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    Things I don't like and wish would change about RP

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    Things I don't like and wish would change about RP

    Post by Silvy Dean on Thu Mar 29, 2018 10:46 am

    Usually the community is full of like minded adults who will work out problems and issues. Not all of the time. Some of these are suggestions/examples of the things that sometimes suck about RP.

    . God-modding is one of the things that irk me. You play your character and I'll play mine. There are very few people I would allow to god-mod any one of my characters. THAT is because those people know me and my characters well enough to do it right. I'll let you know if and when you have permission to rp my character's thoughts feelings or reactions to yours/someone elses.

    . Meta-gaming is weak. The information someone gives you OOC does not mean ('unless stated otherwise: such as the person tells you it's fine to play as if their character told yours') that your character knows that information. Your character should go through the proper rp to learn said information.

    . Out of character drama. Don't get me wrong, I know you're a person with RL problems and that is fine. I will give you a ear to rant to and shoulder to lean on. However, the drama caused by people spreading rumors, talking shit about other players and talking down about the sim/forums. I will warn you to stop and act like the adult you claim to be. If you have an issue, talk to the person/persons about it. If it is something you cannot resolve by talking like adults, then speak to an admin/move on and try to keep your OOC feelings out of IC stories.

    . Thought emotes are the worst. It is a cheap low blow to talk shit in your thoughts about another player's character. That is just you being a cunt/dick to the other player. Not to the player's character. Because every thought emote (unless that character is actively able to read your mind, or your character gives them a dirty enough look) is impossible to be able to react to IC. Therefore, it is you aiming insults at the player, not the character.

    . Character ADD or lack there of commitment to a story you just started. I get it, you aren't as excited about the character you just made. Doesn't seem to fit what your hopes were for the character. Maybe you're inspired to do something else. YOU should still finish the stories and the character you started. You can make another one, but try not to let other player's down by quitting so soon. You never know when that character might turn out and surpass what you initially thought of it. And by continuing, even if you decide to make the character move on or die, you've helped the other player's adapt and progress even for knowing your character a short time.

    . All about the lay/ERP. Look, we're all human. Some of us just want to get off quick and move on. That is fine, for you. I, personally, enjoy the interaction and relationship building between characters. I don't mind if it leads to erp, but that is not my goal. It should not be yours either, imo. Working on such stories could help you to learn new things about yourself OOC maybe? Maybe even give you ideas for that special someone. This does not mean you have to marry that character or whatever, just that it's more fun and worth while for all if you do a character building past just sex.

    . All about the violence, great. There are plenty of characters that do nothing but fight to become the strongest. That does not mean everyone wishes to do nothing but fight. Some would probably like to get to know your character, become friends. Maybe be hired to have your back? You wont know if all you do is beat everyone down. Part of rp is building relationships in the community to enhance your rp. Your best friend could be someone who constantly challenges you or puts you in your place. Step out from behind the sword once in a while and attempt some dialog. That is all I ask.

    . Actions should always have consequences! I have seen so many people get away with stupid shit because they complain to a admin/owner that they don't want their character captured or beaten within an inch of their life. All they did was start the fight or invade somewhere. (sarcasm) If you are not willing to accept consequences, do not pull the actions that lead to it. Quite honestly, if you follow through with action and consequences it could lead to one hell of an interesting story.

    . God/God like characters. UNLESS your character has weaknesses and you are willing to have them lose/die, don't do this. Playing the avatar of death as a PC and not an NPC is a bullshit douche move. Balance your character with strengths and weaknesses so that others at least have a chance. Take some damage during a fight, don't just hop around and dodge everything. Try to be realistic about the damage you have taken. If you have a hole blown through your leg, LIMP at the least.

    . Cliques or people who deliberately (or even accidentally) ignore posts. Be it because you do not know the person or do not like the person. The entire point of playing in a community with other role players, is to include and play with those other players. Missing one or two posts because of a large group of people is fine. Try to let the person/poster know you did not mean to overlook them. But only focusing on your own character/those of your closest friends, is pointless. You should be on your own forums/land if you are going to exclude the rest of the community.

    . Post jumping isn't so bad, if it is an accident. If you're doing it every time without fail or apology, that is unacceptable. Give people a chance to react and/or reply. Otherwise, go write a book elsewhere since you're the only one writing.

    . Elitists are no fun. Too good to rp with someone just because their posts aren't up to your standards? Then you are -NOT- a part of the community and should move on somewhere else. Everyone, weather they be a one liner or not, should be given a chance to learn grow and progress not just their characters but their writing skills as well. They can't do this if you wont give them a chance.

    . Filler writers are... tedious at best. These are the people that will write out their character's entire day leading up to the moment your character meets them for the first time. They forget that your character isn't a fortune teller or mind reader, and fill in their otherwise empty post with things such as: what they ate that morning. If they got laid or masturbated (yes true story) if they picked their nose and flicked it before entering the tavern. And in the end, their post that your character would know and react to is them walking into the tavern and nothing more.

    . Bullying is just not fun. You don't like the way the story is going, don't try to force people out of the role play just because it isn't going your way. Learn to adapt. Learn to take criticism, weather it be constructive or not.

    Let's try to encourage other role players to join the story. Let's try to be helpful and not hurtful. That is what it means to be part of a community. Everyone should be allowed a voice and to speak their ideas without cruelty from others. If anything, it is communication that is most important.

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