and then thought for a moment until it hit him. "I..I'm sorry. I didn't realize I had..." His words trailed off has he thought for the moment afterwards of why he called her by her nickname. He shook his head and stepped towards Nanna and attempted to grab her arm and would lead her back towards the quarantined hut.

    Nanna started to resist slightly as they got closer to the hut. "Are... are they restrained?" she asked.. not knowing who all was in there or how many were sick and beyond the cure. "I don't want to be torn apart." She honestly did seem scared at the sight of the hut. The smell alone was warning enough for her. And without thinking, she pulled herself closer to Sunthor for protection. Her eyes wide and looking at the hut with legit fear.

    Sunthor felt the slight resistance from Nanna as she spoke. "No they are not. They are all cured except for the one but did not appear to be awake." He tugged on her arm and walked up onto the porch. He felt her grab onto his arm as she pulled closer to him. A slight smirk appeared onto his face and without checking his thoughts, his mind would say 'It'll be alright, Little Rabbit'. He would reach into his pouch and grab the clothe and key and proceeded to unlock the door then would slowly push open the door. "Arianna, I have brought Nanna as requested."

    Arianna looked up from Vetis. Her eyes took a moment to focus upon the frightened red head. "Thank you Sunthor.. Nanna.." she paused and looked around the small hut. "I thank you for giving us the cure.. and.. I apologize for the way you were treated to get you here. It.. is important to me that my pack survive." she looked the female in the eyes as she said this. "Is there anything more that can help this one along? His wounds are still bleeding badly.. I am not sure.. how long it will take the cure to-"

    Ludo began to stir as the sound of voices slowly started to wake him from his slumber. His eyes began to open and he noticed that he could see clearly across the room. His eyes fell upon Arianna as she was crouched by Vetis's side. He slowly tilted his head up as if to get a better look but would naturally move his feet down and his body would raise to sit up. As he tried to straighten his posture, he would let out a hoarse cough and then lean forward. His hand would raise to his forehead and gently rub at it.

    Nanna hesitated as the door opened. The smell was worse now with the door open. Her eyes flitted first to the male on the left side of the hut, who had seemed to be asleep. Though the moment he stirred she nearly squashed herself against Sunthor. Once the door was open all the way and she got a glimps of Arianna, she paused. The female's apology caught her off guard.. "Its..." she started to say but as her eyes scanned over to the worst of the three her throat clenched shut. The pink white foam, the oozing wounds. "You can't save him." she said bluntly and loudly. "He is so far gone.. that it is only a matter of time before his corpse ruptures to spread the disease... He will suffer greatly.. the kindest thing you could do now is to...." she hesitated and though Sunthor had a grip on her arm and she knew she couldn't get away.. she felt that need to flee rather than speak.. it took a moment of looking around the hut and behind her to realize.. she had no where to go. "It.. would be kinder to put him down now.." she frowned. "The last stages are the most painful.. if there is such a thing as a spirit left within him.. it will be destroyed." She gulped hard. Unsure of what reaction this information would bring. Her stomach turning slightly just at the sight of the skeletal being. "I've only seen it happen once.. Once was enough.. Before they get to that stage, they usually become extremely aggressive and tear anyone apart that they can get their hands upon.."

    Sunthor felt his body slightly jolt as Nanna pressed up against him. He looked at her with his brow raised and slight shocked look. After a moment he relaxed his expression. Then he looked towards Arianna and nodded to her as she thanked him. As Nanna spoke his gaze would shift to back to her. He listened intently to her words when she mentioned that there was no hope for the male now and his eyes get wide and instantly look down to Arianna. His expression on his face had a frightened look. Is what Nanna is saying true? Possible? He didn't know himself. Then his side of his vision caught movement and he would turn his head to see Ludo sitting up.

    Arianna had been interrupted by Vetis stirring and then realizing that Nanna was trying to speak, she relaxed some. However the words that came from her seemed to draw whatever color there was from the Alpha. For a long moment she just sat staring at the pair in the door way and then slowly her eyes drifted back to Vetis. 'Rupter' was a word that she could not comprehend nor did she want to visualize. Her hands carefully moved around Vetis' body touching each of the wounds to look for any sign of healing.. and found none. "Th-there is -nothing- that can be done?" she asked. her voice was suddenly cold in tone. Her mind seem to go into a focused sort of mode. The thought of a spirit being destroyed due to the death of the body had not occurred to her. She partly thought of Vida and felt her heart sink. No, Vida would have told her if such a thing was possible. "Sunthor... Send a raven to Vida. She.. will want to hear of this.." she turned and looked at Nanna, and though she logically knew that Nanna had not inflicted this illness upon her pack members.. and that Nanna had indeed given them a cure, part of Aria wanted to murder her still. "I am sorry again, Nanna. But you can not be set free.. Sunthor.. Please contain her once you've sent a raven.. and return here." Her attention turned slowly to Ludo who had sat up by now. Her eyes fill with sorrow as she knew, that if Ludo was coherant enough to hear and understand what had been said... he would be in just as much, if not more, heartache than she.

    Ludo continued to rub his forehead. The dull ache had almost subsided. The voices were starting to sound more clearly the more he was becoming awake. He could hear Arianna's voice and then a female's that he had not recognize. Bits and pieces of the female's words started to register and his thoughts were trying to make sense of them. '..can't save him'...'far gone'..'put down'. What was she talking about or who for that matter? He didn't understand it all at first and rubbed his forehead with more pressure. As he heard Arianna speaking, his mind began to wonder of a voice he had not heard. "Vetis?" he would softly say. He then stopped rubbing his forehead and his arm would to rest on top of his knee. He slowly raised his head and looked at Arianna and then his eyes would shift over and see Vetis laying on the cot not moving. "Vetis?" He spoke again but loud enough that the others might hear him. His eyes started to water and would shift back to Arianna. "Ar...Ari...What...V-Vetis?" His voice cackled as he tried to speak.

    Nanna was all to glad to leave the hut. Especially at the sound of the other male's distress. Her clan caused this.. and she wasn't so sure she was proud of them for it. She looked between them then attempted to back out of the hut without a word. Encouraging Sunthor to take her away from it, as she could no longer bare the sight of what had been done.

    Sunthor watched Ludo for a moment and glad to see the male from what he could tell seemed better than when the last time he had saw him. He then looked at Vetis as Arianna spoke. The thought that nothing could be done made him feel a little torn for his newfound pack brother. He lightly gritted his teeth as he thought of the Blood clan. His attention snapped back towards Arianna as she spoke his name. He gave her nod. "Right away." He felt Nanna pulling away as she tried to step out of the hut. He would go with it and move along side her.

    Arianna turned her attention back to Vetis and waited for Vida to return. Her thoughts chaotic with wondering just how she could somehow save Vetis from the fate he was given, and still keep him alive. She could not face Ludo, not with the crack in his voice. She had no energy to comfort him, nor any foothold to try and lie to him or promise things that were looking grim to start with.
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    Promises and hearts broken.

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    Vida eyed the small note apprehensively, a frown in her features... but she immediately pushed herself to a stand as the raven flapped its way back to the village. She wasted no time in walking straight for the hut and - once she saw the door was unlocked - she opened it and peered in, looking first toward Ludo, then toward Arianna and Vetis. "You sent for me?..."

    Arianna seemed to be faced away from Ludo on purpose. The young wolf covered his face and moaned softly till her heard Vida come in then looked up. Tears caused his eyes to shimmer slightly in the fading light. Arianna turned and looked to Vida the moment she spoke. There was a seriousness upon her face, perhaps even a hint of anger as she still held the bandage to Vetis' chest. "Is it possible for a spirit to be destroyed due to the damage done to the body?" It was blunt.. to the point. "And by destroyed.. does that mean they are no longer.. no Valhalla or Hel?" Vetis did not look any different from when Vida left. His wounds still oozed blood which by now had covered his bed and part of the floor, not to mention most of the front of Arianna.

    Vida felt her stomach turn at the sight of tears in Ludo's eyes. For Ludo to cry... something had to be wrong - that was what she'd always determined. A lump formed in her throat... and the question gave her pause, her eyes widening just a little and moving from Ludo to Arianna. Her feelings of denial seemed to continue. "I have seen it happen. I have felt it..." She trailed off with uncertainty, finally looking toward Vetis with a familiar pang in her heart. "... Why... why do you ask?..." She almost didn't want to know the answer.

    Arianna stared at Vida for a long moment then turned and looked to Vetis. Those silver eyes closed for a moment. "Can... Can you feel his spirit right now? Is.." her voice choked out for a moment. "Is he still here?" Ludo whimpered and buried his face within his hands again. He did not want to hear this... and yet he had to. Though Vetis was breathing, the soft whimper would be his exhale and inhale each time. "How strong does he feel? Could he make it through.. any other ritual?"

    Vida hesitated to move closer to them. Instead, she took a moment to offer a hand to rest to Ludo's head if he allowed it, petting over his hair a few times. She would remain like that until she found the nerve to move closer to both Vetis and Arianna, drawing in a deep breath and sighing. "I can still feel him in some sense... right now... I can feel signs of him..." Her jaw set and she swallowed, trying to keep her composure. "... But he-... It worries me that there's been no improvement..."

    Arianna gulped hard. She was trying to find words to say to Vida.. words at all. Ludo sniffled and leaned into Vida's touch just a moment and then looked up as she moved away from him. With a soft gasp of air he found the words, though not the ones Arianna wanted repeated. ~She said he would rupture.. that his spirit could be destroyed.. that he would be in so much pain till the day his body ruptured. Ruptured? Why that? I was to late? I didn't get him here fast enough?~ Ludo near sobbed. Arianna's eyes opened and suddenly she was gasping for air trying to contain herself. Those words, those awful words. Her eyes turned wolf and she snarled softly. "There is no cure for him. He is too far gone." her voice sounded rough, violent even.

    Vida had felt the urge to return to Ludo as he began to speak. In fact, she took a step or two toward him again before she stopped dead in her tracks. Her breath left her and some of the color drained from her face. Her eyes wide, she quickly began to shake her head. And despite the quiet in her tone, she had to fight to keep her own emotions in check. "No... nonono. See, that's not how it's supposed to go. Both Ludo -and- Vetis were supposed to make it. He's not -supposed- to be too far gone. I told..." She quickly shook her head a few more times, swallowing and taking a step back toward the door. "... I told him he couldn't leave us."

    Arianna let out a sudden whimper of pain. A shuttering intake of breath as she turned her head away from Vida hearing her words. She then moved, her fingers making short work of the ties that kept Vetis in his place. "It.. is not our..." she paused and looked down at Vetis, who meekly reached his hands up once they were free. They attempted to grasp hold of Arianna the way a child would attempting to climb up the front of her. Suddenly a pained cry escaped her lips as she sobbed looking down at him. "It is.. my decision." She said finally leaning down to help him sit up. As she did so Vetis let out a hoarse cry of pain and hissing whimper, but could barely even lift his head. "Call the others.. I will.." ~NO! YOU CAN'T!~ Ludo yelled and stood up stumbling forward slightly. ~You can't put him down! WHAT IF THERE IS SOMETHING WE CAN DO?~ He reached out attempting to grasp hold of Arianna's shoulder. "Ludo.." ~NO! HE IS -MY- BROTHER!~ Arianna turned to face him, her eyes still of the gold eye wolf, a scary sight upon her pale human form. "HE IS OUR BROTHER AND MY SON!" She growled baring her human teeth at him.

    Vida moved to try and intercept Ludo... not entirely from Arianna, but to try and return at least a hand to him to try and comfort him. Her eyes had welled as she'd watched his reaction, her face contorted into an expression of pain. "Ludo, please..." She did not plead often... but as it was, she was about to lose her own composure and cry before she could get away to do so on her own. "Please... I don't want to lose him either... but if we've done all we can..." She swallowed the lump in her throat, her bottom lip quivering just as much as her tone was. "... It's the least we can do to make sure his spirit is not destroyed too."

    Arianna watched as Ludo gave his expression of pure hopelessness. He looked to Vida with a pleading in his eyes then back to Arianna. ~Please?~ he whimpered, knowing full well he had no say in this. "I will send him to Odin.. Valhalla.. I cannot let him die like this." Arianna said and slowly moved to lift Vetis. It was surprisingly easy for her. He felt no heavier than a child of 5 cycles. As she carefully cradled him she looked to the door, then to Vida.. for a moment her eyes would lock on Vida and if Vida did not look away, she would watch as the gold eyes shimmered and seemed to fade back to silver. "Call the other's back from the woods.. It.. should be safe by now. I.." her eyes finally went down to Vetis in her arms. "I wish there were some way to give him a greater battle. I am not even sure he can hold a sword." Ludo was at a loss. Then slowly dropped to his knees. sorry brother.~ he said under his breath.

    Vida frowned. Her heart broke at the look in his eye and the pain in his voice. "His spirit will be looked over... protected. My mother will aid him... he will be with others who have not seen him in some time... and... he will be at peace." The last few words choked out as a sob, and she moved to kneel near Ludo even as she looked back at Arianna. If she could, her arms moved to wrap protectively around him... unless of course he discouraged it in some way. "I can impart an illusion... make him appear as he should be remembered. Not... this. Not what those monsters turned him into." She would go call for the others... but first... she wanted to make sure they would be alright.

    Arianna nodded as Vida made her suggestion. "That would be good.. I do not want to remember this... thing.. in front of me as the last memory of him." she said. Then moved for the door. Ludo let his jaw hang open as it was the only way he could get even a shallow breath in. Vida would probably be the only one to hear his words. ~I've lost them all.. every last one of them..~ he said in a whimpered breath. Arianna spoke over the top of him, not realizing he was even speaking. "I will.. prepare what I can for him.. The others will take to long.. I do not want him to suffer any longer.. Just us.." she said turning to look at the two. "That.. is all he knew anyway.. we should be enough to send him off." She looked to Vida.. "We will meet near Gaireth's Grave once you are done.." she looked to Ludo. "When you are ready." then moved on out the door with Vetis.

    Vida nodded at Arianna's words, her eyes sliding closed as she turned her head, intending to touch her forehead to the top of Ludo's head. She'd whispered a quiet "Take your time, we'll be here" to him before she'd reluctantly slipped out of the hut, sending ravens to those who understood their call. Spirit wolves called for the rest, howling to summon back those within the clan who were close enough to hear them. When she finally arrived at Gaireth's Grave, she wore the same stony expression she'd tried to hold in front of the others... though her eyes were still wet, her cheeks still streaked with the sign of tears. She only spoke one thing, even then barely audible, more than likely. "Whenever you feel ready... I'll attempt the illusion..."
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    Arianna had set Vetis down to the ground and gathered some water washing him and herself clean as she could. When Vida showed up she was in the middle of attaching a blade to his bone protruding hips. Her hand slide to his and she gripped it softly before looking up at her sister. "Yes.. Perhaps it is better to do it now before Ludo has returned here." She slowly moved to help Vetis to his feet, and would carefully step back once he was steady enough to hold his own.

