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    Skarvald:Conversation with the King.

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    Skarvald:Conversation with the King. Empty Skarvald:Conversation with the King.

    Post by Silvy Dean on Wed Jun 10, 2015 8:46 pm

    Balder Foehammer looks up to see Arianna "Welcome..I have recieved word you needed my aid..Tell me Arianna..of Frost Fang Clan..What aid can I give you?"

    Arianna stood before King Balder for a moment looking around to be sure this was indeed the right place to talk about such things. Then she looked at her old friend and her expression became soft and stance relaxed. "First, I am glad to see you upon the throne again." she smiled softly. "It has been a long journey and a long time." she gave a soft nod as he got right to the point of the visit. "I wanted to know if you have seen or heard of any of the Frost Giants coming down from the mountains? And if you knew anything of the Ice Clan they have enslaved there?"

    Balder Foehammer looks at her "Frost Giants have indeed come..They came this winter from the pass through Hook Mountain..They raided us..tried to drive us from Skarvald..We fought them back. I have not seen them in number as we did the winterseason..We have a Mountain Giant now living amongst us..Young one indeed..young girl ..but if they have enslaved one of your bretheren..tell me..What can I do to aid you?"

    Arianna lowered her eyes and raised her hand to her chin thinking. "I am not sure. Training, weapons. For some reason they have been ravaging villages everywhere in search of something. They.. The three that came to the northern free lands seemed to be following a female snow leopard by the name of Runa. We are not entirely sure why they followed her.. I.." she hesitated a moment a pained expression as she thought about her words carefully then cleared her throat. "One of them had the head of my father upon his belt.. a sack full of other Iron Jaw members. Eindride's father was known to be with them, but his head was not found. Is it possible they have decided to hunt down our kin?"

    Balder Foehammer shakes his head ..then taps his chin " The Frost Giants were Driven from our land by my forebarer ..Normandarr..the Foehammer..The first men of Skarvald rallied behind his might and then it has been uneasy with the race of men and the race of the Johtunn ...If they are taking your clan..taking your people..aid you need..Aid you will have..Weapons and Armor will be given to you..if your people need to train..they shall train with our Thanes , you came and aided us in my time of shall have that aid in return"

    Arianna nodded and paused a moment. "There is one more thing..." she lifted her shirt up enough to show her stomach. Upon the left side was a purple and pink scar. She slowly turned to show it went all the way through, and when she was sure he had seen enough of it she lowered her shirt. "They know what we are and what our weakness is. They are using silver tipped weapons. From what i was told by the spirits and by Eindride... They enslaved an entire clan. Locked them in chains made of iron, and inside the iron was silver. They keep them in war form always.. They might be building an army against all of the chosen of Odin..." She hesitated at the thought.. hearing her own words gave her reason to worry. "This next winter.. unless we are able to free the Ice clan and stop them... weaken them.. we could be looking at an all out war we are not equipped to fight."

    Balder Foehammer rises from the throne "War has been had with the Frost giants time and time say they are armed with Silver..then we will arm you with Fros-Stal Steel and Fire of the Greeks..Oil that burns and rages upon stone,wood and skin"

    Arianna nodded. "Thank you Baulder... but.." she thought for a moment. "The potion maker of your city.. Does he know what we are?" she asked. "If so.. Do you think it is possible he can create some sort of temporary immunity to silver for us? We.. might have to fight our own kin.." She seemed uneasy asking this. "If we can wield both silver and Fros-Stal Steel.. they do not stand a chance."

    Balder Foehammer looks at her "He does not. Nor does he take to our Kind..but his help..I would be weary of. Perhaps we speak to the forgemaster...Silver bladed weapons with Iron hilts would perhaps be good for you"

    Arianna nodded slowly. "I see. I will do this." She thought for a moment and looked around then nodded. "The Blood on the wind. I wanted to talk to you about this. There is a clan called the Blood clan. They are brutal and masters at blood magic and blood sickness. The spirit said danger is coming. Though Blood could really stand for war, vampires anything." she huffed frustrated. "We are almost sure it means that the Blood clan is coming. Be wary of red heads and any sickness that might pass through Skarvald."

    Balder Foehammer nods to her "Blood magic is not wanted..nor needed here..I shall be weary of are in need of rest yes? Consider the hall open to replenish yourself"

    Arianna nods. "I have left Sunthor in the tavern. I'll return to rest myself. We will get started on the smith and any other supplies needed. Thank you Baulder. Gods be great for allowing us such a friendship." she said with a soft smile. "Perhaps one day our visits will be filled with mead instead of warning?" she chuckled slightly.

    Balder Foehammer he nods to her "One day they will be..Bring Sunthor with you next meeting..He wields the Great Axe yes?"

    Arianna shakes her head. "No, i left the loud mouth behind. Sunthor wields the hammer. He is silent.. a calm one.. perhaps more dangerous than he looks." she smiled. "OH! before i forget." she turned and slipped the bag from her shoulders opening it and digging through to find a fur tied together with horse hair. She held it up for him to take. "The frost Giant's teeth. I thought it fitting for a gift." She said waiting for him to take the wrapped gift. "Only fitting for a king to display. I am not sure what happened to the skulls.. but.. hopefully this will be enough?"

    Balder Foehammer smiles "A large gift..generous indeed this is ..and this my friend..shall be for your clan..take this " One of the stewards brings a bracer . "This is something the spymasters would wear and use..perhaps it can aid you in your travels"

    Arianna took the gift and smiled. "Thank you. Till we meet again." she gave a soft bow of her head and looked over the bracer as she made her way out of the great hall.

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