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    Things Best Left Forgotten

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    Things Best Left Forgotten Empty Things Best Left Forgotten

    Post by Codex on Wed Aug 12, 2015 4:14 am

    Usyraz missed her father.

    After the family's return from the Shadow Realm, the youngest of the Ice and Amethyst Clutch had been blindsided by the change in both her mother and her sister. And while both seemed to be different in a positive manner, both needed rehabilitation of some kind. Both needed to adapt. Fo seemed to struggle with piecing together certain memories. Their mother had seemingly forgotten entire pieces of her life.

    Sililuuth's decision to sever her bond with the Blue Ice Dragon had startled the young light-hued daughter. Their pairing had been all she'd known of them; imagining them separated was unnerving. Her father's departure had left Usy heartbroken, but she did not pursue him. Perhaps one day, she and her sister would see their father again - but her curiosity instead settled on her remaining parent.

    As she approached the Amethyst dragon's quarters, she heard her mother singing on the other side. The song was slow and heavy in a way, and yet she felt no sadness come from her the way she had so many times in the past. It caused her to hesitate at the idea of knocking, and instead, she carefully pressed the door a fraction open to peer in at her.

    On the other side, Sililuuth sat at a small table and brushed her long, lavender hair. Her scales were nowhere to be seen on her, her skin a cold sort of pale. And judging from the soft, smooth sheen of her locks, the Amethyst had been doing that for a while.

    Sili stopped her song suddenly and transitioned flawlessly into a clearly spoken sentence, her tone as fluid as the cascade of purple around her shoulders. "Are you going to come in, or did you perhaps intend to linger in the doorway, Sætur Einn?" Once she realized she'd caused Usy to bow her colorful head in embarrassment, she turned her head and smiled at her, as if hoping it would ease her apparent consternation.

    "Dask..." The light played off of the fair scales along Usy's arms as she walked into the room, brilliant hues - mostly blues - flickering throughout the room and bringing iridescence to a mostly lilac-colored form. "Would you tell me why you severed your bond with Op?"

    The Amethyst Dragon finally ceased the movements of her hands as she looked toward her daughter, who seated herself across the table. Blinking, she sighed and set her brush aside. Best that she be honest with her, right?

    "When we returned from the Shadow Realm, I felt as though I had perhaps forgotten something, or left something behind - though for the life of me, I could not grasp what that may have been. While Fo recovered, I tried to put the pieces together." As she spoke, she leaned forward. Her hands reached for her daughters', feeling the chill of Usy's toughened flesh. "I looked to your father; spoke to him. And every time I did, I felt as though I was talking to a stranger. I could not understand why we were connected. And when I tried to think back and remember, I could not recall what had inspired me to take him as a mate to begin with. We are... very different, but we did not complement each other. Two ill-fitted pieces." Her expression was unwavering throughout her exposition, but after another moment, she smiled across the table at the Ice Crystal Dragon. "But it was not for nothing: this bond brought three beautiful children into existence, and for that, I am grateful." There was another pause as a hint of playfulness flickered in Sili's stare - something that surprised Usy. She hadn't seen that before. "... Well, two beautiful children. The third, I have no idea about. Perhaps he shouldn't have hatched as soon as you and your sister."

    Usyraz forced a laugh, even if she didn't feel much for jesting. "You couldn't recall?"

    "I could not. I thought back on when I met him centuries ago, and I could not recall why I had allowed myself to bond to him."

    For a time, daughter looked at mother with confusion. She sat back in her seat into a slouch, her brow furrowing in thought. And as she studied her mother, one interesting detail caught her eye: her bronze was gone. She wore none around her neck, on her fingers, or around her wrists. "Dask, where is your bronze?" She couldn't recall a time when Sili hadn't worn any of it.

    "Oh, that ugly old metal? That was another thing that mystified me..." Her chest rose and fell with a heavy sigh. "I cannot by any means understand why I have so much of it. If I were to collect such things, why not gold, or even silver? Why bronze?"