    Ludo reached up to his face with his hand and wiped away the tears that had welled some over the bottom of his eyes. He looked over to Vetis' cot as his hand lowered down to cover his mouth for a long moment. He shook his head and then slowly proceeded to walk out of the hut to catch up to the others. He kept his head down, staring at the ground, not wanting to look up. His mind trying to make sense of things. Trying to find reason but was unable to come up with anything. He stopped and stood back a distance from Arianna and Vetis, standing close by to Vida...continuing to keep looking down at the ground.

    Vetis Bruun wobbled slightly from the weight of the sword on his hip, but otherwise stood upon his weak legs. There was an anger, pain surging through him and the need to lash out. Blind and deaf to what was going on around him. His hand had been grasped just moments before and he felt for that hand again in the air. His fevered mind causing the hallucination that one of his children or even his mate had just been pulled away from him. He knew the weight of the sword well.. and grasped for it, blind or no.. he would kill whomever took his loved one.

    Vida felt that familiar sickness in the pit of her stomach as she began to focus on Vetis. She remembered his face and his form well. How could she not? She'd thought about it many times over the years that she'd known him. So, she murmured a few words in an archaic language that she rarely spoke. If she succeeded, his form would begin to fill out again. The definition in his muscles would appear to return, the wounds gone. The color of his eyes would be back, that familiar consciousness in his stare. Over time, he would look like Vetis again - at least the Vetis she remembered, maybe a bit younger than what Ludo might recall, simply because it'd been a while since she'd seen them well. However... the illusion was purely visual: scents, texture, weight still would still remain. Once the attempt at an illusion was complete, she would note Ludo's presence and try to offer to wrap a comforting arm around him - her hold if successful maybe a little tighter than what she normally might have done, as if she needed the contact just as much as she thought he might have. She forced herself to look on as Vetis took hold of his weapon - not wanting to watch, but feeling she had to.

    Arianna watched with aw. Her eyes blinked tears away as she watched the Vetis she knew appear before her out of that literal corpse. Those eyes, the intensity they held. As he pulled his sword she would step back out of his swinging range. Her hand raising up to her ax then hesitating. She turned and looked back at Vida and Ludo and took a deep breath. When she looked back she stepped forward, pulling one of her axes from her hip and holding it up, letting him strike against it with his sword, but not outright attacking him. There would be a soft clang noise, as he was not nearly strong enough to cause the weapons to sing properly. She did this to let him know he was close to his mark. It was clear she did not want to do this, as she did not dive in for the kill like she would any other fight. "Any last words for our brother?" She called out, ready for his next strike.

    Ludo looked on at the grass on the ground, a small wild flower swaying slightly from the light breeze as a bee trying to decide if to land on it...but none of this registered with him. Until the sound of the sword sliding out from the sheath that Vetis had drawn, he snapped out some from his daze and looked up. When his eyes came to focus at Vetis, they went wide and his jaw went agape. Vetis looked different now that what he had just seen moments ago. He looked healed, no wounds, and possibly even younger. His hope started to rise. Maybe the cure has worked after all? But all this would diminish quickly as he then watched Vetis swung the blade but noticed his eyes blindly looking for his target. Tears started to well and then he would feel Vida's arm around him tightly. As he heard Arianna's words, he stared at Vetis for the moment. "See you in Vahalla my brother." He leaned slightly into Vida as his hands reached up to his face and buried it into the palms and then would start to sob.

    Vetis Bruun felt the clang of his weapon against something. Instantly he would bring the weapon back as hard as he could to strike at it again and more fiercely toward the object he had hit. Both of his hands going to the blade to give it more strength. His teeth bared, that pink foam started to appear around his mouth from his exertion. Though none of them would see this.. What they would see is the violent expression of a determined man. Though his moves seemed expert they were at the level of a small child trying to fight against a bear. His growl would come across through any illusion however. Determined to end whatever his fever mind had created as hell for him.

    Vida waited for Ludo to speak, wanting him to be able to say what he wanted if he wished. Once he had... she spoke after him, at least as best as she could - her other hand moving up to protectively pet over his hair. She tried to block out the sound of weapons clashing, no matter how weak the sound. Her tone echoed the weakness of Vetis' frail form. "I wish we'd had more time. I wish you'd never walked away..." She swallowed and tried to keep her composure as she spoke again. "Your wandering has come to an end. Rest now, where you couldn't before..." Hearing Vetis' growl caused her stomach to turn enough for her to nearly have to turn away to be sick... but she fought it off, instead forcing herself to look on, even as her tears had already begun to fall freely; Ludo's own sobs had seen to drawing her own forth.

    Arianna let his blade strike at her ax again. This time it was enough that she heard the metal sing. His added extra hand giving just enough force. She would not strike till she knew both had spoken their piece. Soon as Vida's last words were spoken she pushed her ax up roughly causing Vetis' weak arms to go up with it. The split second his chest was exposed she brought the point of her ax down hard enough to break through his chest bone and into his heart. Her other hand up holding his blade hilt and hands from coming down atop her. "Valhalla.. we will settle this properly." She said in a deathly whisper not wanting the others to hear. If and when he started to drop down from the wound she would instantly wrap her arms around him to guide him to the ground gently.

    Ludo continued to sob into the palm of his hands. He didn't want to pull them away. He wanted to stay hidden and not see the sight of Vetis' blinded motions. He tried to remember the old wolf that he looked up to, who he idolized. He felt Vida's hand stroke his hair and a slight whimper would escape him from the touch. As he heard the clang of the sword against Arianna's ax, his body jolted from the sound. He pulled his hand away from his face but adjusted his other to cover his other eye to shield it and would attempt to wrap his arm around Vida and if successful would tilt his head to the side and rest against hers. As he heard the clang of the weapons again, another jolt from his body would twitch from the sound. After he had heard Vida's words, a moment later he would hear the sickening thud and crack from the ax going into Vetis and knew it had been done. His body suddenly felt heavy and he would collapse down to the ground and would sob uncontrollably has tears flowed down off his face, drowning the little wild flower that stood underneath him.

    Vetis Bruun let out no yelp.. now gurgle no sound at all when the ax met with his chest it pierced his heart. For a moment he stood, his hands loosing its grip upon the blade.. then he would sink suddenly to the ground. Eyes closing. There would be silence for a moment.. then a soft dark blue glow that only Vida would see. It would swirl and slowly form into the young powerful looking man he used to be. Slowly he looked among his pack members blinking in confusion.. then down to Arianna and his own body.. or what seemed to be him, but not. He would not see the illusion that the others did. -Who is that?- he asked. (Only Vida would hear him.) -Or rather *what* is that?- He looked up smiling at Vida.. clearly not knowing what had just happened. In the distance there would be a eerie howl. One she knew.. one of the spirit wolves that had come to aid her. Vetis would turn his head to look for where it had come from. It was a sad yet emotional howl. -What was that?- As he went to move away, not realizing none of the others had responded to anything he said.. he looked down to see nothing. No feet below him but a soft wavering dark blue swirl that seemed to form around where his legs should be. When he stopped he held out both his arms and stared down, fear starting to etch across his ghostly face.

    Vida cringed and quickly turned her head away once Arianna took her swing. The sound sickened her more than anything she'd heard in her life - worse than the sights she'd seen within the Blood Clan, worse than the day Arianna had lopped the head off of the male who'd tried to claim Vida as his. She did nothing to stop Ludo as he dropped to the ground, but she at least tried to slow his fall - taking to her knees next to him and bringing both arms tightly around him. With her cheek leaned to his head, her own tears ended up dropping into his hair more than likely, only able to hold together enough to keep from losing her composure entirely - for Ludo's sake. She did well enough with it... until she actually saw Vetis' spirit. And with that, she was no more held together than the male next to her, fighting to at least breathe normally as her eyes followed the spirit's movement. "I'm so sorry..."

    Arianna knelt over Vetis' body, knowing he was gone. Tears fell from her eyes freely now and she dropped her ax to the side. She pet along the side of his face as the illusion started to fade away. "Go now.. Run with your mother pack. Follow Fenrir... Fight along side Odin." She sobbed slightly. "I am so sorry, Vetis. I should not have let you down." She coughed slightly and gathered the remains of Vetis into her arms. She was unsure of what to do with herself at that moment. Her eyes drifted over to her father's grave then back to Vetis. Rocking slightly on her knees. She was trying to think of words.. things.. what should she do from here? what could she do? She could hear Ludo's sobs.. but could not bring herself to go and comfort the now lone survivor of the shadow clan. "I am so sorry." she hissed and lifted Vetis from the ground. She would start to pace slightly with him in her arms.. having no direction or aim at first.. just at a loss and trying to regain some sort of understanding of the world around her.

    Ludo stayed upon the ground. Vida's arms around him helped only a little. He could not help but think about how all of his shadow clan family was now gone. he was alone. Even though he was part of the Frost Fang now, there was still a dark emptiness left because of this. Vetis had been his brother, his father like figure for so long. The thought of this alone caused his chest to clench up. He felt Vida next to him.. his last memory of her before all this was encouraging Vetis to go to her because she loved him.. and now here she was..."I am sorry Vida. I tried to bring him back to you." he managed to whimper. He heard her say 'I am so sorry.." and simply thought it was for him.

    Vetis Bruun turned around looking at his pack mates and hearing their distraught words. -W..- Arianna's words caught him and he stood for a moment.. then looked at the body she cradled in her arms. He slowly shook his head and backed away from the image of the Alpha walking around aimlessly. Then down at his hands. He heard Ludo's choked words and moved to be closer to both Vida and him. -But I did come back.. I came back to be with..- his eyes turned to see the pained expression upon Vida's tear stained face.. If he could take a breath in.. it would be a pained one. -I.. should never have left.- He said, his ghostly expression turning to one of sorrow. -I should have never left you alone. I should never been afraid to love you.- He said. -I am so sorry..- he said to her. Then a strange sound.. one of children calling out to their father. Laughing and screeching excitedly. Vetis turned his head to look and see where it was coming from.. and a ghostly small child came running out of thin air wrapping its arms around his hips. ~DADDY!~ The shock upon Vetis' face would be explanation enough. He sank down wrapping his arms around the ghost child and burying his face into her hair. A howl would follow, and there stood one of Vida's spirit wolves watching. Two other children came skipping out then stopped blinking and shying away back behind their mother once they saw Vida. -Little one..- His voice sounded relieved and pained at the same time. His eyes going to the wolf. -My love..- he said breathlessly.. and the spirit wolf would change to a human form of a slender woman. She smiled and opened her arms.. A smile appeared on Vetis' face, and as if he forgot the living, he moved to embrace his mate. The two children jumping excitedly as they waited for him to get close enough to hug.

    Vida somehow managed to force her own crying to cease and bottle up. What remained was a dead look in her eyes as she watched Vetis. "You-..." She paused to clear her throat, refusing to acknowledge what he said to her. Not now. With Arianna's arms full and no one else around, she found herself unwilling to leave Ludo's side entirely. She felt the spirit wolf nearby, but she didn't look to it. Instead, her attention was drawn to Ludo as he spoke... and again her heart sank. Having to draw in a deep breath to keep from losing control again, she kept a snug hold on him - but continued to leave enough leeway for him to break free if he felt the need. "You did everything you could. In the end, you brought him back, and you brought yourself back. We still have you... and for that, I'm thankful. We could have lost both of you - Arianna too - if we hadn't been given the cure. They tried to send Death for you and you were able to defy them - and until your time or my own comes, I'll help protect you with my life...whenever it's needed." Her head slowly shook, and she did her best to brush stray wetness from fallen tears from his hair. Even as she did, she watched Vetis reunite with his family. Bittersweetness took her, and while acceptance would only be able to come in time... she drew in a heavy breath before she said one more thing. "... He has found his family. He's alright now... and we will be too..."

    Arianna kept walking, her eyes looking around the camp and seeing how empty it was even with Vida and Ludo there. She felt as if she were on the edge of madness. what was this all for? She looked down at Vetis once again. She could hear some sort of words being said to Ludo, but for the life of her she could not make them out to be actual words. She finally turned and walked into the water till it was up to her chest and Vetis' body was covered to his face. She wanted to wash the stains upon him away. She had not been ready to see him so ill once again. Letting him float slightly as she moved her hand along his face to clean it and down his chest. The bleeding had finally stopped.. as it had no where left to go nor anything to drive it to continue pouring from whatever magic blood well that illness had created. This she would focus upon. She would start to get him ready for his pyre.. yes.. one thing at a time.. she could focus on this if only to center herself for a moment.

    Ludo took in a soft breath and nodded. He finally looked up attempting to brush his tears away with an already soaked sleeve. he could hear arianna pacing but it took him a moment to finally look at the alpha. When he did, it was a reality shattering sight to see her look so lost. If before he had any ill feelings towards her for what she had done.. they were not even a distant memory now. He watched as she moved into the water and was unsure at first of what she was doing. As Vida spoke he looked to her and reached up to place his hand upon her shoulder. "And I you." he said, though probably with a deeper meaning than she knew. He took in a deep breath.. and looked around the area as if he were hoping to see something.. but nothing other than the grass waving in the gentle breeze. His eyes returned to Arianna.. and for the first time he worried about her sanity while she quietly stood there washing Vetis' face. "Should.. we do something?" he asked Vida.

    Vetis Bruun watched with a grin as his children gathered around him. He leaned in and placed his forehead to his mates and then felt her push him to the side slightly. She held up her hand a moment with a loving smile and came forward to Vida, and knelt. ~Thank you.~ her voice was earthy and warm. ~please.. watch over our son?~ as soon as those words left her mouth, she was gone.. as was Vetis and the children. The last remaining words she said could have referred to Ludo, as he was like a son to Vetis. But without much context or direction, that was all she had to go on. It might have felt empty.. a sudden void where Vetis was.. no goodbye, no further words spoken from the spirits.. just gone.

    Vida only looked toward Arianna as she realized she was moving toward the water; she refused to drop her gaze in the direction of Vetis' body, even if she was able to see from where she was. Her hold finally began to loosen on Ludo as she looked on, his words registering and causing her to pass him a warm expression - maybe one meant to try and offer him some semblance of comfort. But at his question, she hesitated. "Give her a moment. This was a difficult thing for her to do, I have no doubt of that... and you have been through enough without having to get any closer to... see..." Her voice and thoughts trailed off once again as the spirit came closer. Her heartbreak lingered in her stare, but she dipped her chin nonetheless in response to the words of the spirit. Mention of a son indeed caused her to look toward Ludo, but before she could return her attention to ask for clarification, she noticed the emptiness.

