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    [Vida] Blood Clan at Her Core

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    [Vida] Blood Clan at Her Core Empty [Vida] Blood Clan at Her Core

    Post by Codex on Thu May 28, 2015 5:05 pm

    Anger fueled Vida's purposeful footsteps, one hand towing a clay bowl with a strange, dark paste that carried a foul smell along with it. She left the village without a word, traveling to finally return to the place where the frost giants met their end. And following along with her, as if they knew exactly what she was about to do, came not just one, but an actual collection of spirits; spirits she'd released or sent into the Umbra in the past.

    "Don't do this!"

    "It isn't right!"

    She was only briefly surprised at the familiar voice of the great bear Thies behind her, a deep rumble in his voice as he spoke to her in turn. "You know what agony befell me. Why would you willingly condemn another to that fate? It will hurt you too, you know."

    For just a quick moment, Vida paused as if to reconsider. Her footsteps stopped. She did not turn to look over her shoulder at any of the voices that had followed her. But her tone was cold; uncaring. She was far enough from the village proper - as well as the rest of her people - to be able to speak freely by then. "It will hurt me... but I will do it. What he took from my alpha is something I could not tell her. He destroyed her father's spirit, Thies. Gareth - a great leader, a legendary leader - unable to even be guided into the Umbra. And why? Because that giant killed him so horrifically that his spirit could not withstand it. I had to lie to Arianna, Thies. Do you know how painful it is to look to someone who is like a sister to you, know her father never made it to find peace and rest... and yet have to tell her that he did, for her sake?" There was a pause. Vida wasn't sure if it was stunned silence or concession to her stubbornness. She continued anyway. "No? That's what I thought. I'm going to do it."

    The Spirit Walker was never much for words, and very few did she ever speak all at once. Very rarely did she show her cards; her heart. But there it was. Arianna was very dear to her. To lie to her at all was something she never wanted to do.

    As she reached the removed heads of the giants, fittingly tucked away in a small cave in the mountains, she growled instinctively. Their spirits lingered near their bodies, awaiting release. Clearing her throat, Vida came forth, her expression once more a painting of neutrality.

    "Who among you takes credit for the destruction of the great Gareth of the Iron Jaw clan?"

    Two of the spirits remained silent. The third, proud as ever - albeit a bit quieter by then - spoke. "I, Thyorn, am the slayer."

    Vida made a silent note of this spirit in particular and nodded slowly. "Good..."

    She looked past him and moved toward the remaining two, quietly and gently ushering their spirits into the afterlife. She didn't say anything else to them, save for the archaic whispering that always came when she was guiding the recently deceased.

    Finally, as she walked toward the head of Thyorn, a dark stare formed in her eyes. Another voice reached her ears. It was her mother she heard this time, pleading with her. "My little runt, this is not you. You won't be able to live with yourself. This will mark you and carry on with you for the rest of your life..."

    Vida had applied some of the paste to ther thumb and had been about to brush it to the base of Thyorn's skull until her mother's words registered. Her hand paused; her head bowed... but after a moment, she shook her head. Her voice was gentler this time. "Forgive me, Mother..."

    She stood there for another moment, swallowing the lump in her throat and steeling her nerve. Her hands shook... but then, she was reminded why she was driven to the act she was about to do. Thyorn, sensing the small woman's anger and hostility, decided to taunt her.

    "The great Chieftain was not so great. He was a speck, no stronger than you, who hadn't even had the nerve to face me alongside your packmates... Mutt." The spirit chuckled as he lingered around Vida. "What could you possibly do to me now?"

    While she'd been Frost Fang for many years... by birth, Vida had been of the Blood Clan. As it turned out, some of their cruelty had lingered within her regardless of her mother's protection, hiding deep in her core and waiting for an opportune moment to emerge.

    The words Vida spoke were rough, angry, and ancient, runes dragged over the giant's skin with the strange, foul-spelling paste as she watched his spirit gradually become pulled and dragged into his severed head with pained groans. She glared at his head as she did, her jaw clenching tightly as she felt the first hints of pain. Still, she continued.

    Her hand then reached for a dagger strapped to her thigh. She pulled it forth; traced the drawn runes with the blade, carving harshly into his skin. By then, she was screaming from the pain the spirit felt; she felt it too. It didn't stop her. Those attuned to the spirits the way she was might have heard both of their screams, were they close enough by then.

    Next, she pulled salt from one of the pouches strapped to her other thigh. Her eyes narrowed and she proceeded to grind the substance into the runes, an angry, agonized growl in her throat. When she spoke, it was through clenched teeth, her own pain evident in her voice. "Gareth was not granted the peace he deserved; you deserve none." Her hands shook from the tension in her body, her eyes practically boring holes into his skull from the burning of her stare. "What can I do? I can imprison you here. I can force you to suffer for eternity. You will never, ever be granted the peace your brothers found in death..."

    And so, Thyorn's spirit was bound painfully into his own head. Vida's index finger dipped into the paste once she was done, and in an almost sadistic manner, she pressed it to his lips with a soft "Shhhh..." The screams stopped. The spirit was bound in silent agony... and another rune formed on Vida's own spirit; a scar. This one, unlike the others, was dark.

    The Spirit Walker stepped away from the frost giant's head and sucked in a deep breath to steady herself. The clay bowl, with only a few remnants of the strange paste, was thrown angrily into the river. She moved to the water's edge long enough to wash her hands.

    She walked through her clan's village, rather than to it. She did not stop. Her footsteps carried her even past the Spirit Rise; she looked away from the place in shame. Continuing until she reached the very edge of Frost Fang Territory, she sat at the shore, buried her face into her hands... and cried.

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