    Usyraz frowned by then. She watched her mother muse over things that she had told Usy and her siblings many times in detail as if they'd never happened; it perturbed her. "You... don't remember the Bronze Dragon? The one you knew before you met Op?"

    "My sweet little lilac..." Sili's voice trailed off as she shook her head. The younger dragon's confusion mirrored hers, but for entirely different reasons. "I must have forgotten. I've met many other dragons over time. Besides, why are you asking about a Bronze Dragon?" Curiosity took her. At that moment, even if just for a few seconds, she became concerned. "Is this somehow related to Ki'fel? Is he well?" The Steel was the only other metallic dragon she could remember in detail - at least enough to feel concern for him. It was only natural for her to make that association.

    "Ki'fel's fine, Dask." She was perhaps a little too curt with her, and it caused Sili to pass her a stern look; she didn't like to feel disrespected. Usy cleared her throat and offered her an apologetic look before she said anything else. "I can't believe it. You don't remember that you had a mate before Op?"

    "That is ridiculous. I would remember something that significant."

    Usy paused for just a few seconds before she spoke up, her question sailing through the air and striking Sili into surprised silence. "You couldn't remember why you'd bonded with Op, either. That seems significant." She had a point. Sili withdrew her hands from her daughter's, but she only did it so she could sit back in her seat and look thoughtfully at her youngest, who began to tell her the story of the Bronze Dragon who had left a formidable weight on her shoulders for centuries.

    She had to pause and think from time to time, but she told her mother everything she could recall. In truth, she remembered quite a bit of it: Usy had secretly hoped at one point to have a story like her mother's, albeit without the loss. She told her of Sili's first meeting with the mysterious Bronze Dragon who was instantly smitten by her, and she him. She told her of all the little moments, and the way the Amethyst's eyes would sparkle whenever she told them about a fond memory with him. And as she reached the end of the story of Sili and the Bronze Dragon who died all too soon, she watched carefully for a reaction from her mother. She was stunned to see little more than a contemplative expression.

    "You are certain that this truly happened?" Sili blinked at her daughter as she nodded. One of her slender hands lifted to rub thoughtfully at her chin. In a pause that felt to Usy like it lasted forever, she thought on this before she spoke again. "That is... very sad. It is unfortunate that he died so soon."

    Usy stared at her in surprise. There was no true dismay; no sadness; no heaviness; no loss. She had seen no signs of that familiar gleam of fondness in her eyes as she'd shared with her all their happy memories that she could remember being told about. The only warmth she had seen in her mother's stare came as she'd regarded Usy herself and spoken of her and her siblings. "That's... it?" She didn't seem moved by her mother's confused expression. "That's 'unfortunate'?"

    "I have no idea what else you might have expected. None of this is familiar to me..."

    "Dask..." She sighed and ran her hands over her face, peering between her fingers at her mother. "He was the reason for your condition not too long ago." Usy used little more than that simple sentence to lead into her next story: the way the recesses of Sili's mind seemed to unlock and trick the rest of it into thinking her body possessed abilities it never should have - abilities that her long-dead first mate had held. She told her of the times they saw those quick bursts of electricity come from her body, surging over her skin only to disappear again - how her body was clearly not meant to wield the volatile element, and yet her mind tried to attempt otherwise.

    "So... that is where these scars came from?" She paused to look down at the elaborate, almost vine-like scar patterns that ran along the entirety of her body. As she did, Usy nodded, and she looked up at her, intrigued. "That is... fascinating. Dangerous, and likely painful... but fascinating nonetheless."

    Usyraz looked at her mother with a frown. First, Fo showed no initial signs of remembering Ki'fel, then this. She needed time for herself to process it all. Pushing herself up to a stand from the table, she sighed. "I will see you again soon, Dask."

    Sili glanced after her daughter with a mixture of apology and fondness. She simply couldn't remember, but it saddened her to see her daughter's reaction to this. Still, she did her best to shrug it off. "Perhaps you can tell me more things I have forgotten sometime..." Smiling, her brow raised as she watched the Ice Crystal Dragon pause at the door, saying one final thing before she slipped out of the cave.

    "Maybe sometime..."

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