    Arianna stayed within the water for a long long while before she moved to leave it. Vetis' body was as clean as it would get for now. She turned and made her way up the bank and set the body near the fire pit and stood for a long moment. "Dressed.. we need to get you dressed." She said as if she were speaking to Vetis right in front of her. "You should have.. proper clothing for a hunter. Weapons.." she seemed to walk off to the side and stare at nothing for a moment. "And.. proper gifts for the Gods." She looked around the clan village once again. She did not notice Sunthor near his hut.. just the emptiness between. "Prepare his pyre!" she called out as if people were standing around staring at her. "A feast.... NO ONE DISTURB ME!" she shouted and started to move toward the long hall. Her face was mixture of confusion and absolute loss. Unless someone attempted to stop her or follow her.. she would simply walk into the long hall leaving the doors open and pacing back and forth talking to herself.

    Ludo felt the grip of Vida's hands ease on him. His head nodded as he listened to her words as he watched Arianna. "I don't know if I could have actually had done it." He would not see Vida look at him at that moment but would be more focused on watching Arianna has she talked to Vetis' corpse. As she laid Vetis down and called for the pyre to be built before she headed off toward the long hall, he slowly got up from the ground and would walk towards the trees and began picking up sticks and kindling and started work on the pyre. It was all he could think to do to obey the command. It was the least he could do for the one he had been through so much with and looked up to.

    Vida hesitated to do anything else, but she knew well enough that a direct command to leave Arianna alone... was not a cryptic invitation to try and approach her until she was ready. She remained where she was for a time, pausing and reaching a hand up to touch the stone pendant she wore around her neck. Still, she joined him at least, not saying much at first... but then she finally said -something,- at least, pausing at the pyre and refusing to look directly at it. "All those years ago, when the clan faced Kurnin... I found myself unable to find the will to get up. My spirit was worn and beaten down... but as I gripped for anything on the ground that I could, I found this... stone in my hand..." She paused as she withdrew the pendant from around her neck, a Nordic rune engraved into its surface. "And as I held it, and looked toward you and Vetis... I found the strength and will to get up, dust myself off... and join the rest of you." Her lips were pressed together in a thin line - and if she could, she took a step toward him. "... So I engraved a Strength rune upon it. I've worn it ever since. It has been my way of keeping you both nearby, even when you've been elsewhere. It gave me strength when it was needed... but..." Her brow furrowed as she reached out her hand to offer it to him. "... I want you to have it now. Maybe it'll help you the way it helped me... even if just a little."

    Ludo placed the bundle of wood onto the pyre and then heard Vida's voice. He turned around and faced her. His eyes shifted down and looked at the stone that she held in her hand for the moment. He looked up as he noticed her taking a step closer to him. He looked down again as she offered the stone to him and would extend his hands to her to accept it. His eyes would well up as he stared at the pendant in his hands. He would grasp it with his left hand and then would attempt to move close to her to give her a hug. If allowed he would say aloud enough for her to hear "Th-thank you Vida." He would go quiet for a moment before continuing. "The strength is within the pack."

    Vida nodded slowly, looking upon him for another moment before turning away to resume helping him gather kindling. More than likely, the others within the woods would return soon and be able to assist them, whether in preparing the pyre or a feast. Hopefully. There had to be some small collection of Omegas available to assist. Either way, she nodded as she gathered pieces of wood. "It is... and everything will be alright. Still... if you need anything, you can come to me anytime, or call for me if I'm not around. There's no point in you pushing through your pain alone, especially if it would help you to have someone helping you through it." And her? She would be okay, one way or another - she could handle it, as she always had. Least she figured she could.

    Ludo returned the look back to her before she went to continue gathering. He would watch her for a moment and then would place the pendant around his neck before continuing gathering more wood for the pyre. He kept working as he listened to her speak but would pause for a moment. "I..I really appreciate Vida. You have already started to make me feel to have the strength to move on. I think I will be ok." Then he would continue placing the bundle onto the sides of the pyre.

    Vida looked away for a while, turning her attention toward the den with a reluctant sigh. She needed to step away for a while... try and get her head clear. "I'm glad. This will be difficult... but that's what the rest of the pack is for - to pull each other through." Her tongue pressed into her cheek, her breath hitching suddenly in her throat as an aftershock to her own crying before. "I... think I should go make sure Ásbjörn knows what has happened." She paused to look in his direction. "... Unless you feel you need company or just would rather not be alone?" She honestly wasn't sure what he might have preferred at that point.

    Ludo stopped and looked at her before going to gather more as she spoke and nodded. "It will be tough for a time." He paused for a moment. "I hope he is happy again, wherever in Vahalla he is." He looked into her eyes and smiled. "I will be fine. I'll finish this up and will give me some time with him"...he looks over at the prye at Vetis.."to say my peace now I have the courage to do so." He turned back and looked at her and smiled. "I will see you soon."

    Vida swallowed the lump in her throat once more. "Last I saw his spirit... he was smiling. Happy. His family was here to greet him and bring him with them." She could only hope this idea brought him some kind of comfort. "He will be able to rest." One of her hands moved to his shoulder for a moment, a small dip in her chin before she withdrew to move toward the den. "Soon, yes. Call for a raven and say my name to it once or twice if you need me. It will know how to bring me back here." With that, she began to head off unless stopped.

    Ludo smiled more as she spoke. "That is good. I am glad he is at piece now." He looked at her as she placed her hand on his shoulder and he would return a nod back towards her before she withdrew. "Thank you, Vida." He watched her for a moment as she headed off towards the den and would turn back and gaze at the pyre for a moment before continuing off to get more wood to finish building the pyre.
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    Promises Broken: In a moment of weakness...

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    Arianna swung the doors wide open to the long hall, nearly knocking them from their hinges. She left them where they landed and looked around the empty tables, her heart pounding. None of this could be real. She thought about the last time she walked into a long hall that was full to the brim of happy celebrating clansmen. Part of her knew that the only reason the village was empty was because she sent away the few that she had to keep them safe.. but even when they came back they could not amount to the same numbers she had grown up with in the Iron Jaw.

    Her eyes darted to the chairs that sat at the center of the hall then to the empty tables again. She felt her skin start to chill as her air seemed to be taken away from her. Her eyes opened wide as she started to pace.

    “Were we wrong?” She asked the emptiness. “Should we have just stayed apart?” She looked at the chairs again. She felt as if someone had wrapped their arms around her chest. “O-Odin?” she huffed in a shallow breath. “Gunnar?” She took in a deep breath. “Gaireth?” She barely whispered. She took in a deep breath again and covered her mouth as her eyes continued to stream tears down her cheeks. She paused her pacing and stood in the middle of the long hall picturing the faces of all they had lost. Was this just the start? Or was this the end? It wasn't even her own pack that had suffered through these horrible losses.

    The once proud 9 clans. Elders to newborns. Most of them were no where to be found, and the ones that were seemed desperate to finish off what was left. A loud gasp escaped her hand as she started to hyperventilate. Had her choice to be with Gunnar caused this? Were all of her beloved clan doomed? Slowly she let herself drop down to her knees and took a moment trying to catch her breath. What could she do? Every promise she ever made her pack had pretty much been broken. From Gunnar all the way down to Vetis. Would she really be able to help the clan grow, or was she destined to fail?

    Finally she let out a pained cry and started to sob harder. Something she had managed to choke back all through the years. This was the first time she had to take a life of a fellow pack member. She had been used to finding them dead and grieving slightly as she built their pyres. This was far harder than anything she had to do before.. and yet it seemed so fast. She closed her eyes tightly as she let the shuttering cry out. Her hands laid upon her lap palms up in a hopeless useless feel. Her entire body trembled as she tried her hardest not to picture the look upon Vetis as he slowly faded back to the sickly corpse he had become. Realizing that she herself took his life from him after telling him to fight and that he would live. Slowly she dropped to her side and curled up in a small ball hugging her legs to her. Her long pearl white hair tangled around her and splayed upon the floor still wet from the waters.

    “I am so sorry.” she whimpered and coughed. “What have I done?” She felt dizzy and as if the pain in her chest was only growing. Slowly she twisted her arms under her face and laid her head upon them as her eyes focused on the floor. “It's my fault.” she huffed slightly. “I did this..  all of this..” Her eyes glazed over.. as if the tears had long since drained to dust. Slowly she pictured each of the lost members.. Then the lost clans she had known as a child. From the Elder her father had introduced her to, down to the spiral clan they had come across in the woods trying to pedal his herbs for a little dried meat.

    “Gunnar, your vision was beautiful. A clan that was free and full of those who felt rejected. A powerful and loving clan that watched out for themselves and others. Our dream of becoming the tenth clan, should never have been. What were we trying to do?” she growled softly, finding herself attempting to share the blame with her long dead first mate. “No.. this was not your fault. It was my own.” she shook her head and started to push up from the floor. “I take full responsibility.” she managed to get to her knees. “I should have told you no.. I just.. wanted to be with you.” She shook her head slightly. “My own desires are what killed you... My own choices to run and escape someplace other than here.. that is what killed the others... and my brother.” she choked slightly. “My child... “ she placed her hand along her stomach and whimpered slightly. She had not taken the time to really mourn the loss of her first born.

    She cleared her throat and crawled to a table using the bench to help her stand once again.. Slowly she would start to pace. Her mind continuing to point out every choice she ever made and how it effected and caused the deaths of her clan and the fall of other clans. Suddenly she heard Annoth's voice calling her name. She paused a moment and closed her eyes, anger starting to ebb its way into her sorrowed mood. Annoth had rushed back as soon as he had seen the signal. As much as anyone else, if not more, he was concerned for the alpha of their clan.

    "Arianna!" he called. His voice heard from outside the long hall, his form soon appearing through the doorway. He was unsure of what exactly had occurred let alone Arianna's state herself. Arianna looked up at the door to see Annoth, and as much as she wanted to be alone, she could not turn him away. It was her job to inform him..  

    "I.. am here." she said in a meek voice as if she were doing her best not to break down yet again. She cleared her throat and spoke again. "In here, Annoth." She said, even though he was probably looking directly at her by now. Her eyes would not meet his, rather they would barely lift from the floor as if she were ashamed. Annoth gazed at her quietly,  noting her posture, the sound of her voice. He approached slowly, as if worried he himself might cause her to break down. He had not seen her like this since... well... when they had lost so many of their clan.

    "What happened Arianna?" he asked "You do not look like one who has overcome danger." Arianna kept her eyes to the floor as he approached then..  for the mere sake of attempting to do something rather than just stand there, she moved to the table. Lifting up a pitcher and pouring mead with a shaking hand before she set the pitcher back down roughly. When his questions came she paused, her fingers around the goblet.

    "I am..  fine. The blood clan's magic is working to heal the damage they have done to me. Lu.." she paused and cleared her throat lifting the cup up taking a sip and having trouble swallowing it. After she finally managed, she clears her throat again.. Her head tilted slightly to talk to him, but her eyes remaining on the table. "Ludo is recovering his illness.. It may be a few days or even a week before he is fully recovered." she paused for a moment.. her lip quivered as she froze trying to say the next name. Tears filled her eyes once again. "Vet... Vetis is dead." she choked slightly, trying her best to keep her.. wavering composure. “We.." she cleared her throat again and made for the mead as if that would help her any. Swallowing the gulp easier this time. "We were too late for him..." Annoth felt a lump appear in his throat, he had never been on the best of terms with Vetis, nor been particularly close but he felt sorrow for the loss of a fellow clan member. It was no surprise Arianna was shaken, the loss of a clan always shook her to the core.

    "It is not your fault Arianna." he would approach, and if allowed he would gently reach out to touch her arm. "You feel responsible?" he asked, his eyes gazing at her gently., his tone nothing but warmth and gentility. Arianna shook her head slightly then paused and nodded.

    "I am." she said finally. "I should have gone out in search of them when they did not return.. Instead i assumed they had abandoned us after you left.." she felt his hand and tears freely poured from her eyes.. that tone.. it was hard to stay mad at him even with that tone. "I..I had to put him down myself." she said in a soft strangled voice. "In front of everyone." She closed her eyes remembering Vida and Ludo's reaction far more clearly than anyone else. Annoth felt his heart ache as he saw her weep, it took much to crack that hard armor that Arianna wore but this one way to do it. He would promptly wrap his arms around her and attempt to draw her to him.

    "It is not your fault and never has been. All that has happened was out of your hands. You acted as you should, as a leader. If I were in your place... I... I would have done the same Arianna. Do not blame yourself." Arianna struggled against him at first, when he pulled her into his arms. Then.. within a split second, wrapped her arms around his middle and buried her face into his chest letting out a soft sob. Though his words were comforting, she probably would not feel the truth in them for a long while. Her mind clouded with the spirits of the dead and how they suffered before death. From her own mother to her stillborn and down to Vetis.

    "When does it stop?" She whimpered against him. Annoth moved his hand to run through her hair, his other arm holding her securely to himself. He felt part of himself glad that she relied on him so in a way, even against the sorrow of so much they had loss.

    "When does the loss stop? When do those we love cease to meet their end?" he sighed gently. "Arianna, it does not stop... but... we can honor them as we honored the others. They live through our memories and through the memories of the clan. Losses do not stop, but we can be strong and honor them, or weak and fail to do so." Arianna closed her eyes tightly and shuttered against him as she attempted to stop crying and only failed. For a moment she just stayed like that, face hidden away from him as if she were ashamed at how weak she was being right now. When her sobs finally stopped she took a deep breath, filled with his scent. Then another one before she turned to rest the side of her face against his chest.

    "I do not know what to do with that girl. I agreed to have no part in her punishment.. but every fiber within my being wants to tear her to shreds.. My mind filled with all of the rituals and horrible things I could and would do to her.. If not for my promise to Sunthor that I would not kill her." Her eyes opened and looked directly out the Long-Hall doors focused upon the last Hut where the body of Vetis once was. "I know she did not inflict them.. but she was part of it... and I want to punish her for it." Annoth shook his head slowly.

    "I do not know either, but it is clear that her responsibility in it means she must be punished. If not by death or torture then by some other means, through restitution." he continued to gently run his hand through her hair, to pet her, to do his best to soothe her. "I am sorry that I have not been here to do more for you." he stated "You have been a great leader to this clan, and it falls down to us to support you as well." after a time he asked "When you are ready, we shall hold a ceremony for Vetis, to honor him, and we shall write of him and Ludo so their memory lives on for all they endured." Arianna nodded against his chest.. his petting was soothing her sorrows for now. As he apologized for not being there more often she was reminded of the words that were said..  and though it still angered her to think of them.. she did not want to push him away just yet. Perhaps falling back under the spell that had caused her that great sickness in the beginning.

    "Yes..  A grand pyre to match the one of my father's.. In a few days time. I will send word to Skarvald and let Baulder know what has happened.." she gave a soft sigh. Politics were always something she hated about being an alpha. "Perhaps invite him to retrieve the cure the Blood clan has given us.. so that no one will ever fall into the same situation as we did." Annoth nodded slowly in agreement.

