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    Sunthor Returned and informed.

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    Sunthor Returned and informed.

    Post by Silvy Dean on Tue Jun 30, 2015 3:10 pm

    Arianna had been waiting for a day or two for Sunthor's boat to arrive. All the while getting more and more nervous that her wound had not shown any signs of healing. She had looked in on both Ludo and Vetis a few times. Though Ludo stayed curled up in the corner away from Vetis, she made note that he seemed to be acting a bit more fevered. Vetis on the other hand, any noises at all seemed to set him off into a whirlwind of fists and gnashing teeth at the window and walls of the hut. When she finally looked up from her worries and thoughts about the 'plan' she caught sight of Sunthor's boat.. the closer it got the more she started to move around.. getting up and pacing then sitting back down as she waited for him to make it to the dock. Standing still as he tied off the boat, but only for a moment. He might notice the scent of blood and the rag bound tightly around her arm. A few herbs and spices had been used along with clay to try and stop the bleeding from the bite wound.

    Sunthor finished tying off the boat. He leaned over the dock and pulled his pipe out and dumped the old tobacco that was in the bowl into the water. He tapped the backside of it with his finger to rid the remaining ash that might have been still stuck inside. He put the pipe into his pouch and stood up. As the wind flicked past his nose he smelled the scent of blood. He turned towards the direction of it and noticed Arianna standing at the end of the dock waiting for him. As he gave her a nod in greeting his eyes fell upon the bandage on her arm. He quickly looked up to her with his brow furrowed confusedly. "Guess I see why the urgent message. Giants again?"

    Arianna shook her head. "Worse.. Come." she gestured for him to follow then turned without much word other than that. At first he might see her heading for Eindride's house or perhaps his own, but she would continue to walk to the smallest house in their area that had been vacant for a while. She would slow down to a near sneak, making as little noise as possible and gesturing with her hand for him to do the same. He would smell something rotten by the time he reached the steps. Almost like rotted flesh. She then placed her finger to her lips carefully if he looked at her then moved to the window and peeked in. She would let him look in the window for a time, being sure he did not say anything. Once she was sure he saw all there was to see of the two inside she would then move quietly away from the window and back out into the courtyard of the village. She was sure he had questions.. and most she would probably have answers too.. but she wouldn't answer him just yet.. wanting to move to a quieter place further away from the house before she spoke. She looked at his place and gestured there before moving to his door and tapping it waiting for him to open the door.. once they were inside she took a deep breath watching him and waiting for questions.

    Sunthor cocked his head slightly as he was a little bit curious as to what had happened while he was away at Skarvald waiting for that damn smith to finish the order. He followed without saying a word as Arianna turned from him and walked away. As they made their way to the small house and dropped low from her signal. The horrendous stench filled his nostrils. He thought to himself for a moment in what had died. As they made it onto the porch he slowly rose up to the bottom edge of the window and peered in. He noticed a male sitting on the cot with wounds all over his body then looked to the other side and noticed another male sitting hunch up. He slowly moved back down and looked at Arianna with a more puzzled look on his face. As she moved away he continued to follow without saying a word. Questions filling his mind on what happened and who the two new visitors were and such. As they made their way to his house he moved up beside her and pulled his key out of his pouch and slid it into the lock and twisted it to unlock the door. He shoved the door open and gestured Arianna to go in first then he would follow behind and close the door as he made it inside. He turned from the door towards her and took a few steps closer to her. He reached up with his hand and scratched the side of his head for moment before relaxing it back down to his side. "Who are our new guests?...And what was that stench?" He vaguelly remembers that smell when growing up in the Blood Clan before but never knew what it was. He looked down again at her arm. "And what happened to you?" As he noticed the blood soaking through the rag.

    Arianna nodded slightly, the obvious questions would be answered first. "The two .. visitors are our missing pack members. Vida and I thought they had left us.. turns out the Blood clan had captured them... apparently tortured them and set them free. But not before infecting them with something. That stench.. is the infected wounds. So far everything we have tried has not stopped the infection nor has it managed to clot the wounds." She paused for a moment and looked down at her own arm. Seeing then that the bandage had signs of the wound soaking through. "I was bitten by Ludo. The one that was not covered in wounds.. He I don't know. I was not careful." she frowned some and reached her hand up pressing down on the bandage as if that somehow would stop the bleeding. "I am infected.. I do not know how long until I become hostile. However there is good news. There is a female and male Blood clan here in the area. They have struck up a deal with myself and Vida. They get Vida and her child.. and this land.. we get the cure." She paused again. Only this time for longer. Her silver eyes turned up to look at him straight on waiting to see his reaction to the 'deal' they had made.

