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    [Sili] The Trouble with Dreams

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    [Sili] The Trouble with Dreams Empty [Sili] The Trouble with Dreams

    Post by Codex on Fri Mar 20, 2015 4:42 pm

    The first thing Sili could remember, she was underwater, searching. She felt hints of hope, but the slightest tinge of worry. That worry increased when she seemed to realize that she was so far underwater that she couldn't determine up from down. Disoriented, she was lost... but she felt she had to continue. She felt she was striving for something far more important.

    The panic she felt was minimal compared to her desperation. She was thinking something - speaking to someone telepathically, perhaps? - but the words came and went so quickly she couldn't remember what she even said. She only remembered feelings of love as those unrecognizable words were sent to her target.

    Steadily, the deep waters began to get to her. Her heart pounded harder, her eyes flitted around wildly only to find nothingness all around her. Another message came forth from her mind to her target. It wasn't looking good.

    Just a few more words. She couldn't tell if her pulse was quickening or slowing. Flickers of memories flashed wildly through her mind: Golds she looked upon at one point with reverence, Bronzes that met her with a feeling of camaraderie, and Steels...

    There was that face. It was quick - so quick she missed the tiny details, but there came that familiarity, and the confused mixture of 'then' and 'now.'

    She was growing tired - sleepy. She could feel darkness overtaking her; Death was coming.


    The Amethyst jolted awake in a cold sweat, her shoulders and chest rising and falling heavily. A frantic glance around told her one thing: she was still alive, lying beside Weloriesh who continued to sleep in peace.

    Her hands shook. There were voices speaking in the back of her mind that she couldn't turn off, as if someone expected her to remember them; as if someone wanted her to remember. There were memories stored within her mind of more metallics than she could recall ever seeing in her life - and strangest of all, a mixture of worry, frustration, and defensiveness came at the thought of the Golds. Nothing made sense.

    A chill unlike anything she'd ever felt in her life went up her spine as a voice she hadn't heard in ages sounded in her mind and spoke but one word.


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