    "A fine idea, and it is wise of you to retrieve the cure and prevent it from ever infecting anyone in the future." after a time he said "I..about the other day. I spoke words that were harsh, and they only added to your troubles. I wish for you to know it was not your fault, none of it, just as this situation was not your fault. You are a strong woman, and it has only been cruel fate that so much has befallen you." Arianna sighed, and though he could not see it her eyes shifted slightly from the door to his shoulder as if she were tempted to look up at him. As he spoke she closed them and took in a deep breath before pushing away from him. Her eyes not wanting to look up into his face.. as if she were attempting to avoid something.

    "I wish I could accept that. With all the dead members of our clans.. ones that trusted us to keep them alive.. lay at our feet. I.." she shook her head softly. "Even our..child was not spared in this en devour. Though our pack grows stronger now.. just one loss reminds me of what it took to get here..  and how many disapproved. I worry that the other clans were right.. that there should have never been a 10th clan." Annoth continued to gently pet her hair and shook his head slowly.

    "I know it is hard to accept... especially after such loss.." his heart ached for their lost child. "Losses will happen Arianna, and I am sure when all is said and done, they will tell you that you chose right." his arm would gently squeeze her as if to assure her of this point. "And... as for our child..." he closed his eyes. "I... I would try again. I wanted to be a father.." Arianna nodded slightly as he spoke. Gulping as he started to mention their child. Her eyes closed for a split moment before his last words caused her shock and she turned her chin up opening her eyes and looking up into his face.

    "You.." she started to say. "I.. do not know if..  I mean." she seemed to stutter in her words.. as she was unsure of what to say to the option he had offered. Annoth looked down and met her eyes, and gazed at her with longing as he always did.

    "Arianna, when I came back I blamed myself because of what I had given up. I pursued my path when I should have stayed with yours. I never blamed you...I always blamed myself. " he would try to plant a kiss on her forehead. "You are my alpha, and more than that, you are the only woman I will ever trust so entirely, or love so dearly. At the very least I wish for you to know that. " Arianna took in a deep breath as if she intended to move back and away from him. Her heart suddenly aching as she wanted more than anything to stay angry at him. It had been easier that way, to deal with the loss.. to just stay angry. She took another deep breath and hearing his last few words shook her head slightly as she found herself unable to speak right away before she moved her hand and grasped hold of his beard.

    For a moment she held onto it till he started to lean down, knowing what her desire was almost instantly. Arianna met him half way, stretching up onto her toes and tilting her head to press her lips against his. Annoth's hunger and desire for her shown within seconds as he tightened his grip around her and crushed his lips to hers. Even if she had wanted to stop and get away, he would not let her go. He did not see her as an alpha in these moments, just as Arianna. He had been longing ever since he had left, to hold her once again. He would not give up the chance to return to her side. This time, he had no intentions of ever leaving her again.

    As much as she wanted to argue who was at fault or how much pain each of them had suffered, she did not care in this moment. Her hands pet along side his bearded face and eventually went to the back of his neck as if to deepen the kiss. She only broke it finally to press her forehead against his, letting out a soft huff of warm air as he held her tight.

    "I never stopped loving you." She said softly. Annoth grasped onto her tightly, greedily, as if to ensure she never left his side. No...this time he would not leave hers. He would not give up what he wanted, what he had needed.

    "I never stopped either, and every day apart was agony, and every night you were what I dreamed of." he gazed at her, eyes filled with love, and kissed her again, and again. Not ever wanting to stop, not to give up this moment. Arianna tilted her head kissing him back each time he moved in to kiss her. Her arms wrapping around his shoulders, his body shifting as his arms helped to lift her up off the ground. His intention was to have her right then and there.. and she wasn't about to stop him. A moment of weakness.

    When done, Arianna hung for a moment in a passionate fog. Huffing slightly from the exertion of passion. She could feel Annoth's heart pounding against her chest, his breath as it came out in huffs against her neck and shoulder. None of this helped the dizzy feeling she had. In fact it would only last a few more moments before her mind would start a whirlwind of guilt and shaming. She felt Annoth pet along her side then the soft cool breeze come in from the open long hall doors. Wait.. the doors were still open?!

    She looked up and out into the darkness.. they had not lit any lights within the hall but there were enough outside to light the direct sight the two were in. Arianna shoved at Annoth and scrambled for her clothing for a moment. Annoth followed suit, his face no doubt turning a bright red for a split second as he realized what they had done.

    “Annoth...” She said in a soft manner. Her body was still a bit shaken from the sudden workout. She slumped against the table and attempted to smooth out her wild hair.

    "I should have carried you further away." he said aloud to himself. He had the ever so slight wobble of the knee giving him away as he reached for her pants to give them to her. Once he handed her her things she started to slip them back on in a hurried fashion. Eventually dropping down to the bench below as she fastened things back where they should be.

    "No.. it.. its fine." She said softly. Annoth tugged on his pants, doing the little dance of hopping on one leg while getting the other pant leg on. The corner of her lips curled slightly because of his wobbled legs. He tugged them up and fixed his belt and began searching for his boots. Looking at her he saw the grin for a split second and gave one of his own. Her hair a tussled mess.

    "You look beautiful when you smile Arianna." he stated simply. Finally finding his boots he tugged them on and walked over to her, where he would promptly get on the table and sit next to her, his hand reaching out to grasp hers. "So...I think next time I'll close the door behind me at least." Arianna gave out a soft huff of air and looked up at him as he spoke. She could not help but smile and shake her head slightly. As he took her hand in his, she gripped it carefully in hers. Her mind still fuzzy on what to think of the entire situation, but her desires and frustrations were sedated for now.. which had relaxed her quite a bit.

    "Perhaps, or simply give into our animal desires again and again without care of who is looking in upon it." she chuckled slightly then leaned over to rest her head upon his knee. Annoth ran his hand through her hair, petting her again as she rested on him.

    "Well..I admit I am a bit shy...I would rather have you all to myself with no one to look." he squeezed her hand gently. "Last thing I would want to hear is someone saying I have a cute birthmark on my butt." Arianna actually let out a soft chuckle to that again and patted his knee with her free hand.

    "I am pretty sure no one would be focused upon you.. save for that one male.. I think he has a thing for other males.. Hard to tell..  he tends to avoid me when I come around and likes to focus on the males that give him attention." Annoth would cock an eyebrow.

    "The world works in mysterious ways. They do say there are men who are born with the spirit of a woman in them." a slight shrug of his shoulders following. "Still... you've done a good job as alpha Arianna. It's gone beyond what it used to be." he closed his eyes thinking of the past. Arianna also closed her eyes for a moment.. though her memory of the past would be clouded with those she lost and how they were lost. She opened her eyes again and took a deep breath as she started to think more clearly on what she had to do to prepare for Vetis' funeral rights.. and how she would attempt to console poor Ludo.. who had lost everyone from his former clan.

    "Should tell the omegas to start preparing for a pyre and a feast.. we will celebrate Vetis' path to Odin and Fenris. Wood will need to be prepped and shipments from Skarvald sent for." She sighed again and made to get up. This time managing, she would move to the stairs and head up to a room that held a table with a map and a chair. Annoth would nod slowly, he would gaze at her as she went. In a way it represented how she was... dignified, noble, but warm beneath it.

    "Very well, I'll get the omegas in line. We'll talk more if you desire." he said, and would begin to move towards the door. The funeral would be as heart aching as the last for sure, and he knew that Arianna would need him to be there, at the very least to show his support. At the very least they had fixed one thing, he hoped. Albeit a small one in the grand scope of things.

    The candle lit she huffed slightly at the smell of burning wax. As Arianna sprawled out a piece of paper she focused upon the charcoal off to the side. She ran her finger along it and then looked at the dark mark it had left upon the tip. She smudged it between her finger and thumb before picking up the charcoal and starting to write.

    “Balder, Dear friend.

    I have good news and bad. The good news is we will no longer have to fear the illnesses that the Blood Clan bring down upon our packs lands and clans. The bad news is.. It has cost us one of our own. Vetis has died...

    I have the gift for you. If you wish to come to Vetis' funeral.. It will be soon. I will give it to you then and show you how to make it so that we will never be victim to this again. I await your response.

    Arianna of the Frost Fang”

    Time and again she paused. She was not sure just how much information she wanted to put into the letter. Figuring that, if needed, she could give the information to Balder face to face. This would have to do for now. She rolled up the parchment and started her way outside. Calling to one of Vida's raven messengers. Though for a moment the ravens hesitated one bravely flapped over and landed upon Arianna's arm.

    “Skarvald. King Baulder.” She said once the message was fastened. The raven gave out a soft sickly sounding caw before it flitted off in the right direction. With a slow deep breath Arianna looked around the Village again. It was no longer empty. She could see a few omegas moving to help Ludo with the Pyre.. while three others slowly carried Vetis back to the hut to properly clean and dress him for his funeral. She felt her heart sink once again as he was carried through the flickering lights just outside. She turned and made her way back into the long hall. Staring at the barely visible chairs in the middle once more.

    “We are Frost Fang.” she said softly. “We are strong. We are brave. We are honorable.” She continued as if she were giving a speech to the empty room. “We fight for our clan and others that cannot. We are family. We are dedicated. We are.. the chosen of Fenrir.” her voice became slightly more defiant. “We may trip and fall.. but we will stand again.. and those we have lost.. will be remembered as legends.” She took a deep breath.. and then turned away from those chairs in the middle. She walked out of the long hall closing the doors behind her.. and went to her hut. Once inside she would drop down to her bed for much needed rest.
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    Eruption: I Could Have Loved You

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    Vida had retreated to the Spirit Rise almost immediately after she'd spoken with Ludo, despite her declaration to inform Ásbjörn of the end of the sickness. She had remembered Arianna's request to be left alone... and resisted the urge to venture into the long hall to check on her. Broken, her tears had fallen freely, her heart cracked and aching. She barely made it to the top of the cave at the Rise before she fell to her knees upon the lush grass that grew upon it. Her sobs were hysterical, her body shuddering, her face buried into her hands.

    They may have stopped the sickness in two, but they'd failed one. They didn't act quickly enough, didn't find him soon enough. Nothing had been enough. Not for the one who'd touched her heart in the past. She had had her brief fascinations, but Vetis had been the first to convince her - truly convince her - that there was safety in entrusting your heart in the hands of another... assuming the other was the right choice. In the end, he could not promise himself to her, and consequently her to him - but his loss still pained her on a level she wasn't expecting.

    The first cut had been the deepest.

    She remembered clearly the day the Shadow Wolf had walked away from her. Vida thought at the time that she would never feel such a profound pain in her heart again as the sinking she felt watching him leave. She was a little younger, a little more naive; it was the first lovesick heartbreak she'd ever felt.

    At that time, she still thought they could have been something incredible, had they truly given each other the chance. But when it came down to it, there was darkness and worry and doubt that held them both back. By then, she'd become painfully familiar with the back of his head: the hints of silver forming in the hair on his aging head. The occasional gusts of wind that just barely blew a few strands back. She remembered the few brief moments where she felt the tickle of his beard against her cheek, or the texture of his face beneath the palm of her hand; beneath her fingertips.

    "I could have loved you," she'd mumbled weakly to herself as he'd walked away.

    The defeat of the lich Kurnin had left young Vida a volatile, unstable mess. The ordeal had been a disorienting blur of agony and pain as her packmates had fought off swarms of unnaturally reanimated Shadow Clan corpses. Her pain came from the trapped spirits - it bewildered her packmates when she cried out in pain only for them to see nothing attacking her. She couldn't remember many details unless she really thought about it. What she remembered clearly was the way she cried with relief once the spirits were released; the feel of cold stone beneath her cheek as she remained lying on the ground in a heap, trying to recover spiritually. Her hands clutched at anything she could as if it would comfort her. And as her fingers wrapped around a flat, smooth stone and held it in her hands, her stare had found its way to Vetis and Ludo gathering near the fire as Arianna and Annoth tended to each other. Something in that moment brought her calm... and strength. A sentimental part of her caused her to keep the stone, later engraving the Nordic rune for Strength into its surface.

    And when she finally found the strength to push herself up to join the others at the fire, she remembered the softness she caught in Vetis' stare. Even with him shifted, she could see it - or she thought she did at the time.

    Looking back later, Vida had found doubt.

    "You could have loved me."

    She had been spying on his hunting party when they first met. They were tracking the only two remaining packmates she had left, and she intended to do whatever she could to throw them off the trail. Her illusions had succeeded in catching the attention of three; Vetis and Ludo had remained. It was Vetis who ultimately found her.

    "You're that strange little runt from the Blood Clan..."

    The observation had caused her to run in a knee-jerk panic. Ultimately, Ludo had taken her down. She'd looked back on the memory later on with laughter, remembering the way Ludo bounced from side to side to dodge her wildly kicking feet as he only held her in place before Vetis could catch up and snag her up onto her feet. She'd watched as Ludo had tried to yank strands of her hair from between his teeth. That, too, caused her to chuckle to herself whenever she looked back on it.

    Her defiance had caused her to use her wild illusions to toy with Vetis, even after she'd been captured and he'd begun to drag her after the others. As they'd continued through the woods after the rest of the hunting party, he was greeted by snarling barks and spectral distractions just to give him pause. She'd antagonized him; gotten under his skin. It was all she could do, being at a loss; she was no match on her own against both of them. Still, she'd never forgotten the way the two brothers had spared her life, rather than merely killing her and returning a corpse instead of a living captive.

    She never understood the meaning behind his words. But then, in that moment of grief and loss, the memory came to her as she thought of his face in excruciating detail.

    Vida was a mere child, attached at her mother's hip. Edda often brought her daughter with her into the woods, even out past their borders into territory that was still neutral at the time. The memory was blurred to her, as long ago as it had been - and seemingly insignificant, at least to her.

    She remembered spoken words between her mother and another: a thin woman with dark hair and a warm voice, at the side of a man with a thick black beard and quietly observant eyes. The two had looked upon each other as Edda and the woman spoke, the glimmer in his eyes becoming a bit bemused by her. Still, something about him had appeared... worried, maybe. She couldn't really tell. Worry was not something she saw often in others yet.

    Vida's quiet stare had been considered unnerving by many back then, the way she looked upon people with wide golden eyes that spoke volumes of things she had seen, but had been too young to truly remember, let alone understand. That stare was locked on the strange man with the thick beard. He looked entirely different from the others she knew, as accustomed as she'd become to the lighter, auburn hues of her father.

    "My little one, it's rude to stare," Edda had suddenly murmured to her, chastising her and snapping out of her daze. She passed an apologetic look toward the pair. "This is the first time she's seen anyone from another clan. She must be so used to what ours tend to look like that she's a little stunned..."

    The man waved off her words. "She's done us no harm."

    Goodbyes were said, then the raven-haired woman spoke. "We should start traveling back, Vetis. We will try again tomorrow..."


    Vida's sobs stopped suddenly, her eyes going wide.

    That was what he had meant. He'd remembered her...