    Sunthor listened as she spoke of the missing pack brothers. His hands casually hanging off his belt as she told of their infection. As she explained her wound, he slightly grasped at leather. As she mentioned Vida's name and child, he looked up at her with slight surprised look. Then as she explained the 'deal' with the Blood clan his eyes widened as she looked up at him. He shook his head in refusal. "No, there has to be another way. I do not trust them. We can't let Vida do this..even more now she is bearing a child!" He paused for a moment as his mind flash backed to that night in the village when he overhead the two Blood clansmen discuss his fate. He shook his head from the thought. "How do we know they are telling the truth that they have this 'cure'?"

    Arianna nodded at his reaction then seemed to let out a sigh of relief. "Either way, we are going back on our deal. The plan is to ambush them. Never should we underestimate what they can or cannot do. There is a male and female.. My thought is the male is some sort of body guard or escort. They obviously followed our kinsmen here. Vida will play the role of bait.. I am not happy about it but she is adamant upon helping her clan. We will separate the two. Perhaps get the female under control first.. barter her with the male in case he is the one that has the cure." She sighs softly then a dark expression crosses her face. "By the end of this.. all of us will be cured.. But their trespass and treatment of our kin will not go unpunished. I have not told Vida, but I intend to make an example out of them. I will kill them both by the time this is all over with." She looks around Sunthor's hut for a moment.. it is clear that even though she has decided the fate of the two Blood clan, she does not like it. "I have not seen Eindride since before our departure to Skarvald. That is why I am relying upon you for this. I will need you to use your stealth and cunning to help us ambush them. They will be near the colorful grove at the bottom of wyvern mountain. If it looks like things are getting out of hand.. I want you to take down the biggest threat.. be it the female or the male. Do not kill them.. not until we have the cure.." She turned back to him waiting for him to confirm his understanding of the situation.

    Sunthor sighed for a moment as she mentioned not going through with the deal and listened intently as she outlayed the plan. When she was finished he thought for a moment and then nodded. "I will do whatever it takes. They will pay for what they have done to our brothers...and to what has happened to you, Alpha." He paused for a moment. "I have been on the run from these savages and would hope I would never see a Blood clan ever again. I can still remember that night like it wasn't long ago, overhearing their plans to have me put to death. Sacrificed by the hands of my soon-to-be mate." He paused for a moment. "But no more will I run. It is time that I stand up to them. Stand up for 'my' pack."

    Arianna tilted her head slightly at the personal information Sunthor had offered her in that brief moment. "I did not realize..." she paused a moment. "I was always taught to respect and protect my kinsmen. The more I hear of the Blood clan and their way of life the less I want to uphold those teachings." she shook her head and stepped forward offering to rest her hand on Sunthor's shoulder. "Were you able to save your mate?" she asked. "Where is she?"

    Sunthor tilted his head, looking down at the floor. "No. After falsely being made to kill my foster..our parents...and hearing of their plan. I didn't know who to trust. I was just their mutt for their sacrificial pleasure. I didn't belong there so that night I just left them all." He let out a sigh. "You have taken this mutt and gave him a place to call home. I will not fail you, Alpha, when the time comes."

    Arianna stared at him for a moment listening then moved to hug him. if he allowed it she would pet the side of his face then move away. "You are not a mutt by any means, Sunthor. You are a proud powerful warrior and hunter. You are of the Frost Fang. There are no mutts here.. and regardless of where we were from.. this is who we are now." She gave a soft nod then looked around his hut again before looking at the door. "I will send a signal for you when the time has come. Till then.. keep in mind to be upset.. perhaps look as if you are packing getting ready to leave this land. They may be watching us.. so we need to keep up appearances." She moved to his door and opened it giving a soft smile over her shoulder just as she moved through and closed it behind her.

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