    The blue flame above the cave had burned for as long as she could remember. Seemingly, it was self-sustaining. Vida had done nothing to fuel or extinguish it once she'd lit it - but that night, she dragged heavy furs up to the top of the cave and abruptly snuffed the fire out. Her stare dropped to the extinguished fire, and again, her tears had begun to fall as she stared out at nothing.

    "I could have- ... I did. I loved you - once... and you went away. You kept going away, and I wanted so badly to follow you every time you did. But this time... I won't go where you've gone. I can't. Not yet." There was a downturn in the corners of her lips deep enough for her to feel it this time; her frown hurt her. "I'm sorry... but I won't let Ludo join you yet. There were three of you, and now there's only one... and we need him with us. We need his light, because his ability to smile in spite of the madness around him is one of the few things I... we... have left."

    But as she spoke... her features began to contort into a mixture of pain and anger. "It wasn't supposed to be like this! You were supposed to STAY! Maybe I wasn't good enough on my own, but why weren't all of us together enough to keep you with us? Why did you keep leaving? Why did you have to go again?" Her voice grew raspier, a natural growl in her tone as fur began to sprout along her body, her form beginning to contort more painfully than she could remember experiencing. For the first time in her life, she shifted not because she consciously decided to, but because she'd lost control. It brought her to her knees, her body hunched over and her growing claws digging into the ground that she'd worked so hard to remain composed and reverent upon, until her voice erupted into a roar.

    "THIS WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED IF YOU'D STAYED!" Her teeth had sharpened, her eyes a wolfish yellow in the moonlight. Her ears began to point and rise up toward the top of her head, a snout beginning to show itself as the tip of her nose turned black. Her teeth were bared painfully as she screamed up toward the sky. "YOU HAD SO MUCH OFFERED TO YOU AND YOU ALWAYS TURNED IT AWAY! WE TRIED TO SAVE YOU! ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS HOLD ON! YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE GONE!" Her words became harder to speak, let alone understand, as her shift completed into her war form. Unable to speak any longer, she panted a few times in exasperation before she threw her head back and let out a howl of agony and loss. The note sailed through the air. Chances were it reached all corners of their territory, maybe even across the waters to the Travelers' Campsite, and to the bear den.

    Her spirit wolves joined her, no matter their location. A chorus of howls echoed that of the Spirit Walker they had walked alongside and aided for many years by then. It was a sound that any could hear at that time: ghostly. Unearthly. Airy. But just as suddenly as they'd begun, they ended, sensing Vida's bursting rage and retreating. They could not join in on anger. They would not.

    Before she could even think, she grasped the covered brazier that had held the blue flames she'd used to speak to the spirits many times before - and in one powerful toss, she sent the item soaring over the edge of the Spirit Rise and to the ground below, ash and embers and dust flitting through the air and metal crashing into the earth, bending and distorting it in places. The furs caught small gusts of wind, sailing through the air and crumpling on the ground far below mere seconds later.

    Her tantrum didn't stop immediately. She didn't jump off the edge of the cave so much as rolled off, landing before its entrance and charging inside, only to rip the two chairs within it to shreds, leaving the more solid pieces lying dismantled upon  the floor. Parchment, fabric, feathers from pillows - all were strewn about the cave she'd lived in, slept in many times. By the time she was finished, only two things remained: the crate of goods Arianna had sent her not too long ago, and the furs in the center of the cave.

    As she stood hunched over inside, she panted and heaved, her body trying to cry, but only able to produce unsteady breaths and high-pitched whines and whimpers.

    "My little runt..."

    Vida did not turn to look toward the sound of her mother's voice, but it became clear that she was listening as she did her best to fall silent. Edda knew very well that her daughter was not reacting solely to Vetis' death, but to all the loss she had never truly taken the time to react to, either from her sense of duty or an emotional blockage that had only recently begun to thin. This outburst was for Edda; for Vida's father Valdi; for Arianna's first mate, Gunnar; for Fozz. It was for the fallen Iron Jaw, and the lies she felt she had to tell Arianna about her father Gaireth just to grant the alpha peace of mind.

    But above all else, it was for her first love; the one she lost. She had moved on, but some part of her heart remembered. It was for the man she'd tried so many times to offer her heart to, to reassure that he was not the coward he thought he was, to insist that he was more than good enough. It was for the trouble Fozz put himself to alert them of the illness. The risk they put themselves through because it was a means to an end to save him, and to save Ludo. The ferocity with which they reacted when they'd worried the Shadow Brothers' fates were sealed. She was ready to put her life on the line to save one who had shown her softness and hints of love... and in the end, heartbreak.

    "I know you are in pain... but you all did everything you could. Releasing your anger is expected, but do not feed it..."

    The Spirit Walker stared at the mess she made of the cave with a heart-rending whimper. And after a few more seconds, she turned to the image of her mother's spirit, who lingered off to the side. Unable to speak, Vida simply shambled past her and out of the cave, beginning to descend from the Spirit Rise.

    She had disrupted the stillness that usually coated that small spot - one of the few places within the Northern Free Lands where the ground was considered hallowed and peaceful. Only one thought came into her mind: I am not worthy.

    She did not belong there. Her mother followed her out, trying to whisper soothing words to her before she began to dissipate once more.

    "Go to your mate. Allow his presence to calm you."

    And that was exactly what Vida did. She forced herself to continue along the path leading to the bear den on all fours. Her body began to shrink down, her fur beginning to retreat, her tail and snout receding back into her body, her ears rounding and slipping back down to the sides of her head. Nude and drained, she found herself curled up on the floor of Ásbjörn's den, falling into a deep sleep, save for the occasional pained whimpers that came forth as she slumbered. Her mate noticed her presence soon enough, and was quick to lift her from the ground and place her in their bed, watching over her as she'd done for him multiple times before.

    It was a long, dreamless night for her - one that allowed her to finally bare her wounds and allow them to begin their mending.

    For many years, she had contained her pain as best as she could; hid it from the rest of her clan with the belief that they all had enough of a burden without having to grant their Spirit Walker emotional support. But she'd finally come to realize that it was alright to release her moments of vulnerability; she felt safe releasing these moments around Ásbjörn. Even through grief, she was thankful. In the long run, she had found exactly what Ludo had wanted her to have: someone unafraid to love her the way she loved them in return.

    The worst was nearly over. It was time for all of them to begin healing.
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    Sunthor proceeded to escort Nanna away from the quarantined hut. His hand held firmly under her arm as the two walked along side each other. He would keep quiet and would look straight ahead focused on getting Nanna away. When they reached the well he would turn in the direction towards his hut. She might have assumed that he was taking her back to Arianna's cell and might have started to go in that direction but would feel the tug from Sunthor as he changed course and towards the entrance to his house. When they made it the front he would let go of her but would turn to look at her to watch her for the moment.

    Nanna had indeed started to shuffle her feet in the direction of the Alpha's house but soon found herself being tugged another direction. When he let go of her arm she blinked looked down at her arm and then back at him. "What are you doing?" She asked confused. There was a hint of suspicion in her expression but most of it was surprise and worry as to what was about to happen. For the moment she didn't move or act as if she were going to run away. At most she was just giving the expression of confusion and fear.

    Sunthor stared at Nanna for a moment and then would look up past her towards the sick hut that they had come from. "It might be best for you tonight to stay with me than Arianna's, if you want to at least want to live for the night." He then look down at her and stare into her eyes for the moment and would reach up to her right shoulder and attempt to lightly squeeze to offer her some sort of assurance.

    Nanna blinked and looked into his eyes. There was just confusion in her expression, regardless of his physical gesture. She had expected the squeeze to be a pull to drag her into the new prison. "Why? Why delay what is obviously going to happen to me anyway?" She asked. "It isn't like you still have any care what happens to me.. you made that very clear."

    Sunthor sighed slightly and his expression would soften as she spoke. He would break the eye contact and look down at the ground between for a moment as he was gathering his thoughts. He then look back up at her. "I can't say if that is really for certain or not." He would again attempt to gently squeeze her shoulder. "That is not entirely true, Nanna. I wasn't for sure who you had become and I was frightened. I did what I could for my pack. I know I lied to you but you have to consider my reasoning." He would let go of her shoulder and turn towards the entrance of the hut and would step closer to it. His hand would reach up and grasp the cell door and held it still for a moment. His head tilted down and would shake his head then would let go of the cell door. He would instead turn to the door of his hut and would open it as he stepped off to the side. As he held the door open with his hand, his free arm would extend out towards her and would clasp and open his hand. "Come. It is getting cold out here and you look like you could use a good hot meal."

    Nanna blinked and looked at the cell as he held onto it for a moment. She listened to him speak and then as he opened the door to his hut she glanced off at the north west peeks as if to be sure the sun had fallen down behind them. There was hesitance, obviously but she eventually started to move her legs forward into the dark hut and stood off to the side. Confusion still her choice for a expression mask. Part of her wondered just what he had in mind for her, curiosity maybe to see if he would do what she thought he might. Ideas sparking into her mind of how she could take advantage of this situation if it was going the route she thought it to be. "Alright." she said softly once inside. "Now what do you want me to do?" her voice was soft and breathy. There was a hint of fear still in her tone.

    Sunthor followed in behind once she walked through the entrance. He noticed she had stopped to the side but could not see the expression on her face in the darkness of the room. "Wait right there." he would say to her and then would walk around the corner and knelt down in front of the fireplace. He reached over and grabbed a couple of logs off the small wood pile that sat off to the side and prepped the chamber as he stacked the pieces onto each other. He then grabbed some dried kindling that was piled next to the wood pile and placed inbetween the two logs. He grabbed the set pieces of flint that layed on the stone base and struck them together till a spark caught the kindling on fire. He puffed on it for a moment to make the small fire breath and grow until the logs finally caught fire. He stood up and turned back towards where Nanna stood and would start to see her more visibly as the light from the fire would become brighter. The metal from the cage would also become visible and more noticeable to see. He would walk towards the cage door and open it as he looked at her. "Please." he would say to her as he gestured for her to enter. If she chose to obey, he would shut the door and lock it as she entered behind her and would pull the key out from the lock and tuck it away in his pouch. He would watch her to see what she would do.

    Nanna watched him for a moment, and as the light grew she started to look around what she thought to be a emptier hut.. and paused looking at the cage bars. As he gestured for her to go in she somewhat frowned and obeyed. walking in and looking around the small room.. at least it was better than the cramped corners of the outside cells. "Why do you have cells on every hut? Or inside your huts? Why do you all have so many places to keep prisoners?" She asked as she looked around noting the rafters above her.

    Sunthor would watch her for a moment longer as she checked out the room. He reached up and scratched at his beard and then would move his shoulders to try and stretch them. The armor was starting to strain his body some after wearing it for the most part of the day. He walked over to the rug laying on the floor in front of the bed and proceeded to take off the chest piece and shoulders then arm guards and sat them down onto the rug. He pulled on his shirt to loosen it from being stuck against his body. He walked back to the cell as he heard the questions being spoke from Nanna. "It is better for us to keep closer watch and also to keep those separated that need to be." He paused for a moment before continuing on answering the next question. "This is the only one that you will see bars inside." Not wanting to explain the reason of that one yet. He would not take note as she looked up towards the rafters. "I'll be back. I'll go to the long haul and see if there is any meat in storage and some mead."

    Nanna crossed her arms and huffed slightly. She started to pace around the small room. "Could i have some water to clean up with?" she asked hoping to catch him before he left. She noted the couch looked a lot more comfortable than the wooden flooring she had been resting on the past night or so. On the table.. a knife.. but she would not allow her eyes to linger upon it to long, not wanting to draw his attention there. instead she walked over to the windows and squinted her eyes attempting to see out into the growing darkness. She did not know what direction they had brought her from.. she was unconscious.. so she was still trying to decide just how far they were from where her and the bull had met them.

    Sunthor turned and opened the door and started to walk out but stopped as he heard her speak. He turned back to look at her and nodded. "I'll see what I can find." He then turned and walked out of the hut and closed the door behind him. As he walked to the long hall his thoughts still was unsure about her but at least for now he did enjoy her company so far.

    Nanna watched the door for a long moment waiting to see if he would suddenly return. Then slowly she made her way to the table looking over the small knife. She reached down and plucked it from the table and tested the blade.. dull.. really dull. She frowned. The only way this knife would have been useful is if it were made of silver. She huffed.. it was the best she had to work with for now. She brushed it off then moved it into her vest into a hidden pocket. Then started to wander around the small room. Her thoughts went back and forth as she tapped hard on the window to see how thick or thin the glass could be. She then gave it a second before she doubled up her fist and struck the window. All she ended up with was a sore hand. Cursing and wandering back and forth shaking the fingers slightly snapping her wrist back and forth. she finally moved over to the couch and flumped down.. it wasn't a soft comfy bed but it was still comfortable enough. her eyes went back to the rafters again.. maybe.. She stood up and looked at the door then jumped onto the couch. She then jumped up and just barely missed with her fingertips the bottom part of the rafter. landing with a grunt to the floor and turning to look at the chairs.. perhaps that would be easier. She stood up and brushed off her knees as she wandered over to the chair and carefully started to step up onto it. A bead of sweat running down the back of her neck as she concentrated on being careful not to knock anything over as she attempted to jump once again. this time catching the bottom of the beam and hanging for a moment.. she kicked her legs and attempted to pull herself up to the rafters. Her legs kicked a few times and she hung for a moment longer huffing before she kicked up and managed to pull herself up. Finally up there she started to balance crawl her way close to the cell door, making sure she was out of sight for when he came back.

    Sunthor returned from the long hall a while later with the meat, mead, and the pitcher of water. His hands were full holding the items and had to get in a awkward position close to the door and managed to flip up the clasp to open it. When door went ajar he lightly kicked it with his foot to open it fully so there was room for him to walk through. Once he stepped inside he noticed she wasn't anywhere in the room to be seen. He tilted his head in confusion and walked towards the cell. It didn't appear that she was behind the barrel or the couch. He stared at the empty cell for a moment dumbfounded. He shifted the contents in his hand and held them with his opposite arm against his chest. He reached into his pouch and pulled out the key and inserted it into the cell door lock and unlocked it. He pushed the door open and stepped inside and continued to search around the room for her. He walked over to the barrel and sat the contents down onto it, not catching that the knife was missing. He looked around again and scratched his head in confusion. "Where the hell did she go?"

    Nanna jumped down once he was near the barrel. She rolled out the cell door, spun on her feet and grabbed the bars closing it shut tight. She stood there staring at him for a moment watching his reaction, but was not running away. "Why did you leave?" she asked suddenly. "Why did you leave me to join this clan? What is so much better about them than our own?"

    Sunthor spun around as he heard the cell door shut and caught her standing on the other side. He quickly moved to the cell door and shook it but stopped shortly as he realized it had locked and looked at her for a moment. "I had to leave there. They were going to kill me if I had stayed. Arianna took me in and has not once treated me ill like those that had in the Blood clan." He looked down and shook his head for a moment before looking back up and staring at her straight in the eyes. "I left you because I didn't want them hunting you down too. I didn't want to see you get hurt if they had found us."

    Nanna narrowed her eyes watching him for a moment. Suspicion was well noticeable in her expression. "Why would they kill you? Or myself? Why would they turn against us?" Though he shook the bars she did not move her hands from it, as if she were nervous that somehow he would jar them loose from their lock. "After you left they said you had deserted us. That you abandoned your mate and home. That the murders.. the murder of my mother and father, were planned out by you and that you were possibly lying while you were with us.." She looked into his eyes. "It is hard for me to believe that those who took me in and cared for me when i had no one left of my blood to do so.. had planned to ever harm us. Convince me... brother." she said letting the word brother sound more like an insult than a term of endearment.

    Sunthor gripped his fingers around the bars and tightly twisted them as she said 'brother'. He didn't say anything afterwards for a moment and then moved his face closer to the bars. "They are liars. The words they had been saying to you have all been lies. The night I murdered our parents they had me believed that it was my mission. For the better good for the pack." He moved back slightly before continuing. "Then I overheard two of the clansmen and found out it was all a ploy. Their plan was to have us mate, bare children, and then have me sacrifice them... or if I refused then they would have done it themselves. Regardless of the choice it would of had you to be forced into killing me." He looked down quiet for a moment. "It was their plan to sacrifice to the gods of those whose blood was not pure Blood clans'. I feared for our lives, Nanna." He slowly looked up to her, eyes glossing over that the tears started to cause. "That is why I left."

    Nanna took a few shallow breaths as he spoke and slowly moved away from the bars. When he was done she seemed to pace for a moment, eyes focused on nothing as she was locked inside her head thinking. "I.." she started to say, then slowly came to a stop near the door of the cell. "I've not seen any of this in our clan.. I've heard whispers of the old clan.. how brutal we... used to be. I remember being put on trial after you left. They dragged me from my bed." she gulped slightly. "I was very scared." She said softly. Slowly her eyes went back to Sunthor. "If what you are saying is true.. You should have taken me with you... They threatened to kill me. One of the clansmen even attacked me. If I had not cast a blood spell and made him stab out his own eye." She paused and shook her head. "I am not sure what he would have done past that point. After that, things changed. They were kinder.. they showed me things. Told me of the other clans.. explained what was happening and who caused it. When the dead came we had to scatter and i ended up with Grio. Traveling around where i was told to try and find the other clans and where they were. Find us a new home." She turned and looked around Sunthor's hut. "I received the message to follow the two pack mates of yours. We thought they would lead us back to the Shadow clan." She goes quiet for a long moment then leans against the bars. "Do you really think I would have killed you?" she asked quietly.

    Sunthor stood still and listened as she spoke. His head tilted and eyes slightly narrowed in sorrow as she told of being attacked and scared. He soon relaxed and couldn't help but smile as she leaned against the bars. "At the time... yes!" he chuckled. "But that was a long time ago. I was young and didn't know who to believe anymore." He leaned in closer to the door to look at her eyes. "I wanted to take you with me. I really did. Over these years I have felt guilty for not doing so. I have tried to make my punishment to try and not shift... to prevent another mercy killing." He paused a moment and looked at the bars. "Though it has only made the shift be more unstable than controlled. It is why I put this cell here." He looked back towards her. "But it has been getting better since I have been with the Frost Fang."

    Nanna rested her temple against the bars and for a moment she did not speak. Her doe like eyes taking him in for a long moment. "We're not those children anymore, Sunthor. Things have changed.. a lot." She turns and looks at the hut door as if she is contemplating leaving while she still can. "I didn't mean to be a part of this. This pain. It was necessary... Or so I thought. Rabid clansmen... the undead. Everything has been about survival. Now.. that I see what is here..." she looks down at the floor and talks some over her shoulder to him. "Your Alpha seems strong. Passionate even. Though she was rough with me, she never went over the top." She reached up and touched her face where there was still a slight discoloration from her injury. "Less than one would expect with the amount of pain brought down upon those of their clan. Do you really believe she wont kill me?"

    Sunthor pressed up against the bars as she turned her back to him. "She has put it into my hands to decide that. If what you are saying is to be true then I have no reason to make my suggestion to be death. But she is the alpha and after all this I can't stop her if her mind changes." He paused for a moment as he quietly reached down into his pouch and pulled out the key and carefully fitted it into the lock. As he turned the key he continued to talk. "I will relay"..*click*.."what you have told me to her to keep into consideration." He slowly opened the door and stepped through till was close behind her if she had not heard the door unlocking. Then he would attempt to rest his hand on her shoulder. "Little Rabbit, if you are going to lock someone up, make sure they don't have the key!" If she looked at him she would see a big smile on his face.

    Nanna did hear the door unlock. She listened as he spoke and though part of her wanted to rush out of there.. the voice that whispered 'Survival!' in her mind would be ignored. "If... what - you - say is true... Then I will accept my punishment and try to bring some honor to our dark hearted clan." She felt his hand touch her shoulder and gave a soft sigh. "And then how would you get out if I did that?" She looked up at him.. and though their words might have been humorous or light hearted, there was a serious expression upon her face. "At least your cell is more comfortable." she muttered and turned to look into it.

    Sunthor nodded as she spoke. "I guess I would have to shift into wolf form and howl and hope not being mistaken for the moon!" He noticed the expression upon her face and the smile faded. "And I'll make sure you are least that while you are here." He would attempt to nudge her to gesture into walking back into the cell. "Come. Let's eat before the food gets too cold." He walked over to the chair and sat down. This time not worried about leaving the cell door open.

    Nanna nodded softly and made her way back into the cell. She slumped down onto the chair and gave a soft huff before looking at him. She did not offer to speak further. the lump in her throat causing her to fear the act for the moment. Instead she would take whatever food was given her and pick at it like a tiny bird. She was risking a lot, and she knew this. The Alpha could change her mind and rip her throat out at any second.. but something willed her to stay.

    Sunthor after they were finished eating he stood up and looked at her and nodded. He slowly walked out of the cell and closed it. He looked up at her. "Sleep well, Little Rabbit." Then he walked over to his bed and turned in for the night before the funeral.
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    Arianna came out from her hut and needed only walk a mere few feet to reach the funeral pyre that had been built for Vetis. Her eyes went his direction for a split moment, only to look and be sure the wood was placed properly to offer a good burning fire. Her eyes would quickly leave the pyre as she saw Inghard, one of the omegas, adding just a few more offerings of coin and other trinkets to be burned with Vetis. If he looked her direction she merely gave him a soft nod before stepping closer to Annoth. "Looks like everything is pretty much ready to go." she said softly and glanced at a few other omegas that seemed to busy themselves with setting up a fire for others to gather around just a little bit away from where the pyre had been built. Arianna glanced behind her at the sun, watching as it started to dip behind the western peeks. "We'll start soon.. weather all are here or not.. This needs to be finished." she muttered. A soft wind would pick up causing a low chill in the air. Luckily it was blowing North and away from the huts, though that might be something they would have to keep a close eye on just in case.

    Vida had been seated quietly at the fire for the better part of the day, even before the Omegas had begun to work toward preparing it. The idea of visitors seeing Vetis as he had been at the time of his death sickened her; she hadn't wanted him to be remembered that way. That would be a secret kept between the Frost Fang, if she could help it. So, she'd kept still, a hollow, broken down stare locked on the pyre. While there were no signs of bubbling rage, her sadness had crippled her into silence for the time being, much like how she'd been for the rest of the day. Amidst the coins, trinkets, and other valuable offerings sat a single red wildflower - likely something the Spirit Walker had placed there herself. If she was aware of anyone nearby, she didn't make it obvious; her eyes were locked intently on the pyre and the body upon it.

    Inghard was almost finished with placing the final touches onto to the pyre. He placed the last piece of leaves and pine needles carefully around Vetis' head and would then straighten out the wrinkled collar and the flakes that had fallen onto to the shoulders on the body. Then he proceeded to carefully dump a small sack of coin around the body and as well laying along the body the finest sword crafted from the blacksmith from Skarvald and as well as small trinkets. He looked over and caught the alpha  as she looked at him and nodded and he would quietly nod in return and go back to the pyre doing a double check that everything had been laid out. Then he would go over to the table and begin work on the refreshments.

    Morven came from the shadows once more to his own confusion, this time to a funeral. There were many questions on his mind about this entire situation - questions that concerned him - but he did not ask them. Instead, he approached in silence, clearing his throat and dipping his chin with respect as he moved to approach the fire that was being set up. He was careful not to get in Inghard's way as the Omega worked, not yet noticing who all was present in detail - just that there was room for him at one of the logs. He paused only long enough to make sure he wouldn't be stealing anyone's seat, and lowered himself to a sit, turning to regard the pyre with a thoughtful 'Hmm' and a frown.

    Sunthor made his way through courtyard as he escorted Nanna along side him as he held her bounded chain firmly in his hand. He would catch himself glancing towards her and then straight. ahead. He kept silent during the walk to the pyre as his thoughts were going back and forth between Nanna and to the old clan member that he never got to have known or speak to. Once they made it to the pyre, he walked Nanna towards a post that sat a few feet from the pyre. He would then attach the chain to the post and would turn to look at Nanna for a moment. and nod at her softly. He looked around at the scene and would see an open spot around the campfire and watch as the others started to appear for the event.

    Nanna had quietly followed all the way to the post. As Sunthor attached the chain she looked him in the eye as he glanced at her.. then watched him walk away before she looked around at the others. There was something in her expression that was possibly unreadable at that moment. She turned to the pyre and noted that if she was still there when it was lit.. she was going to feel the flames. She took a deep breath and positioned herself closer to the post before kneeling down and letting her eyes sink to the ground. Almost as if she were praying.

    Ludo slowly walked out of the long hall, having a slight stumble with every few steps. His eyes were rimmed red, his breath that still of mead, and his head lightly pounding from the effect of a hangover. He made his way to the direction of the pyre and as he made it past the long hall he would turn and look at the setting sun. His eyes squinted from the illuminated brightness and would let out a low growl. He looked back ahead and shook his head slowly as he rubbed his forehead to ease the pressure from his headache. He would pay no attention to the others as he noticed an empty log around the campfire and would go straight to it. He slowly tried to sit down but would lose his balance and would land a little hard onto the log. His hands reached out to catch himself and he pushed up against the log to prop himself help. He would lean over with his elbows on his knees and rest his head against his hands and would stare and watch as the fire danced. Sitting to himself and not in the mood to speak to anyone for the moment.

    Annoth was digging through one of his pouches for a specific herb when Arianna had approached. When she spoke he looked up and gave her a soft nod. "The omegas did a good job this time." he said quietly then looked over to Vida for a moment. "Should go to her.." he suggested to Arianna quietly. A frown tilting the corners of his mouth visibly for a moment. He then turned his eyes to the others.. sad expressions all around as he was reminded of the last few times he had to perform this ritual. Though this one would be somewhat like the others, including Gaireth's. Unable to consume the heart due to the infection that remained in his body. He gave a soft sigh and again nodded to Arianna's words. There was a moment of curiousness when Morven appeared. He watched as the male made his way to a seat as if he had been part of the pack, though Annoth would not remember his face nor his name if he had been given it. He tilted his head before he turned his attention to Sunthor as he brought in the blood clan female. He quirked an eyebrow.. being this was the first he had seen the woman. When she was placed in front of the pyre there was a sudden feeling he had not had in a long while. Anger. He did not know her, she was not entirely to blame for what had happened here.. but she was part of it. As he watched her for a moment he noted her realization of what was going to happen when the Pyre was lit and he suddenly felt somewhat better knowing she'd be uncomfortable at the least in this situation. "All should have a cup of mead.. relax.. tell stories of our fallen pack member. Vetis should be sent out with legendary tales of things he had done." It would take Annoth a moment to realize that the only ones that knew Vetis were Arianna, Vida, Ludo and himself. "Ludo.. perhaps you should go first?" He called out to Ludo after he had roughly sat upon the ground. It was not till after he spoke that he realized the expression on Ludo's face was not a sociably interested one. He grunted slightly tilting his head down and fidgeting with his pouch once again before stepping up closer to Vetis before reaching his hand out with a black soot upon the tip of his finger. Moving it to draw a symbol onto Vetis' forehead.

    Arianna nodded as Annoth spoke her eyes going to Vida almost instantly. Though she would not move just yet. She watched as Morven took a seat then as Sunthor brought Nanna in.. she moved away from the pyre and Annoth not wanting to be given the chance or temptation. She glared at Nanna for only a moment, not caring if there were fear or any other emotion upon the female's face. She instantly moved over to Vida and if allowed would sit down close to her putting an arm around her shoulder. Offering her sister's shoulder a soft squeeze as she herself attempted to keep the tears away. Her stone like expression was obvious.. and her attention turned back to Annoth as he spoke of telling stories of Vetis. He was right.. they should be doing things to celebrate the life he had.. but she found it harder to speak as she watched Ludo arrive. She glared at Annoth when he suggested Ludo start the convo.. He was clearly in no condition to do so.. She awkwardly turned her attention to Morven. "Thank you for coming. I am sure you have many questions.. I hope you can forgive the wait.." she said.. her eyes moving to the pyre. "I promise I will make it all clear very soon." She turned her eyes to Vida and gave a soft sigh.. She wanted nothing more than to force a smile of some sort.. but she could feel the spirit wolf's in the air around her. "It is ok sister.. somehow this was meant to happen." she said softly. "Not that anyone wanted it.. I don't think he himself would have wanted us to suffer the loss of him." she whispered softly trying to avoid anyone else hearing her.

    Vida showed only hints of her listening, often in subtle movements of her eyebrows - a furrow here, a raise there, though it was infrequent. She still looked no one in the eye. When it came down to it, this was her mind's way of forcing her to acknowledge the line between Life and Death. No matter how "healthy and rested" her illusions caused Vetis to appear, this was an ending. She couldn't just call out to him the way she did sometimes with other familiar spirits - especially not so soon. She didn't even look toward Ludo as he approached, despite her own worries and concerns. As Annoth spoke, she reacted as she'd done with any other spoken words or actions - with mere subtle movements. She still didn't move her stare away. It wasn't until Arianna's touch registered in her mind that she finally turned her head, looking in her sister's direction. Her own voice was a whisper, perhaps trying to keep her words between them. "It should not have happened this way for him. But he is with others that love him now - and have likely waited for him for a while..."

    Morven offered a nod of greeting to any that looked his way, knowing that very few had actually seen him work with the Clan before. When Arianna spoke, a brief moment passed where a cold, contemplative stare formed in his eye - especially once he'd looked over and recognized the female tied to the post. Still, he was composed, and he shook his head. "Of course - questions can wait. There are better times for it." Morven still held respect for the dead, after all. He wouldn't risk raising a confrontation during a ceremony to revere a fallen brother.

    Sunthor couldn't help but gaze over at Nanna for a moment and watched as she knelt down on the ground against the post.  Then he looked over to his right at Ludo for a moment. He felt for what his fellow clan brother might be going through. His attention turned away from him and he looked over to his left as the unfamiliar man sitting next to him spoke. He tilted his head slightly and his brow raised. "What questions do you have that could possibly wait in a situation like this?"  He would stare at the man with a suspicious expression.

    Nanna did not look up. Even when she heard Morven's familiar voice. For the most part she kept her eyes upon the ground or just upon the ring of dry branches just around the Pyre. She took a few slow deliberate deep breaths and let them out. If she was afraid, that would be the only hint to it. That she was doing her best to keep herself calm and collected awaiting what was about to happen.

    Ludo let out a cough and looked down at the ground and spat. He licked his lips trying to clear out his dried mouth. He lifted his head from his hands as he heard Annoth call his name and look at him. "N-not right now. I need a..." His voice trailed off as he turned his attention back to the fire. He didn't know what to say at the time nor could he really think as his mind was somewhat fogged in his hungover state. He couldn't make much sense if this was all real or he was still dreaming.  It will eventually come to him soon as he watched the flames and slowly sobered up.

    Annoth frowned slightly looking down upon Vetis. Granted he did not look like a dead sick man, but the moment his finger touched his forehead, the flesh instantly felt that of a thin leathery layer stretched over a rock. Though the image did appear upon Vetis, there was a lag between it being placed and Annoth lifting up his hand. He caught Arianna's glare and shook his head. Then, he would speak in the tongue of Fenrir. ~" He should be remembered for what he was.. not what he is now. "~ he spoke out to the pack with a frown. He had not heard what Vida or Arianna had said. As he moved around the Pyre placing symbols where they should be upon the flesh that was exposed he huffed slightly. "We should send him off the way he deserves at least.. hell." he said looking up at the Omegas around that stood around with sad but otherwise confused faces. "Some of you do not even know who this man was." His eyes went back to Arianna.. Though he had listened to other people who had spoken.. he chose not to get into whatever  conversations were started that had nothing to do with the rising of the spirit ritual.

    Arianna nodded at Vida's words and huffed slightly. She then seemed to stare into the fire for a moment. She heard Sunthor's voice and words and caught herself looking up with a somewhat surprised expression at his words to the stalker clan male. "S-Sunthor.." she said and gave a shake of her head if he looked her way. When Annoth spoke she frowned.. No.. he was right.. Both he and Vida were right. "No.. he should not be remembered for this. You're right.." she said softly... perhaps too quiet for more than Vida to hear. She took in a deep breath and let out a heavy sigh. Her eyes shifting to Ludo for a moment before she would look to Vida and offer a half squeeze of a hug. Keeping her arm around her. Her voice came out stronger, though the hint of sadness would still be within the tone. "Vetis was a very brave man. A hell of a warrior.. smart in both man and beast. He fought me and survived. He was a loyal pack member for the shadow clan.. and for us as well. He was loyal to all kin. He did not deserve to die like this.. So he will be remembered for the battles he did win. The battle of Kurnin. I watched with my own eyes as he fought against reanimated dead pack members that years before he had said goodbye to. A wanderer.. " she turned her eyes to Vida once again and gave her a meaningful smile within her eyes. "Who had those waiting for him long before we even met him. A man who thought himself a coward but was anything other than. Our clan grew stronger because of his efforts. And we will continue to stay strong so as to honor him." she turned her attention to Annoth and gave him a soft nod. Showing a appriciation for what he offered them.

    Vida very pointedly avoided looking toward Morven, even as he spoke and was met with suspicion from Sunthor. Instead, her attention drifted from Arianna to Ludo as he was addressed, her frown deepening at the sight of him. Not that she could blame him, but he'd clearly seen better days. Her mouth had opened as if to speak, only to find that Annoth and Arianna had already redirected the question. It closed, and she found herself leaning into her pack sister with a somber expression - silent throughout her telling. Vida nodded in agreement, and when she was certain that the alpha had nothing further to say, she joined in. "He underestimated his own courage - but there was more to him than mere ability. As powerful and capable as he was, he also had a soft spot. I remember many smaller moments with him - moments that, had I not known any better, would have convinced me he wouldn't harm a fly. He knew very well when to be gentle, and when to be firm." Her brow furrowed and she paused, having to swallow a lump in her throat. "That man tolerated a defiant, sassy little brat like me, even when she jumped on his back demanding that he carry her if he was going to claim her as a captive when he and Ludo had not yet joined the Frost Fang. And he did - he didn't miss a beat. He carried me without another word, even when I toyed with him with my spells and taunted him. He could have harmed me, easily - either of them could have. Neither of them did." She returned to avoiding eye contact with anyone, instead staring at the fire. "He had a gentler side of him I was glad to have seen a glimpse of over the years, even if a glimpse was all it was. I'll miss that the most."

    Inghard placed out a tray and placed mugs onto it. He picked up the pony keg of mead and filled the mugs. As he sat the small barrel down he turned and looked at Annoth as he spoke and listened. He nodded to his words and turned back to the table and picked up the loaded tray. He started his first offering to the alpha, then Vida, and then proceeded around the campfire to the others till finally to Annoth if all chose to take a mug. He went back to the table and sat the tray down and took a moment and listened to the ceremony.

    Morven had looked toward Sunthor as he heard the question, perhaps even noting the suspicion in the other male's features. Though when he'd spoken, he'd done so quietly, as if not wanting to disturb others. "Now is not the time, my friend - though I would not hide anything from any of your clan." He'd shot a quick glance toward the two females across the way before he'd caught himself and quickly worked to correct himself. "I am here to pay respects to the fallen, and I'm afraid my concerns would only cause an inappropriate discussion at a time when we are to honor your packmate." There was another pause as he watched for any change in Sunthor's demeanor. "If your alpha approves, I would have no qualms with discussing this in your presence as well - once the moment comes." He'd added his final words a little more quickly, going silent once he heard the rest beginning speak. It was true - he was another who did not know Vetis personally, but their packs had thinned to an alarming degree. Any loss of their kind, he thought, was to be mourned - friend or not. As mead was offered, he accepted it with a quiet nodded thank-you, but otherwise remained entirely silent as he listened to their storytelling.

    Sunthor listened as the male started to speak but heard his name being called and turned to look towards her. He caught the shake of her head and he nodded to her before he turned his attention back to the male as he continued to speak. "Then I apologize for my forwardness. I do not personally know Vetis like the others have. I'm just looking out for my pack." He paused for a moment and looked back at Arianna before turning back to the male. "If she has no issue then I would be gladly to answer what I can for you." He would nod to the male and turn to the Omega has he offered the drink. He would pause and look at Ludo as it seemed he did not pay mind to the Omega. He looked back to Inghard and picked up two mugs off the tray and nodded. He got up from his seat and moved to Ludo. "Here, brother." He offered the mug to him. He would sit next to him and nod queitly.

    Nanna felt her lip quiver as she listened to those speaking of the male that lay upon the pyre in front of her. Though she tried hard to keep her expression blank.. she was starting to get a better and more in depth look into this clan.. and it did not match up with what she was told or taught by her own. She still refused to look up.. more so now that her eyes were filling with tears and her expression was turning to one of deep apology. She opened her mouth as if she were about to speak but then closed it and bit her tongue. No.. she had no right to speak right now. Not in her eyes.. not now. No matter how sorry she felt all the sudden.. or how guilty. She thought of the conversation with Sunthor the night before and huffed softly a few times trying to regain herself. Slowly her eyes looked up at the one person that would not see her. Vetis. Her eyes opened a bit wider as she realized he did not look sick at all. An illusion placed upon him to make him look the way he did before. They had gone out of their way.. to remember who he was once, rather than who or what he was now. She gritted her teeth when she heard the pained voices continue with their stories.

    Ludo paid no mind to the omega's offer as he was in trance state as he watched the flames dance. He thought if this is somewhat like what Vetis had seen. That feeling of motionless stare or actually paying mind to it. He wasn't for sure himself. He came to when he heard Sunthor speak and looked over and seen the mug in front of him. He lowered his hands down and accepted it. He took a drink and then followed it with a big gulp as the liquid sustained his dry mouth. He wiped his mouth with the back side of his hand and looked to Sunthor. "Thank you." He looked towards Arianna and Vida and listened as they spoke of Vetis. He took another gulp from the mug and began to speak after Vida.  "Vetis was like a father to me. A great trainer, friend, brother.  We were the only ones left in our true family. I will miss him greatly." He paused for a moment and looked up at the sky. "Where ever you are, Vetis, I hope you found peace my brother." He would look down and take another drink from the mug. He look up over to Arianna and Vida and  if they caught his look a small smile would form on his lips and he would nod to them.

    Annoth listened carefully to the stories being told as he gathered up a small bowl and stood next to Inghard at the table. He listened while he ground some paste together till it was a more liquid state and moved over to the group near the large fire. He looked around at all of them and then knelt slightly in front of Arianna and Vida. He looked between them meaningfully and once Ludo had finished speaking he sighed softly. His heart heavy from hearing the pained voices of his pack members. His own memory of Vetis caused him sadness. He dipped his fingertips into the bowl and lifted them to Arianna's forehead attempting to paint the symbol upon her brow. If she allowed it, it would be a crescent moon shape with fangs above to the left and fangs below to the right. a small line drawn from the center to the bridge of her nose. The symbol of the Alpha. As he did this he spoke in the tongue of Fenrir. ~" It is not easy to say goodbye to one who is as intelligent and cunning as ourself. "~ In that, 'ourself' stood for Arianna. He then moved to Vida, his eyes giving her a meaning full yet sorrow filled look. If she allowed it, he would dip his fingers in the paint and draw a symbol upon her brow. Half lid, an open eye with two finger prints above the eye lid and above those a halo sort of design to represent spirits. The symbol of the spirit walker. With this he would say ~" Nor one as brave and strong yet kind hearted as ourself. "~ In that, 'ourself' stood for Vida. If she allowed this, he would also attempt to brush her cheek with his thumb as if trying to brush away a tear, though no tear would be seen or felt. He would turn and look at Ludo. Moving over to him and kneeling down. ~" Nor one as dedicated and loving as ourself. "~ His tone was sorrowful, he would say this before attempting to do any sort of symbol. Then, if Ludo allowed it, he would place the symbol of the son upon his brow. A small dot next to a larger. A line below them. The others he would not speak, as no other's knew Vetis personally. He would attempt to draw the warrior symbol upon Sunthor's brow, if allowed. A half circle, double axe shape within it.. and a cross that used the axes handle to finish down the middle. With each Omega, Inghard included, he would continue to do symbols depicting each of them and who they were. When he was done with his clans men he moved over and stopped near Nanna. Though it was hard for him to see what he was doing he would draw three lines upon his own brow with three curves above it. The symbol of the druid. Before he would do the same for Nanna, if she allowed and - if - she raised her head up so that he could do so. ~" May he forgive those who did not know him and may they learn of him. Respect and love him as we did. "~ he said with a hard stare at Nanna. Once done he moved away to stand next to the pyre and raised his hands speaking in a soft tone no one could hear. Preparing to call the Valkyries and the wolves to collect their bounty.

    Arianna felt a lump in her throat as she listened to the others speak of Vetis. Though she was trying her best not to blame herself for Vetis' loss, she couldn't help but feel that somehow, somewhere and someway she could have saved him. The mug of mead was accepted but not drunk. As Ludo finished she looked up feeling and hearing Annoth approach and moved her eyes so as not to look into his. His words hit her in such a way that tears fell from her eyes the moment his finger had touched her brow. As he moved to Vida, Arianna finally removed her arm enough from her sister's shoulder to brush away tears. Letting her now short wild hair drop down to shield her pained expression from the others. When Annoth moved away from Vida she would reach out her hand to place it on Vida's if she could. Then when he moved over to Nanna she started to stand, then offered to help up and support Vida to do the same. When she looked back at Annoth she found herself getting angry once again. Watching as he placed a mark upon her to keep the Valkyries from taking the wrong soul during the spirit rising. She held back a growl, but if she still had Vida's hand, her sister would feel  a sudden tighter grip. Stiffly, Arianna would move over toward the pyre and stand close to the post where Nanna knelt. Stifling herself and her sudden urge to harm the blood clan female.

    Vida hadn't even thought to look Nanna's way for quite a while. It wasn't until she'd taken one of the mugs that she noticed her while looking around the area. Strangely enough, her expression didn't change for better or for worse. She looked upon her with as empty an expression as she'd looked upon most of the rest of them, only to look out toward the edge of their borders as the others continued to speak. A separate, smaller show of sadness in her features formed this time, only to disappear again as her attention returned to the pack. Her stare moved to settle on Ludo as he spoke, and sure enough, she saw the smile on his face - doing her best to offer one in return. She had nearly stopped to say something else - likely words of comfort - before she noticed Annoth before her and Arianna. Her features sobered once more as he spoke, and she didn't feel the renewed threat of tears again until he'd moved on and spoken before Ludo. Her head turned away and she bowed her head, blinking out her own tears that quickly fell to her lap. She didn't turn away the hold on her hand, and instead rose to a stand to follow Arianna. Noticing the grip, she forced herself to look toward her with understanding... but no true hint of anger. She might have even been silently pleading with her to try to avoid hostility, at least until the ordeal was over.

    Morven offered Sunthor a kind nod of his head, as well as a quiet "Soon." He left it at that, not seeming terribly fazed by how he'd been reacted to. Not much bothered him outside of dishonesty. Now wasn't the time for that, however. Despite whatever feelings he might have had going in, he looked between the Frost Fang with sympathetic sadness as he listened to them all. He didn't immediately stand to join them, waiting instead to allow the rest of the clan to take their places near the pyre as they wished. He was not one of them - he was merely a guest paying his respects. Family always came first in that situation.

    Sunthor watched as Annoth went around placing the mark on the others and listened. When it was his turn he looked up at the druid and closed his eyes. He then opened his eyes and took a drink from the mug. He looked over to Ludo and would pat him on the shoulder if allowed and would nod to him. He would look over to Arianna and Vida and notice as they stood up and went over to pyre standing by Nanna. He stood up from his seat and walked around the campfire to join them. Standing back but to where Nanna could see him. He would look to her for a moment and then to the others.

    Nanna did not look up at first when Annoth stood in front of her. It wasn't until she realized - why - he was there that she did. She sniffled slightly. Her tears betraying her, though her expression attempted a look of defiance, there was still sorrow in her eyes. As he drew the symbol upon her forehead she felt her lip quiver.. his words caused a pained expression to contort her face and she let out a soft sobbing "I am so sorry..." for all to hear. She had not realized what she had a part in till now. The conversation Sunthor and her had finally setting in and making sense. She wasn't crying for herself. She was crying for the loss of the Frost Fang. What her own clan had done to the Frost Fang was first on her mind, then suddenly the realization of other clans that fell to the illness or had to murder their own clansmen to avoid becoming ill themselves. Her mind just now wrapping around all of that causing her to cough and cry at the same time. What had she allowed them to do? What had she allowed herself to do? She would not see Arianna nor hear her approach, turning her face back down to the ground and attempting to quiet her sobs. She could not bring herself to look at Sunthor for now.. she didn't want to be comforted in this moment.

    Ludo looked at Annoth as he spoke and tears began to well in his eyes. He tilted his head up to accept the marking.  He took a drink from his mug and felt Sunthor's hand on his shoulder and would look at him and nod. After Sunthor got up to walk over to the others, he let out a sigh and wiped at his eyes and got up himself. He made his way over and stood by Vida. He would look at her and if she noticed he would slowly nod and then would look over to pyre and for  the first time his eyes would fall onto Vetis.  A smile formed as he noticed Vetis looked like himself again.

    Annoth continued for a few more moments, waving his hands over the top of Vetis then up to the sky before letting out a soft yelping noise a few times and turned to face those who approached the pyre. "Each of you should light a part of the Pyre.." He said as he gestured from Arianna to Vida and then to Ludo. "His body will return to the spirits of the woods. His memory will live on forever in story." He moved as he spoke, lifting up three torches and walking to the fire. His eyes shifting to Morven for a split second before he then lit the torches all at once. He turned, the sky had grown dark and the light from the fire was almost enough to cause the stars to disappear.. the light from the pyre would swallow them whole no doubt. As he returned to them and handed a torch to Arianna then Vida then Ludo. "Send him off to be with his mother pack." he said looking Arianna's way before he would step aside to allow them this. Nanna's sobs and her whimpering did not go unnoticed, he just chose to ignore them. He remembered what Arianna had said, and agreed that the woman should be punished to some extent for her hand in what happened to their pack mate. To serve as a lesson to those who harmed the Frost Fang and to those who thought of harm.

    Arianna paused a moment when she heard Nanna's sob. Her grip on Vida's hand slackened some. There was a moment she looked down at the female, that her expression was unreadable. She set the mug in her hand down upon the top of the post as Annoth spoke then slowly let loose the grip completely from Vida's hand. When Annoth returned she took the torch and held it, but her eyes remained upon Nanna for a short moment.. Then slowly she turned her attention to the pyre. Looking at Vetis for the first time since the ritual had started. Slowly she stepped forward, stepping over the ring and looking down at Vetis. She stretched out her hand and placed it upon his chest then stepped back and held the torch down dropping it against the wood stacked close to him. As it caught flame she stepped back out of the ring and moved to stand in front of Nanna, peering down at her before reaching above her for the mug. She then knelt before Nanna. "Your punishment is to watch.. to be here and witness what you have done. To be touched by the flame enough that you will always remember this even upon a lazy hot summer day. You helped to take him from us." she said in a cold voice. Her stare upon Nanna near piercing into the woman's flesh. She then lifted the mug to her face taking in a mouth full of mead. If she could, she would grab hold of Nanna's face and spit the mead into it. After she would brush her mouth with the back of her hand and walk away, turning her back to the growing flame upon the pyre and her clan as she did not want to face them while she was still angered. Granted.. she no longer felt the need to kill Nanna.. but part of her still wanted to beat the ignorant bitch senseless.

    Vida found herself alarmed by Nanna's reaction. And somewhere along the line, something had become apparent: her desire for vengeance no longer rested upon the doe-eyed redhead tied to the post. She believed the sobs that came from her, and even if just for a moment, she'd come to another realization: if she hadn't been her mother's daughter, perhaps it could have been her tied to the post instead? She took a brief sip from her mug before she set it aside, sighing. She'd almost said something until she realized that Annoth had pointedly ignored the girl. Her attention returned to Ludo as she watched him join the rest of them. As she returned his nod, her hand moved to rest to his arm to attempt a comforting touch. She took hold of the torch as Arianna let go of her hand, nodding slowly and moving with reluctance toward the pyre. Of course, she paused with surprise as she watched the alpha's interaction with Nanna... but she said nothing of it - especially not there. Instead, she moved toward another place on the pyre and lit it as well, taking a step back afterward and burying her face in her hand.

    Inghard moved back away as the others came up the pyre. He watched and listened as Annoth did the ritual and handing the three the torches. He stood silent and looked at the pyre as it was being lit and watched the alpha go off on the female chained to the post. He kept his focus towards the pyre.

    Morven watched the remaining Frost Fang approach the pyre. Once they had, he pushed himself to his feet and stepped quietly after them. He did not try to stand at their side. Instead, he lingered a couple of paces behind: still present, but doing his best to offer them their space at the same time. Nanna's sobs caught his attention pretty heavily, and he looked toward her with sudden curiosity. What exactly had happened after he had walked away, last he was here? Still, this wasn't the time. He forced himself to remember what the occasion was and instead stood in silence.

    Sunthor turned his gaze upon the pyre and looked at Vetis. With the illusion he saw for the first time what the man had looked like of who he once was. His attention shifted as he heard Nanna's cry. He tilted his head and thought for a moment. Is her cries and apology that of the sorrow for Vetis? Has their talk from the prior sunk into her? He wasn't for sure exactly. He kept his gaze onto her, not paying mind to Annoth as he handed out the torches to the three. A moment later he looked and watched as Arianna lit the pyre and then as she went to Nanna. He just stared as the alpha spat into Nanna's face and kept quiet as she spoke before she walked off. His eyes looked at Arrianna and then back to Nanna. He was conflicted on what to do at the moment.

    Nanna kept looking down as Arianna lit the pyre. It wasn't until the Alpha stood before her that she started to look up. Especially when she started to speak. She gave a sorrow expression. Her sorrow was real. As she was informed of her punishment she felt it not enough. When the mead was spit into her face she flinched slightly and grimaced at her face being grabbed. When the Alpha moved away she coughed slightly, holding her eyes closed a moment to keep the mead from burning.. After blinking a few times she realized she failed and shook her head some letting the tears rinse what it could from her eyes. She let out another sob... but rather than look back at the ground.. she turned her face up, feeling the heat of the pyre starting to grow. She forced her eyes open.. and watched as the flames grew to claim the body of their fallen pack mate. She could say nothing more. The mead fueled her tears, but as the fire grew hotter, the mead and the tears would dry quickly. The smoke wafting over the top of her and up into the sky. The smell of burning hair flesh and leather almost gagging her. Eventually those smells would be followed by that of hot metal. Even though her eyes now burned from the warmth and the smoke, her lungs stung and caused her to cough. She continued to keep her head held up.. and her eyes open. This was her punishment.. and she was going to accept it.

    Ludo let a small smile appear as he felt Vida's touch on his arm. He looked at Annoth and took hold of the torch. He watched as Arianna lit the pyre and then the small smile would get better as he watched her spit in the blood clan female's face. After Vida's turn at the pyre he would walk up to the opposite side that wasn't on fire yet. He would stare for a long moment at Vetis and would bow his head to him. "Thank you for all that you have done. For all of us... for me." Then he slowly set the torch near the pyre and watched it for a moment as it began to light  and spread. As he was walking back to the others, he would show a cold stare at the blood clan female.

    Annoth watched calmly as the three took their torches. He watched over them carefully, Arianna especially. He listened to her words with the bound female.. and was shocked by the spit in her face. He had known Arianna since she was a young teen. She never showed such disrespect, even to those she killed instantly. She had never been one for torture or disgrace of any kind. He turned away from the others watching as she stepped away not wanting to face them. He knew instantly what was going through her mind and how she was feeling. He moved to be at her side, and attempted to place his hand upon her shoulder as if to try and comfort her. Nanna did not deserve such an act, but he wasn't about to tell the Alpha this. Especially since it was obvious she knew this by her posture and decision to turn away from her clansmen.

    Arianna gasped a few times as she stared out into the dark waters. The smell of the pyre reaching her nostrils even then. As Annoth came to her side she turned her face away from him so he could not see. She did not care that he could sense her feelings or guess what she was thinking. She did feel regret.. but considering her true desire to beat the woman and find the blood clan so that she could settle the score, not just for her but other clans... it seemed the lesser of the two evils. When she felt his hand upon her shoulder she shrugged it off violently and turned glaring at him. Then shook her head and turned walking away, stopping only to down the mug of mead and toss the mug to the table. A few things would be knocked over before the mug hit the ground. She then continued on to her hut to stand in the darkness of her porch and watch the pyre from a distance.

    Vida finally began to allow her illusion to fade as the flames and smoke made it harder to see the body being consumed by them, especially as the final torch was used to light the pyre. Ludo's goodbye - the finality of the moment - finally caused reality to completely strike her. Nanna tied to the post before the fire was forgotten momentarily by her, as was... much else that went on around them. A look of pained defeat contorted her features as she sobbed quietly into her hands, possibly not even entirely aware that Arianna had walked away. This time, she couldn't help it; couldn't stop herself.

    Morven felt tension in his own being rise - a hint of worry, maybe. It was hard for him to truly grasp the situation without being clued in on the missing details, but the apparent captive was a far cry from the smooth talker that she'd been when he'd met her. And just like several others, Arianna's behavior surprised even him, remembering talk of Iron Jaw last they'd spoken. What he witnessed had given him pause, and he shuffled awkwardly in place a few paces away from them as he watched the alpha depart, wondering if perhaps it would be best if he took his leave of them as well.

    Sunthor watched as Vida lit the pyre and then Ludo. He nodded as he spoke and looked at the pyre for a moment. His attention abruptly went to Nanna as he heard her coughing. The smoke wafting around her making her figure become less visible to be seen. He looked over to Arianna and watched her as she walked away and then to the others then back to Nanna. As the flames and smoke grew, he couldn't stand watching her suffer much more and sternly walked over to her and would unchain her from the post and would attempt to grab hold of her arms and lift her to her feet. If accepted, he would walk her out away from the smoke and fire and take her to the well to get water.

    Nanna felt the sting of the flames growing hotter. She gasped a few times and ended up coughing harder and rougher as it went on. She stayed looking at the pyre for as long as her body would physically allow before instinct would force her to look away and attempt to get a breath of fresh air. Her head was starting to hurt, soot starting to blacken her reddening skin. Her body eventually forcing her to attempt to move further away from the flames before she fell to her side dizzy and coughing violently. Spitting out the burnt taste that had started to coat her mouth. The alpha was right, she would remember this.. for the rest of her life. Any time she smelled smoke.. any time she was near a fire.. any time the sun kissed her skin. Her thoughts would be of this moment and what she had done to deserve it. When Sunthor came to her aid she did not know who he was at that moment. Just that she was glad she was being released from the sudden hell she was in. As helped her up she continued to cough, her eyes closed tight as she gripped onto him. As she wobbled along side him to the well she eventually realized it was him, and suddenly was that much more grateful for it. Grasping at him tightly and whimpering softly as she felt her eyes stinging from the dry while tears attempted to shed. She would not look back at any of the others, but blindly follow Sunthor away from the group to anywhere he wanted to lead her.

    Ludo stood by Vida and watched the pyre for a moment, his mind focused on the flames. He heard Vida's sobs and would attempt to reach around to her shoulder to comfort her. As he watched Sunthor move towards the female at the post, he frowned as he realized Sunthor was helping her get out of the smoke. He thought for a moment that she should have been left there longer. To suffer more for what her clan has done to him and especially to Vetis. He shook his head and didn't say anything and looked back at the pyre.

    Annoth watched as Arianna walked away. Though he wanted to follow her, and that was apparent by his expression, he did not. Instead he stayed, watching her pale silhouette on the porch with the glint of fire light from her eyes. For a moment he stayed like that till he heard Nanna's desperate coughing and turned in time to see Sunthor removing her from the smoke. At first he was going to step forward to stop him, then caught sight of Vida's pain and suffering and seemed conflicted. He would make a note to later go and speak with Sunthor about the blood clan female.. but for now he was still needed here. If just to watch over the pyre. He moved to Vida's side and offered to put his arm around her shoulders as well with Ludo's. "He is with Odin and Fenrir now." He said.. he never truly understood Vida's abilities and would probably be confused by knowing that Vetis was reunited with his family. "We will all meet in Valhalla again some day. Do not be too sad." He offered words of kindness, for what good they could possibly do.

    Vida dried one of her hands enough to place it over Ludo's in a silent thank-you, unable to say much else, despite Annoth's words. Finally, she nodded as if to accept it. Even if her mind had registered Nanna's coughing and Sunthor's actions, she wouldn't have stopped him - maybe even catching a glimpse of them moving away, and that still failed to sink in, even as she spoke in a tone that would have been flat, had she not cried. "I know..." She set her jaw, swallowed, and shook her head once she was finally able to compose herself. "At least this time when he walked away, he'd smiled..." She sharpened her vision, but avoided eye contact, as if embarrassed. "I need to go. Send a raven if I'm needed..." Chances were she intended to return to Asbjorn who'd no doubt watched from a safe and respectful distance - that is, unless for some reason she was stopped.

    Inghard stood quietly and watched as the pyre burned. He glanced at the others for a moment before catching Sunthor releasing the female and escorting her off. He looked back to the pyre again and over at the other omegas. He looked at the table and made sure things were in order and then went over to join the omegas.

    Morven looked between them, quietly relieved that Sunthor had intervened on Nanna's slow suffocation. As the group began to thin, he indeed thought it best to leave the remaining pack members alone - but before he did, he spoke up quietly, raising his mug respectfully before finishing what was in his and setting it aside with the others. "To your fallen brother. I will make myself scarce to give your clan privacy... but I was glad to be able to join you as you honored the man. I will be in touch." With that, he began to slip away into the darkness, heading through the village and ultimately toward the campsite across the waters.

    Ludo kept his stare on the flames as Vida spoke. "Where ever he is I hope he is happy." He would look at her for a moment as she spoke again but not long enough for her to see and would look back at the pyre. "See you later on perhaps." He would continue to watch the flames a bit longer before he let out a sigh. He looked over towards the timber and began to move. He went to go walk around the territory to clear his head.

    Vida nodded, adding one final response as she walked away - if she'd heard Ludo, that is. "You will." And with that, she would be gone.

    Annoth frowned watching as the others left. He gave the stranger a nod, quietly wondering just who he was as that part of this story had not been told to him yet. Then his eyes would look around him. This was not the celebration they should have had. In fact it was becoming more and more apparent that the funeral feasts were pretty much becoming too dark and too much of a reminder of what they were losing each time a member died. He turned his eyes to the flames as Vida left, his heart heavy. Maybe Arianna was right? He gave thought to their conversation before and could not help but shake his head. Somehow things would work out. He sighed.. then moved around the fire to try and catch a glimpse of what might be left of Vetis. Adding wood if needed and otherwise tending to the pyre to make sure it burned pure and burned all without getting out of control. He and the rest of the omegas would take turns watching carefully and when all was done.. they would retire for the night to face a new morning.. with one less of the Frost Fang.

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